Harry the Qwaser

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Chapter 9

The scream was all Harry needed to hear before he began racing down the hall and leaped through the door into the girl's bathroom. There on the floor was Hermione Granger hiding beneath a sink on the far wall. The stalls destroyed and flooding the floor as water seeped out of the broken pipes. The trolls club had shattered the stall and embedded chunks of wood into the club, adding make shift spikes to the already dangerous weapon. With its club raised the troll was ready to bring it down upon the porcelain sink that the scared young girl was hiding under.


Hermione was scared. She had been crying in the girl's bathroom ever sense Ron had made a comment about her being a know-it-all. She had always loved studying and learning all she could about any given subject for as long as she could remember. When she had found out she was a witch last September she had spent the better half of the next year learning all she could about magic and sorcery. Even though her parents had insisted that she still had to go to primary school to hold up appearances and in case she decided not to go through with learning magic.

But how could she not want to learn magic. She had read about and seen how magic was wonderful and amazing. Going to a magic school was going to be the best thing that ever happened in her life.

She had planned on making all kinds of friends. Meeting kids who had grown up like her and unaware of magic, and some kids who had grown up with magic. Hearing how they grew up and all they knew about magic was going to be great. She was going to impress all of them with her knowledge of magic.

However once she arrived on the train her plans had quickly vanished. Most of the other kids didn't want anything to do with her as she tried to talk with them. When she had crossed paths with Draco he had quickly started making fun of her for being a muggle born. She did find it mildly cathartic when she had heard that Draco was now Harry's slave, or at least she did on a subconscious level. Thinking of Harry she did have fun talking to him on the train, and the few times they had talked in the halls between classes. But Harry was always so distant when he talked with her. It was like he was always trying to keep people at arms length.

She had hoped that maybe if she could become Harry's friend he would open up and she wouldn't be as lonely at Hogwarts as she was now. But then earlier that day after charms class, she had been trailing behind the rest of the students as she usually did when she heard Ron start mocking her. In truth he didn't say anything that she hadn't heard before, but she really had been feeling homesick and his words just stung that much more. She had rushed past them her tears in, and had run strait for the bathroom and had yet to come out.

She had been considering getting in contact with her parents about seeing if she could come home. It seemed they were right to make her stay in school last year. Thinking of how her parents might have been right and how this was her first time doing anything on her own she had decided to try and stay in school at least until the winter break. At least she could say she made it through half a year.

With her mind made up she unlocked to door to the stall she was in and opened the door right into the gray kneecaps of a troll that was standing outside of the stall. Before Hermione could comprehend what had just happened the troll let out an angry roar as it raised the wooden club it was carrying and brought it down onto the stall that she had just exited. When the club tore through the wood and hit the ground, the force was great enough that it pushed her out of the way and onto the ground beside the troll. Looking up from the position she had landed in she saw the large body of what she could now identify as a mountain troll and could only think of how much danger she was in.

Screaming as loud as she could from the fear that gripped her, she ran as fast as she could to the other side of room where she ducked beneath one of the sinks. She watched as the troll turned around and with only a few steps had made its way over the row sinks that lined the far wall of the room. Raising it club high into the air Hermione's body moved on autopilot as her legs began trying to move her away from where the club was going to land. Through pure instinct she was able to run out from under the sink just before the club destroyed it.

With tears of fear blurring the vision of her vibrant hazel eyes as she watched the lumbering beast swing his club down and. Her eyes looked around the room wildly for a way to survive. The door across the room had been thrown opened and a black haired boy had run into the room. His cold green eyes poised and ready for battle, but he was on the other side of the room. What could he do to save her? What could anyone do to save her? She was going to die. She had come to this school with such high hopes to learn who she truly was and about her powers, but in just two months since arriving she was going to die.

Worry filled Harry as he tried to act fast. The troll was about to kill the girl who had been hiding in the bathroom. He wouldn't be able to run to her in time, but he didn't have too. He was a qwaser and his weapons where all around. He just had to find them, and pray that he wasn't too low on soma.

The troll let out a yell as it began to lift its club up from the rubble of the destroyed sink. Only an indent was left in the wall from the force of the troll's earlier blow, and the piping now jutted out of the wall. The lead pipes. Harry had found his weapon.

