Harry the Qwaser

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Now to begin the story

"Boy get out here and fix our breakfast now." The strained voice of Vernon Dursley yelled trying to wake up his nephew, Harry. Our hero, Harry, slowly pulled his body up into a crouched from the moldy mattress that he slept on in the cabinet under the stairs of Number Four Privet Drive.

Slowly pushing open the door, that had been lock from the outside all night, Harry made his way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast with a quick "yes uncle Vernon."

As Harry's walrus like uncle and anorexic aunt, Petunia, were sitting at the table, Harry's whale of a cousin, Dudley, was making his way down the stairs Vernon began to talk "Boy tomorrow is Sunday and as a privilege to you we have decided to allow you to go to church."

By this time Dudley had reached the table and sat down, as the family impatiently waited for Harry to put the plate of bacon on the table before Vernon continued. "Now listen here freak you will clean yourself up and be presentable tomorrow morning so you won't make us look like fools" Vernon finished.

Harry's eyes were alight at the news that he might actually be allowed to go outside for more than just chores, going to school, or running away from one of his cousins Harry hunting games. Once again giving a quick "yes uncle Vernon" Harry quickly finished making breakfast, not wanting to jeopardize his chances of going to church, and grabbed a piece of toast before running outside to start on his chores for the day.

"And make sure all your chores are done today you lazy freak" Vernon added as Harry left the room. A piece of bacon fell out from Vernon's mouth as he finished yelling at his nephew.

Running outside Harry began the process of mowing the lawn with the old push mower his uncle had bought just to make Harry's day harder. The blades were dull and cracked making it difficult to get a good cut on the grass. This usually forced Harry to spend more time on the lawn, making it impossible to complete his uncle's daily list of chores.

'If I actually completed all the chores on time then his uncle couldn't use that as an excuse to not give me dinner' Harry thought over 'Maybe I could get a decent meal at the house for once, but I'll never get done on time.'

But today Harry was filled with the divine fury of a man who wanted to go to somewhere. Mowing the lawn perfectly on the first pass Harry went off to clean the gutters of any leafs that had fallen of the trees in the fall weather.

Done with the outside Harry moved inside the house, and began to scrub every surface he could reach or find. Being careful to stay out of his relatives' way, so as not to upset them and ruin his chances of going to church.

With the chores all done and dinner on the table Harry was mildly surprised to find that Vernon gave him two slices of bread, instead of his usual one, along with his slice of cheese and single cut of ham. Finished eating and washing the dishes Harry retreated to his cabinet under the stairs in preparation for an eventful day tomorrow.

The next morning Harry got up early to avoid being in his uncles way as he made his way to the bathroom in order to prep himself for his first time going to a church. Quickly showering and brushing his teeth Harry looked in the mirror at his 6 year old body.

He was a shy boy with no special ability or attributes to separate him from anyone else, or at least he thought so. Without a shirt on it was easy to tell that he was malnourished, and to see the scars that littered his body from his uncle's beatings. His uncle always staying away from the arms and neck to avoid anyone catching on to his miss treatment of Harry. Tracing his most severe scars that ran over his entire chest.

Harry shuddered as he remembered when his uncle had brought home a large drill bit from his work and had hit Harry across the chest with it when he began coughing, from a cold he had caught, while Vernon ate dinner. After he had been beaten Harry had been through into his cabinet and not let out for 5 days. By then the wound had healed leaving only a grotesque looking scar, but that was normal for Harry. He would get a beating and no matter how sever he was always alright within a few days, leaving only a scar or two behind.

Looking up into the mirror Harry's vivid green eyes with dark bags shown out from under his mass of untamed black hair, giving him a haunted look.

Leaving the bathroom to put on his best shirt and pants, that is whale of a cousin had outgrown, and made his way to the kitchen to make breakfast for his family. When he was done he nicking a few pieces of toast for himself, and waited for his family to finish eating and take him to church.

Walking out to the car when his family had finished, and trying to spruce themselves up, Harry waited for Dudley to choose what seat he wanted before taking his seat in the back of the sedan, dutifully staying quiet the whole time.

On the drive to the church Vernon talked, or more yelled, to Harry about the proper way to act in the church.

"Now listen hear freak, don't do anything to embarrass our family." One of Uncle Vernon's standard opening lines to Harry, but Harry remained calmed, "We're only taking you with us because we're good upstanding Christians, and out of the goodness of our heart have we taken you in when your mother and drunk of a father killed themselves in that car crash."

Now Harry was starting to get mad. His uncle was always trying to get him riled up to say something back to him. However Harry knew that if he uttered even a noise that his uncle would ban him from leaving the house and give him a beating when they got home.

Continuing to sit and be quiet Harry listened to the rest of his uncles monolog, "Now when we get to the church don't you dare say anything or I will lock you into your room for a week with no supper, and at the reception after the service stay out of everyone's way or it'll be two weeks in your room."

