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Sookie was watching television, something she rarely did. But right now she only needed something to fill her up, to busy her so much she'd forget the hole Bill had left in her. She wanted nothing to do ever again with vampires, werewolves and the whole shebang. She wanted peace of mind and a normal, human life. There was a slight knock at her door and she sighed. She turned the TV off and pulled her robe tightly around her small frame before going to look and see who was disturbing her. She opened the door and almost yelled in exasperation.

'Didn't I make myself clear I wanted nothing to do with you ever again, you cold creep?' she snapped.

Eric simply stood there, looking at her, expecting her to invite him in. His hair was not gelled and it had gotten lighter as it used to be when she'd met him. The messy hairdo he wore reminded her of her first dream with him. She growled internally at the reminder.

'Sookie, I just wanted to thank you. I didn't get a chance last time I saw you, with… Whatever, I just wanted to thank you for saving my life.' Eric said, his gaze intent on keeping hers. She frowned.

'Good. Get the fuck off my porch now. And don't come back.' She groaned at him, trying to close the door. He put his foot in the way and sighed.

'You really intent on making this harder for me? Cause honestly, I don't say thank you quite that often. And I mean it. And I meant what I told you the other night.' Eric said, keeping calm even though he just felt like going back to Fangtasia and wait for her to give in and swallow back her pride or whatever it was that prevented her from actually talking to him. She'd been gone way too long for his taste and yet no one knew what she'd been up to those three weeks she'd been missing. But she was back and safe.

'What part? That my boyfriend was a liar who broke my heart? Trust me, the message passed. Now fuck off!' Sookie snarled, trying once more to close the door. 'And remove your creepy foot from my door! I didn't invite you in, it's got no reason to be there!' She said, fuming.

'It doesn't work like that.' He replied, stepping back and away from her door. He knew for one thing that forcing her into anything at all was the surest way to lose her forever. He'd done that mistake more than once already and he wasn't willing to do it again. 'Can we please just talk? No need to invite me in, I can just stand here on the porch or you can join me, whatever you like.' He pleaded. She eyed him suspiciously and crossed her arms on her chest.

'What do you want this time? Some more mind reading? A friend of yours to feed my blood to?' She offered, sarcastic. 'Or maybe you're in the mood to sunbathe yourself?'

'I just want to talk to you because I think you deserve some explanations from me.' Eric said, leaning on the banister of the porch. She took a careful step outside and sat stood opposite him, her back on the wall near the door.

'Shoot. I'm all ears, Sheriff.' She said, taking in the sight of him.

'First, I have a question for you.' Eric started, his hands in his pockets to keep himself from ripping her robe off. He was sure she wasn't wearing much underneath and he tensed at the images that flooded his mind. Thank god for her not being able to read vampire minds.

'What?' she asked exasperated.

'Why did you kiss me back?' He simply asked, awaiting her response anxiously.

'The fuck, Eric? How is that even relevant here?' Sookie replied after a few silent seconds. The question obviously had taken her aback.

'I'm asking. Just answer. Or maybe you're afraid to?' Eric mused, his eyebrows raised quizzically.

'Why did I kiss you back? When did you ever get the impression I kissed you back? You literally jumped on me like some moronic teenager. A fucking heavy one too. I did push you back…At least I tried…' Sookie muttered, suddenly finding her nails mighty interesting.

'For a good two seconds. I admire your will-power.' Eric replied, cocky.

'What is this really about? What do you want to know? If I enjoyed kissing you? Yeah sure, you kiss well. Good for you. Now get off my porch and let me be. You saved my life, I saved yours. I don't owe you anything, you don't owe me anything. Fair and square. Now just go? Please? Actually you still owe me those 10 000$. Consider us even when you mail me the check…' Sookie said, pouting.

Eric smirked. She had enjoyed the kiss. He had enjoyed it too. 'Enjoyed' being here the biggest euphemism on his part. The kiss had been a bloody revelation to him. She was really under his skin in more ways than one. And he hated it. He didn't want to possess her just physically. He wanted the whole darn ensemble. Preferably naked. He silently scolded himself and noted she was dead-on with her teenager analogy. That's exactly what he felt like, an infatuated teenager. And damn did he not like that. She could make him feel human in ways he hadn't known he still could.

'Actually you're wrong.' Eric said, taking a step forward.

'About what? Last time I checked, you still owed me 10 000$!' Sookie replied, her eyes widening at the sight of his body now way to close to hers for comfort.

'I do owe you something, apart from the money.' Eric continued, closing the space between them. Now her breath was really caught in her throat. She looked up at him, nervous and shaky.

'An apology?' Sookie supplied, hopeful.