From such a great distance across the room control was going to be an issue, but Harry still had to try for the girl trying to crawl away from the troll. Pushing all of his will out towards the pipes that would save that young girl's life, Harry began to try and mold the lead pipes to his will. A simple command was all Harry wanted the pipes to do, but with no ready access to a maria here at the school and his next visit in a few days, he was running low on soma and the distance between him and the pipes was greater than he was use to controlling. As he was giving one final push with his powers Harry saw the troll swing its club down.

The club landed on the stone floor sending shards of rock flying through the air just barley having missed the girl. The shockwave shattered the mirrors above the sink, and a plume of dust covered the area, making vision impossible as water sprayed out from the broken pipes in the sinks that had been crushed by the trolls club. The floor had cracked and a flying piece of the sink had shattered a window near the ceiling. Letting the moonlight in and bathing the room in a soft glow.

And there was Hermione Granger sliding across the wet and slippery floor into the waiting arms of Harry Potter who had used the last of his energy to make the lead pipes shoot towards the troll and make him miss his target of hitting the girl.

The troll now had a small wound on its right leg with sickly colored blood dripping from it. With its leg injured the troll wouldn't be moving as fast as before.

On the other side of the room, Harry's quick thinking had saved the girl for now, but had also enraged the troll. Now he was exhausted and had no more energy to defend himself or the crying girl now cradled in his arms. He only had one option left.

"I need your permission to save us" Harry said in a near whispered voice to the hysterical girl he held in his arms. She didn't hear him as the troll turned around to set its sights on the two young students. Harry had fallen to his knees to catch Hermione while she had slid across the floor to him. He had no energy to stand back up and even put on a show of bravado or to distract the troll from the sobbing girl.

"Please let me save us," Harry asked even loader to the girl in his arms.

Hermione only hiccupped as her crying slowly stopped as she realized that she wasn't dead, but in the arms of the boy who had run into the bathroom. His brilliant green eyes showed through his messy hair. The angelic sight of her savior gave her comfort as he held her. His face covered in the glow from the moon, coming in through the window.

The only sound she could hear where the foot falls of the troll as it began to move closer towards the two of them. The boy in front of her was saying something but she couldn't hear him. His lips moved and formed the words but she just couldn't hear him. Her ears were ringing from the booming sound of the trolls club smashing into the floor next to her. She could only look up and try to think of what he was saying.

He was asking for something. She thought she heard the word permission. What could he need her permission for? He had already saved her. But she felt a rumble in the ground as the troll took another step forward. It was coming towards them, and they were in danger. He could protect her. She knew he could. All she had to do was allow him to save them.

"Yes, save us" her words were nothing more than a whisper, but she could see in his eyes that he was grateful for her consent.

He adjusted his hold on her so that he was only holding her with his right arm, with her head resting against his shoulder. He raised his left hand slowly and grabbed the neckline of her blouse. Quickly he pulled down ripping open the front of the buttoned shirt she wore. Her eyes widening in surprise as his hand reached up again and tore through the soft fabric of the white training bra she had worn that day.

Time seemed to slow as he brought his head down and began to suckle on her now exposed left nipple. His teeth brushed against the sensitive nub as she let out a gasp when an odd sensation began to spread through her developing breasts. A warmth, which began in her heart, raced forward through the small mound of flesh. When it reached the nub that was being sucked on it felt as though the warmth had broken through a barrier and exploded outwards into Harry's waiting mouth.

Hermione was trying to understand what was going on. Only a few seconds ago she was about to die, and now her savior was nursing on her developing breasts. His eyes taking on an ethereal green glow, shining like beacons in the moonlight of the broken window. The sound of a loud pop was her only warning as Harry pulled away.

Holding her gently, Harry laid her down on the wet stone floor as the trolls thundering footsteps continued to draw nearer. Standing tall as the only thing between Hermione and the troll crashing towards her. Giving a quick silent prayer that his powers would help him defend the young girl, Harry drew his wand and prepared for battle.

Stretching his free hand out to try and force his control over anything in the room that might help in the battle, Harry barley felt any responses to his command. Where once he could feel the lead in the pipes that surrounded the bathroom, now he could only feel the small traces of zinc in the bodies of the rooms occupants.