'Two weeks, yeah right, I'd like to see you survive two weeks without me to do all the chores around the house, and to cook your fat arse food' Harry thought.

Harry was not a dumb child by any standard, but he was also very rash, usually deciding to use the abilities he had available to fight his battles for him. Usually resorting to using his mind because his body was too weak and undernourished to be of any good in a fight. However all the manual labor he performed by doing all the chores his uncle gave him, had at least given him a bit of muscle of his small frame.

As Vernon parked the car Harry did his best to put up with his fat cousin shoving him out of the car so he could go off and talk with his friends. Harry just slowly made his way inside the church following his aunt, while his blimp of and uncle went to suck up to one of the people higher up the command chain at his work. Once inside his aunt went off to gossip with the other women of Privet Drive. Left alone Harry did what he normally did went off into a corner near the door and observed everyone.

The church was a nice small building that could probably hold about 200 people in total. The pews were set up against the wall and heading to the altar at the back like any normal church would, but to Harry this was all new and exciting. He had never been inside a church before and he was astounded by the intricate work on the statues of Jesus and Mary resting in the corners on each side of the altar.

As was stated earlier Harry was a smart kid, and he had learned that the best way to learn something was to watch. By listening to his aunt gossip over the phone Harry had blackmail material on everyone in Privet Drive.

Standing in the corner Harry saw everyone there. He looked upon everyone as they talked and gossiped about whoever or whatever. All except one person. A young man of about thirty was sitting next to the wall in a pew about halfway down the line. He was dressed in black and had blond hair flowing down to his shoulders. As he turned to look at someone Harry saw that he had a small silver cross on a chain. His lips formed nothing other than a look of indifference He didn't look to out of place except that he was the only one sitting down, and that he was looking around at everyone. Almost like he was expecting something to happen.

The bells started to ring and the people started to move to their seats. Harry took a seat closest to the wall so that no one would see him, and the Dursley's would be happy with him for not drawing unwanted attention towards them.

The service proceeded without a problem as Harry did what everyone else did all without uttering a sound. Witch was quiet hard due to listening to his aunt's shrill voice as she tried to sing.

'How are the windows not breaking' Harry thought as he tried not to cringe at a particularly high note his aunt just hit.

Harry really enjoyed the stories that were being told. He actually found comfort from the morals that the stories taught. Although the preacher was another matter in itself.

'This man seems to be placing a lot of time trying to convince himself that God is more merciful than just' Harry noted as the preacher stopped talking.

After the service was over everyone stood and walked outside for the reception being held. Harry once again decided to stand off to the side and watch the people. Soon the preacher came out after changing out of his ceremonial clothing and proceeded to mingle with the crowd, even getting a little fresh with some of the women who came over to congratulate him on an excellent service.

'That explains his hope for God to be merciful' Harry thought as the preacher accidentally ran his hand over his aunt's bum. 'Anyone thinking my aunt is attractive has to have a mental problem, just look at uncle Vernon.'

Looking over to his left Harry noticed the strange man in black standing under the shade of a nearby tree, but was not looking around as he was before. His look of indifference never leaving his face.

"He's little more than a heathen, always thinking only of himself and nothing more," quickly following the sound Harry found that his uncle seemed to have decided to tell the preacher that he was a naughty child.

"We took him in after his drunken parents wet and got themselves kill, and he just lazes about with no hint of a thank you to be seen," Vernon always love to tell people how his parents had died, even if Harry suspected that it was not true.

"He even had the nerve to refuse coming to church when we first offered to bring him," it was about this time that Vernon started to point at him accusingly, and everyone started to mutter about how awful a child he was. The preacher said a few words of how good the Dursleys were for taking such a child in out of the goodness of their hearts, which seemed to make his aunt and uncle's day as they beam at the respect and awe that seemed to be radiating off of the people surrounding them.

'The world is full of sheep, one leads the others follow and try to gain favor with the leader by sucking up to him, if not sucking him off' Harry thought maliciously. And now the preacher was coming over to give Harry a talking to about being a good person, just great his one day out of the house and he has to put up with his aunt and uncle trying to embarrass him in front of the whole church.

"Now young boy you truly must be more thankful of your relatives," the preacher began "they take good care of you at their own expense, and you should be more grateful to them." The preacher continued on telling Harry to help out at home and be a good person.

And then the strange man dressed in black started to walk towards them. His look of indifference never leaving his face.

"To take the words of the guilty over the silence of the innocent, how far have preachers of the gospel fallen?" The man dressed in black asked as he slowly moved closer towards the preacher.

"And who are you good sir to question my intent amongst my church?" The preacher asked in return, feeling that he was being undermined.

"I was here only to observe, but when a person strangled by gluttony accuses a small malnourished child of laziness when his hands are calloused from work, I have to step in to stop a wrong from taking place." The strange man finished.

'This man has good eyes' Harry thought 'at least he sees the world as it is and not what other people say it is.'