'A kiss. That we'll get to finish since Pam so rudely interrupted our first.' Eric said before drawing her mouth to his in a manner that resembled much that of their first kiss. The man was forgetting she had ended their first séance because she felt it was all wrong and getting out of hand. This time, however, Sookie yelped in surprise and relaxed into the kiss. The man was skilled in the lip-nibbles department. She could feel the heat radiating down to the apex of her thighs and she rested her back on the wall for support. When he finally let go of her, she felt like goddamned pudding. She kept her eyes shut for a few long seconds and felt like never opening them again when he cleared his throat softly.

'What the fuck was that about?' She snarled, her eyes opening to look at his usually smug face.

'Such language, Miss Stackhouse. You're starting to sound like Russell. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.' He teased her, gently, a seductive grin on his face.

'Hell yeah, I'm ashamed, for letting you do this. Again!' She snapped, stomping her foot. 'You still haven't answered me! What was that about!'

'Felt like it.' He replied. 'I can do it again if you like?'

'In your dreams.'

'Or in yours. I'm mighty curious as to what exactly we do in your dreams… Considering the nature of the effects vampire blood has, it must be quite interesting to say the least.'

'Oh get a grip. Like you're god's gift or something. Just tell me what you came to tell me and go back to being creepy and cold.'

Or I can come in and we can fuck like minx on your kitchen table. Or your bed. Or up against the wall or all of the above, Eric thought, sighing heavily.

'I came to tell you that I'm sorry about Bill.' Eric said.

'Why? Why are you sorry?' Sookie asked him, suspicious.

'Because I forced him to tell you the truth. And because I didn't tell you the moment I figured it out.' Eric said, cupping her chin with his hand. She didn't shrug him off as he'd expected. Instead, she gazed at his eyes thoughtfully.

'Why didn't you? I thought you'd gloat at the mere notion of telling me Bill had lied to me from the start.' Sookie said, somberly. 'Wasn't it part of your big plan all along to lure me to you?'

'If you ever come to me, and I wish you will someday, I want you to do it because you want to, because you wish to be mine. As to why I didn't tell you myself that Bill had deceived you, it's because I didn't think you would believe me.'

'I wouldn't have believed you indeed.' Sookie replied. She stared at his hair bothered. She pointed at a strand, frowning. 'By the way, you've got cement in your hair.' Eric sighed and slipped his fingers in his strands, looking for the bothersome piece of cement. He'd been trying for the past weeks to get it all out but it was a resilient little bitch, that concrete. Sookie scoffed and slapped his hands away.

'Let me do it, damn it, you'll mess it all up!' She snapped, pulling his chin down so she could reach his hair. He complied, a small smile on his lips. She softly passed her hair in the strands and wrinkled her nose in annoyance.

'Maybe you could purr to make this even more annoying?' She offered him as he closed his eyes in delight. He loved her playing in his hair, which was yet another surprise since the only women he ever allowed to do that was Pam.

'If I could, I swear I would, Miss Stackhouse. Remind me to pour some more cement in my hair next time I see you.' He said, his voice a low rumble. At that she couldn't help but stifle a giggle. The man was being ridiculously adorable. And as pissed as she was at him, she couldn't help but find this amusing. She resumed removing the cement left in his hair and she frowned slightly, thinking.

'Our hair is the same colour.' She said, gazing at him with wonder.

'Indeed.' Eric replied, taking one of her curls and wrapping it around his finger. 'But are you blond all over?' He asked, cocky.

She sighed and cocked one of her eyebrows up.

'Don't you just wish you knew.' She muttered.

He stared at her and smiled. Yes, he wished he knew.

'I am.' He said, grinning. 'All over.'

'Good for you. Might I remind you I was already graced with the sight of a very naked you?' Sookie said, sarcastic.

'So you did look.' He concluded, his smirk growing even bigger.

'Fuck you.' She replied, trying very hard to suppress her smile.

'You may, anytime you wish.' He replied, closing the space between them once more. He still held her curl on his finger and she moaned when he gently tugged at it.

'Don't pull my hair!' She said, her breath catching in her throat. She looked pointedly at his chest, which was leveled with her face. The man was making her buzz with excitement. He already could tell how she was feeling; she wouldn't allow him the satisfaction of seeing it painted on her face.

'Have I ever told you that you are very beautiful?' Eric asked, his grin replaced by genuine interest. She looked up at him, her temper flaring.

'No you haven't. Have I ever told you what a big asshole you are?' She returned, smug. He laughed at that.

'Yes you have, and I'll be working very hard on trying to change your mind about that.' Eric replied, smiling. He had a beautiful smile when he actually gave a try at it.