With no zinc in a large enough quantity to control, Harry breathed a calming breath and aimed his wand at the charging troll's legs. Call out the first spell he could think of and a quick jerking motion of his wand, a blue light shot from the tip of his wand and hit the troll square in the knee of its uninjured leg. While the first year spell, flipendo, would normally knock an opponent backwards, against a troll it only served to unbalance the leg under the troll. With its wounded leg now bearing the entire wait of the troll's body, it was not long before the large creature crumpled to the ground.

Harry quickly turned around, grabbed Hermione by her robe, and pulled her out of the way of the falling troll. When the troll landed on the floor its forward momentum continued as it slid across the wet ground and rammed into the wall behind where Harry and Hermione used to be.

While the troll was stunned from its fall, Harry ran over to climb on top of the beast so he could finish it off. As the troll started to shift while it regained its bearings, Harry was able to get onto the trolls back and pull out a knife he kept just in case he got into a fight. Grabbing hold of the makeshift vest to support himself. Harry plunged the knife into the top of the troll's neck with barley enough force to pierce the creature's thick skin and get the blade stuck. With a roar of pain the troll arched its body and began trying to reach back and dislodge the knife with its massive hands. As the troll thrashed around Harry was able to keep his hold on the vest and prevent himself from being thrown off.

Even with its hurt leg, the troll was able to stand up to its full height and begin stumbling around in another attempt to dislodge the knife and Harry. With a particularly vicious jerk the troll was able to whip Harry towards the ceiling, while he held onto the troll's vest for dear life.

As he was struggled to hold on, gravity was beginning to pull Harry's body back towards the ground and on the way down one of his arms hooked onto the knife's handle and pulled it loose. A moment of silence passed as blood began to flow from the wound. And while the troll stood still Harry started pulling himself up from the troll's back and plan his next move.

When his head was above the foul smelling clothing Harry was able to look up and see the small wound he had been able to leave with his knife. A trickle of blood leaked out of the open wound and fell onto Harry's clenched hand. As the troll's putrid blood pooled between his fingers, the liquid seemed to be calling out to him. He could feel the zinc in the blood begin to sing in resonance with his qwaser powers.

Reaching up Harry placed his right hand over the open wound and began channeling his power. Right when he was about to unleash his attack, the troll noticed the small hand pressing against its neck and gave a beastly roar as it was about to shake Harry off.

But before the troll could begin moving Harry willed his power into the trolls open wound and concentrated. The troll's angry roar turned into a scream of pain as Harry condensed the zinc inside of the troll's blood. Blocking blood flow and expanding the veins from the inside. With one final push of his power Harry silenced the troll forever as dozens of small zinc pellets were blasted forward through the trolls face.

The large monsters dead body began to fall forward with its brain full of tiny holes. Harry could only hold onto the back of the vest as it fell onto the soaked ground. Water fell into the air from the impact. The room's only female occupant let out a scream of surprise when the cold liquid landed on her still exposed and sensitive chest. Hearing the cry Harry was reminded of his reason for rushing there in the first place as he began to climb down from the trolls back.

As soon as his feet touched the wet floor Harry began running towards Hermione, who was still lying against the wall. The girl had curled herself into a ball as Harry fought the troll. Hermione let out a whimper of fear when Harry reached out his hand to roll her over and check if she was okay. After a minute of slowly prodding her, she finally looked up to see that the battle was over and Harry had won.

Throwing her arms around Harry's neck in a tight hug, she felt a small amount of relief as she sobbed into Harry's chest. Harry while not being a social person was at least sympathetic to the girl who had just had a brush with death, as he wrapped his own arms around her tiny body. The two children sat there on the floor in each other's arms. With only the sound of the water flowing from the broken pipes to accompany the girl's silent sobs.

After a few minutes the sound of people yelling at one another broke Harry out of their silent moment and brought him back to the matter at hand. The two of them were sitting in a flooding bathroom, with a dead troll, and Hermione's shirt was ripped opened, exposing her breasts. With the voices getting louder as the people grew closer. Hermione by now had stopped crying and was only hiccupping every so often. Harry pulled off his robe and gave it to Hermione so she could cover herself. While it was large on her and she did look ridiculous wearing it backwards, it did cover her front.