"Tell me child have you been beaten?" Quite the straightforward question for a stranger to ask a child he does not know in front of a church congregation.

This was perhaps the turning point in young Harry's life. If he gave a positive not only would the Dursley's be discredited beyond repair but he might even be taken away from them. However if no one took him away he would get the worst beating of his life. So what would young Harry's answer be?

He chose to look up at the strange man, who still stood looking indifferent, but his eyes showed more caring when he looked down on Harry than anyone else had ever given Harry. Why not see how this plays out.

'Now I can't say anything or I'll be interrupted by my uncle, so I might as well give them the physical evidence' Harry thought. Quickly pulling the oversized shirt over his head before anyone could stop him.

And there stood Harry for the first time in his life showing his scars and underdeveloped body, off with pride to the world rather than disdain. Hopefully he would never have to see his relatives again after doing this.

"There now, you see that this child has been beaten and starved so it is obvious that his relatives are at fault and not telling the whole truth" the strange man said.

"Now why don't we take you away from this abusive environment" he finished before offering his hand to Harry.

'Perhaps this is what people call a godsend' young Harry thought. 'If this man is willing to take me away from the Dursleys who am I to refuse, besides how worse could it be?'

Quickly accepting the strangers hand and starting to walk away was apparently what woke Vernon up from his stupor caused by Harry actually admitting to the abuse Vernon put him through. Vernon quickly raised his fist and ran towards Harry. Grabbing Harry's shoulder with his left hand Vernon spun him around began to yell at him.

"BOY, how dare you try to accuse me of beating you, I will show you what a beating is like" Vernon's face was turning an unhealthy shade of purple.

As soon as Vernon was done yelling he raised his right fist in the air and punched Harry in the jaw sending him hurling backwards. Forgoing all public decency Vernon knelt down over Harry and proceeded to punch him with both hands.

Harry for his part didn't let out even a whimper of pain. This may have been attributed to the looks he was receiving from the surrounding people. His aunt looked on grimly as she tried to say face by not cheering her husband on, the preacher was almost giddy as he wanted to see that upstart kid get beat-down, his cousin was obviously having an orgasm from watching his dad beat up a 6 year old boy, and the stranger dressed in black looked on with continued indifference as he appeared to be testing Harry.

And that was what made Harry mad. This man who was going to take Harry away from all these beatings was just standing there doing nothing. Vernon managed to hit Harry in his kidney somehow in this blind rage, leaving Harry covered in bruises and broken bones as his uncle continued to rain punches on the small under fed child. Harry's nose was broken, his mouth was bleeding, he was having trouble breathing, and his eyes were beginning to swell shut. If he was going to get out of this alive he would need to come up with something soon.

And then Harry felt the pressure building up inside him.

A power was causing pressure to building inside him quickly. Pressure that gave him a connection to the something below him. Something in the ground below him. Something solid to attack with. And the pressure was ready to blow apart.

So he let the power go.

The pressure left him and went rushing into the ground beneath him. The ground gained form and density as it began to bend to Harry's will. And right now Harry wanted nothing more than to punch his uncle back.

Right as Vernon was pulling back his fist from punching Harry in his already bruised and beaten stomach, Harry struck back with his power.

And then Vernon fell down with the left half of his face smashed and his jaw was completely crushed. And there, lying next to Vernon's smashed face was a piece of metal the size and shape of brick. Blood stained the ground and the brick of metal, and then Harry started to hear the murmurs. Everyone was looking at him and his downed uncle.

"Did you see that, he beats his own nephew in public" "that rock came out of nowhere to save that child, it must be divine judgment" "he calls himself a man of the cloth, and yet he sides with a child abuser" "that Dursley he's a bad image on the company, we'll have to let him go for this."

'Listen to these people, they act like they're not just as guilty as the fat arse is' Harry thought as he felt his grip on conciseness leaving him. Deciding to continue to lie where he was Harry looked over to the stranger in black who just stood there. But to Harry's awe he saw a bit of surprise on the man's face as he gazed at the brick of metal.

'Look at that bastard, he only shows surprise when a piece of metal bashes someone's head in' Harry finished thinking as the stranger in black knelt down to Harry's level.

'Great now he's going to try to apologize for letting me get beat up.' But no the man's mask of indifference was back in full force as he leaned in close, and spoke so that only Harry could hear.

"Sleep now you used quite a bit of power there, and you must be tiered." The man picked up the brick of metal and examined it. "Iron now that is a powerful ability, but that is for later sleep now young qwaser."

And with that Harry passed out.

-End Chapter-

Thank you for reading the first chapter of this story.

If you would like to know what a qwaser is I have put up the basic technical definition on my profile. A better explanation for what a qwaser is in chapter 9 (Trolls and Explanations), and I would highly suggest that if you are interested that you read up to and through chapter 9 for the full explanation.

For those who know what a qwaser is I will tell you now that Harry is NOT the qwaser of iron. It's a bit more complicated than that and once again is explained in chapter 9.