'Trying.' She noted. 'Now what is it you wanted to explain to me? The reason for your presence on my porch?' She continued, crossing her arms on her chest once more, trying to hide her heaving chest. She was getting cold from the outside temperature and the fact she was only wearing a robe, but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of inviting him in.

'You're cold.' He noted, sharp and accurate. Ah right, the man could feel her emotions. He slipped his leather jacket off and swiftly dropped it on her shoulders.

'Thank you.' She simply said, her voice low and soft.

'I wanted to tell you that I regret not informing you of my plan to defeat Russell. It wasn't fair of me to leave you in the dark.' Eric said, sitting on the wooden bench of the porch. She joined him, keeping a safe distance between them.

'Why did you?' She asked, turning her head to look at him.

'Because I was stupid. I didn't trust you to help me if I told you everything. Pam convinced me to use you, but I only did because I knew it would save you in the end. I should have given you more credit. You deserve it.' He said. She was truly and utterly speechless. She'd never thought Eric would be able to step aside his enormous ego to actually stoop down to the level of humans and make amends where he ought to.

'Why are you telling me all this?' She asked him, pulling her knees to her chest, her bare feet on the bench. She shivered a bit.

'Because you deserve to know. Aren't you cold? Can't we finish this inside?' He asked, eyeing her curiously.

'We could but I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea.' She replied, her teeth clattering softly. She pulled his leather jacket closer to her. 'Aren't you cold without your jacket?' She asked him. She'd never really known if Vampires were sensitive to temperature.

'Not really. I've had much worst.' He replied, quizzically. 'And I won't get any idea at all. I just wouldn't want you to get sick over our discussing. Surely wouldn't help my record now would it?' He offered. He stood and extended his hand so as to help her up. She stared at it and ignored it, standing up by herself. She walked towards the door and slipped back in the warmth of her home.

'Please come in.' She said to him, dropping his leather coat on the couch and sitting on it, her feet plumped up on the coffee table. He eyed the room curiously. The only time he'd actually been in her home had been when he'd saved her from the werewolves and he hadn't really taken time to look at the décor. He finally sat in the armchair opposite her, exactly where Bill had sat a few weeks ago during that terrible encounter that had revealed to Sookie how very little she'd actually known about her boyfriend and almost fiancé. He looked a bit out of place in the little armchair and she almost laughed. He eyed her, puzzled.

'What's making you laugh?' He asked.

'You look like a giant in a rabbit's hole!' she exclaimed, laughing softly.

He frowned slightly but was amused by her laugh.

'I wanted to tell you something else Sookie.' Eric suddenly said, seriously. She grabbed a piece of popcorn and shoved it in her mouth, enjoying the salty flavor before she downed some Coca-Cola, waiting for him to speak.

'Yes?' She said, putting her glass back on the coffee table near her feet. She didn't realize just how much that left her robe gaping and Eric eyed her movement with great interest. She consciously sat in a more lady-like manner and pull her feet off the coffee table.

'Bill tried to kill the Queen.' Eric said. Sookie was glad she'd swallowed her Coca-Cola because she was sure it would have spurred out her nose.

'What?' she exclaimed, her eyes wide as saucers. 'Isn't she like so much older than him? Is he alright?'

'I killed her.' Eric finished, watching her carefully for a reaction.

'You killed the Queen? Aren't you in deep, deep shit for that? And where's Bill?' She couldn't think straight and her hands fluttered nervously on the bare skin of her thigh.

'I killed her because she wanted to harm you. Bill wasn't doing that good when I arrived at his place, but he'll survive.' Eric answered, leaning forward, his elbows on his knees.

'Is he still at his place?' Sookie asked, her voice trembling.

'Yes. In fact, I think he comes to watch over you every night. I saw him on my way here. He didn't look too please with my being here, but fuck him.' Eric said, looking at Sookie's face hungrily.

'So I have been followed…' Sookie mused, nervously playing with her hair. 'What will happen now that you've killed the Queen?'

There was a silence. 'No one needs to know Bill and I ended her. They'll just assume she went missing and investigate it, but as there were no witnesses, human or vampire, apart from Bill and I, and since it is in both our interest for this to remain secret, there shouldn't be any trouble.' Eric said, very serious.

'Why are you telling me then?'

'So you'll know not to fear her anymore.' Eric replied.

'Okay. Thank you. Is that it?' She asked him, hopeful. She was really in the mood for a good bath or her bed, just relaxing, something she wasn't quite capable of doing with him being in the same room as her.

'Not quite.' Eric said. Sliding out of his seat, Eric kneeled in front of her, his hands on either side of her thighs on the sofa. She swallowed hard, wondering what the hell he was going to do next.

'What now?' Sookie asked, trying to slide out from in between his hands. Which were very muscular and beautiful, she noticed.