With his best charming smile Harry tried to console the young girl. "I'll explain what happened to the teachers. And I'll answer any questions later when we're alone, okay," Harry said as he looked the girl in her hazel eyes.

Hermione just looked between the dead troll and Harry's emerald eyes before giving a nod of agreement to keep quiet. Even if he did kill a troll and used some strange powers, he had saved her life. The least she could do was follow his directions and stay quiet for a little while.

With her silent promise on the mater made to herself, the yelling reached a crescendo as several of the teachers began to file through the open door into the bathroom. Professor McGonagall ran over to the two students while Snape and Quirrell walked over to the troll's body.

"Mr. Potter Miss Granger what in Merlin's name happened to that troll, and why are you wearing two robes like that," McGonagall asked standing imposingly before the first year students.

"Hermione had missed dinner tonight so didn't hear about the troll," Harry said as he moved in front of Hermione to try and shield her from the intimidating woman. "I tried to tell one of the other professors, but couldn't get close to any of them," That was a lie of course but Harry didn't think anyone needed to know that. "When I couldn't tell anyone I ran to find and warn her. I thought it would be safe enough because the troll was in the dungeon," Harry explained as he waved his arms around comically to try and distract the professor from Hermione's state of dress.

"That's very admirable of you Mr. Potter and very well thought out," McGonagall praised Harry while he stopped for a breath. Harry was just glad that his plan for making himself the center of attention and get all of the focus on him and off of Hermione was working.

"When I got to the hallway I heard Hermione screaming, and followed the sound to the bathroom," Harry continued. "After I ran into the bathroom I saw that Hermione was hiding under one of the sinks, and the troll had just destroyed the stalls over there."

As Harry pointed at the crushed stalls the heads of the three professors followed and grimaced at the site of crushed wood. While the teachers were looking at the damage Hermione had moved beside Harry and was now holding onto his arm for moral support as he talked about her brush with death.

With the teachers once again looking at him and Hermione out in the open Harry decided to end the story fast. "When the troll turned to smashed the sink I yelled at it and it missed Hermione while she ran over here. And while the troll was charging towards us I used the knockback jinx to try and slow it down."

Turning to the other two professors in the room Harry noticed that both of them were frowning, but only Quirrell was trying to hide his displeasure.

"The spell seemed to work when the troll fell down," Harry continued his story, "But it was trying to get back up so I ran towards it and stabbed it in the neck with my knife." It was after the teachers came in that Harry noticed he had left his knife lying on the floor and would have to come up with some excuse for it.

"Your knife Mr. Potter?" McGonagall predictably asked.

"Yes Professor, I was going to ask Hagrid if I could have a pumpkin to carve myself so I brought my knife with me, but in the excitement of the day I forgot to ask him," Harry answered with his made up story. Halloween or not Harry would never go anywhere without his knife. And while McGonagall did have a stern look on her face Harry was sure he was going to get away with it.

"So th-th-the troll ju-jus-just d-died after th-th-that," Professor Quirrell spoke up for the first time since enter the room.

"It moved around for a little bit and shook out the knife before it fell down and stopped moving," Harry answered the stuttering teacher. "Professor," Harry said as he focused his attention on McGonagall again, "Since I've finished telling you what happened do you mind if Hermione and I go to the hospital wing? It's been a trying night."

"Of course Mr. Potter," McGonagall started as she began taking in all that Harry had told her, "Take twenty house points for exceptional bravery while assisting a friend and head off to see Madame Pomfrey."

Harry nodded to the transfiguration mistress and grabbed Hermione's hand and pulled her along towards the door.

But as they were about to walk through the threshold McGonagall called out for their attention once more. "Mr. Potter you never did tell me why Miss. Granger is wearing two robes," McGonagall said as she walked towards them.

Harry had really hoped he and Hermione would have been able to leave before anyone asked that question. He had been too busy thinking up an excuse for his knife without exposing his qwaser powers that he was drawing a blank as an excuse for why Hermione was wearing two robes. But Harry was in luck, because he had the brightest witch of her age with him.

"I asked him for it Professor," Hermione said as she took over for Harry, "A few buttons on my blouse had fallen off and I hid in the bathroom while people went to the feast. I was going to leave during the dinner, but the troll came in and when I had to dive under its swinging club my shirt got caught and ripped. After Harry saved me I asked him for his robe to cover myself up," Hermione finished with a straight face as she blatantly lied to the teacher in front of her.

"Well, very good Miss. Granger, a lady should keep her modesty about her," McGonagall said as she turned and walked back towards the two other professors who were watching the dead troll.

Harry had to keep himself from running all the way to the infirmary. He almost couldn't believe that he was able to keep his secret form the Professors, and now all he had to do was convince Hermione not to tell anyone about his powers. Thank god for small miracles.


While Harry and Hermione only suffered from being scratched up Madam Pomfrey was convinced that after the traumatic experience both of them had gone through that it would be best for the two of them to spend the night in the infirmary. The resident nurse had quickly healed the two, and had their night wear brought down from the tower for them to change into. After another check over she ushered both of them off to bed while she returned to her office and living quarters.

Hermione waited patiently in her bed for the schools healer to go to bed herself. It had only been an hour since she and Harry had been left alone in the overnight area of the infirmary and the light in her office was still on. Luckily Hermione had plenty of questions to occupy her time while she waited.

The thought at the forefront of her mind was why Harry had done what he did to her. She was able to figure out that all of the amazing things that Harry did, he was able to do because of what he had done with her. While she was angry at him for that, she couldn't stop thinking about how he had saved her life. She had even lied to a teacher to protect him, and she had never lied to a teacher about anything before.

With her thoughts spinning around in her head she didn't notice that Madam Pomfrey had gone to bed until the window of her office had been dark for ten minutes. When she did come out of her inner questioning, she slowly slipped out of bed and began tiptoeing to the other side of the overnight ward. Only a thin piece of clothe was separating her from the boys side of the room and the answers she so desperately wanted. With a calming breath she steeled her resolve and pulled the curtains back.

Harry wasn't surprised when the cloth partition was pulled back and Hermione walked in. In fact he would have been surprised if she didn't show up. A girl with an analytical mind, curious nature, and the courage to ask questions, Harry had already resigned himself to his fate of telling her everything.

He was already sitting cross legged on his bed and had lit his wand with the lumos charm so they could see. While Hermione crawled onto the other side of the bed in her pink pajama bottoms and top, Harry just propped his pillow behind him and got comfortable for the long talk he and Hermione were about to have.
"Where would you like to begin?" Harry asked plainly.

"What did you do to that troll?" Hermione replied as she leaned against the foot board of the bed.

Harry sighed and pulled a small pellet of zinc, which he had grabbed before the teachers arrived, from his nightstand and held it in his palm. "After I climbed onto the troll's back I used my abilities to gather and condense the zinc in its blood, and then I pulsed my energy and shot the pellets I made into its brain."

Hermione tenderly reached out and grabbed the pellet from his hand, and began rolling it in her own palm. "And what do you call your powers?"

"Before I tell you any more I must ask that anything I tell you tonight must be kept secret between us."

"Why?" she asked as she returned the pellet to him.

"If word of this got out, things would be difficult for me. I might even have to leave the school," Harry replied with a sincere voice.

Hermione firmly believed that everybody should get a good education, and only expelling students who really need it, she believed that if what Harry was about to tell her might force him to leave the school she could keep quiet about it for now. It's not as if any of the teachers would ask about his powers, so she wouldn't have to lie to them as long as they didn't ask.

"Alright I promise not to tell anyone about what we talk about tonight."

"Thank you," Harry said, "Now I am a qwaser, and I work for the Catholic Church."

"What's a qwaser?"

"A qwaser is someone who was born with the unique ability to control one of the chemical elements. The ones from the periodic table of elements like hydrogen, iron, and sodium."

"So being a qwaser allowed you to control the zinc, and bend those pipes to push me away from the troll." Hermione said.

"Not necessarily," Harry said, as he was amazed that Hermione had noticed he used the pipes to move her. "A qwaser can only control a single element, but I'm special and can control all of the elements depending on my maria."

"Maria? Your control of elements depends on a girl named Maria?" Hermione asked, now more confused than ever.

"A maria is a qwasers partner. They are named after the virgin Mary from Christian religions because they have to be girls, and what they do for a qwaser."

"And what does a maria do as a qwaser's partner?"

"A marias main duty is to be a qwaser's source of soma. And soma is the energy that we qwaser use to control our elements."

"So marias carry the soma with them, while you qwasers go off and fight trolls or whatever you do." Hermione said with a smile at the thought that she was beginning to understand.

"Kind of. Marias are always girls because girls form soma naturally inside of their bodies, and we qwasers can suck it out."

Hermione silently sat there in shock with her mouth hanging open. All of the pieces were beginning to make scenes. Qwasers suck the soma out of girls to power themselves so they can control elements. They must suck the soma out the same way Harry sucked her soma out. Through her breasts. She had accidentally acted as Harry's maria while he fought with the troll.

Harry could only sit back and watch as the young girl tried to comprehend what he had told her. While she was a smart girl, learning that someone gains power by sucking on a woman's breasts is difficult to take in for anyone, especially a twelve year old girl. There wasn't much he could do for her beside let her digest the information and ask the usual questions that followed.

"You said that you can control different elements depending on the maria right? How does that work?"

That was not one of the usual questions that people asked after learning about qwasers. Hermione must have figured out all that she wanted to know by herself, and had just moved on with the questioning. Harry had a new found respect for the bushy haired girl's intelligence.

"Which element I am able to control is dependent on whose soma I ingest. Usually the element I receive control of from a given girl is based on her personality. You have a good memory and zinc helps with memory so that's my only thought for how you gave me power over zinc. For another example the maria I am currently using is a tough girl who acts venomously towards others. She gives me control over lead, which I used to control the pipes and push you away."

"So there is at least another girl at Hogwarts that knows about you," Hermione said with the hope that she could talk to another girl about the matter.

"No I only meet her every other Saturday over in Hogsmeade to recharge my soma reserves."

Hermione leaned her head down in sadness at the undeniable fact that within the castle she was going to have to keep this secret between herself and the boy talking to her. Stifling a yawn brought on by the late hour and the taxing day the two had shared Hermione decided to ask a few more questions before leaving.

"So why do you go see this maria of yours so often?"

Harry had been expecting this question. He knew the two of them were eventually going to get around to this and he was reluctant to share the information with her, but she had proven herself to be trustworthy in the bathroom and he did feel like he could trust her. Taking a deep breath Harry spoke about one of the weaknesses of a qwaser.

"If a qwaser goes without soma for too long they will die."

Hermione had not been expecting that answer. Sitting in front of her was this boy that could kill full grown mountain trolls by himself yet if he didn't drink from a woman's breast every two weeks he would die. Such strong powers, but with a crippling dependence on soma just to survive.

Trying to move beyond the thought of mortality Hermione decided to ask the final question that was really bugging her. "You said you're not a normal qwaser, so how many normal qwasers are there?"

Harry sigh hoping this would end soon "Out of the billions of people on this planet only a little over a hundred turn out to be qwasers and some of them won't ever know that they're qwasers because the elements they control don't naturally appear in nature. There is only one qwaser per element, and another qwaser doesn't emerge for that element until the old one dies."

Hermione nodded and once again had to stifle a yawn. Harry seeing this told her to go to bed and they could "talk about the finer points later," before giving her shoulder a light push. Hermione stood from the bed thanked him and left back to her own bed where she spent some time trying to get her thoughts in order before drifting off to sleep.

/end chapter/

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Qwaser: any of the anthropoid beings who possess supernatural powers affording them utility over a single chemical element. This specialized utility can vary widely in quality between different Qwasers and even under different circumstances; in order to maintain this specialized ability, it is necessary for a Qwaser to always have an adequate supply of soma.

Soma: the sacred substance that fuels a Qwaser's elemental powers especially in battle. Whenever a Qwaser is replenishing its soma from a nubile maiden, the Qwaser is draining away the maiden's life force through the breast milk whose quality and potency can be magnified (or diminished) by the situational emotions of the maiden like how coffee or tea is sometimes modified by adding cream or sugar.

Maria or Mary: designation given to the combat partner of a Qwaser whose primary function is to provide soma. The name is a reference to the Virgin Mary breastfeeding baby Jesus, just as Qwasers recharge their powers by drinking soma from their maria.

Harry: He is a qwaser that can control any of the chemical elements off of the periodic table. However which element he can control at any given time is based on which girl/maria he gets soma from. The element he obtains usually depends on the girl's personality. This does mean he will find duplicates at times.

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