'Now I wish to know why you kissed me back.' Eric said, looking at her intently. Sookie sighed, trying to conceal the fact she was nervous as hell at him being so close to her. His hands were a mere inch away from her bare thighs and her robe made her almost feel naked. She had on her favorite set of white and pink bra and panties and she was sure he'd noticed the top part when she's so carelessly bent over.

'I told you. I did not.' Sookie replied, trying to sound as convincing as she could.

'Why won't you admit it? It's not a crime, you know?' Eric replied, smugly grinning at her.

'Because there is nothing to admit. You jumped on me, surprised me, I tried to push you back.' Sookie said, exasperated.

'Tried. Didn't succeed? You think I'd have forced you had you really tried?' Eric said, his voice low and seductive.

'Yes, because you're a smug a-hole intent on getting God knows what from me.' Sookie replied, crossing her arm stubbornly on her chest.

'God would blush if he knew what I want from you.' Eric said, eyeing her short robe and tanned legs with a lustful gaze.

'You won't distract me by talking nasty.'

'Maybe, but you're not Bill's this time are you?' Eric replied, remembering the first time she'd used that sentence with him.

Sookie closed up like an oyster, looking intently at the coffee table behind him. Ah right, how tactful of him, he thought. Damn he felt clumsy around her sometimes. Which wasn't something vampires ever felt.

'Sorry I didn't mean to rub it in.' He whispered, rubbing soft circles on the smooth skin of her thigh with his callused thumb. She looked at his hand and than at his face and he looked up from his ministrations to gaze at her in wonder.

'Why did you kiss me back, Sookie?' Eric said, his voice a low rumble. His chest was now pressed to her knees and the reverberation crawled under her skin all the way to her center and she cursed herself for being so weak.

'Why did you kiss me in the first place?' Sookie retorted, biting the inside of her bottom lip, thoughtfully. She liked his hair like that, messy and boyish. It suited him and took away the edge that made him so typically vampire. He looked almost human like this. And boy was the man tall. Even kneeling he still was tall enough to be leveled with her as she sat on the sofa.

'Because I wanted to. I think I've rather been clear about my intentions towards you from the start.' Eric replied, honest.

'Actually you haven't.' Sookie retorted. 'You're nice and the next moment you act like a total ass. One moment you're all tender and human and actually show emotions, the next you're this despicable cold-hearted piece of stone. I don't know where I stand in all this. And I certainly have no idea how you could have regrets at not kissing me. It's not like you care about me…' Sookie finished, dropping her hands on his to stop his caresses on her thigh. She was increasingly nervous and she knew very well why. Hell he must have felt it if not smelt it. Her panties were wet and she felt that gentle throbbing between her thighs. Unconsciously, she pushed her thighs together tighter.

'You think I don't care about you?' Eric replied, laughing bitterly. He turned his head to look at the window and silently cursed himself for allowing her to see him like this, helpless and so very human.

'Do you?' Sookie replied, cupping his chin to turn his face back so she could see his eyes.

'Why do you think I chained myself to Russell?' Eric asked, his fingers digging in the supple skin of her thigh. She swallowed hard and her breathing quickened.

'Why did you? Why were you so intent on dying?'

'I didn't want to die. But I would have if that meant saving your life.' Eric replied. Sookie turned her head away and this time he turned her back to look at him.

'Are you telling me the truth?' Sookie asked as he gently rubbed his thumb on her plump bottom lip. She tried to swat his hand away but he kept it on her chin, cupping it softly.

'Yes.' Eric replied. 'Let me kiss you again.' He added, spreading her thighs in a swift move to pull her closer to him. She tried to pull away but her held her firmly in place, his left hand on her waist as his right lost itself in her hair.

'No.' She whispered, trying to pull away from the embrace. But he was stronger. And she wanted this just as much as he did. He pulled her closer and closer, looking at her lips with hunger and desire.

'Stop.' She pleaded, not even convincing herself since she snaked her hand in his hair, trying to pull him faster to her lips. 'I rescind your…'

She didn't even get to finish her sentence because his mouth was on hers, demanding, hungry and warm. His tongue parted her lips and explored her mouth where it danced with hers. He pulled her off the sofa and down on him so that she was straddling him. She could feel very well how much he was enjoying this since he was quite well endowed. She moaned against his mouth and tried to push him away from her.

'Please, I still need to breathe' she finally gasped when he let go of her mouth, his teeth still nibbling at her bottom lip.

'True.' Eric replied, his mouth lowering to the crease where her neck met her collarbone.

'What are you doing?' She asked, breathless, looking at the ceiling, trying to regain control of her limbs.

'Nothing.' He whispered against her skin, one of his hands sliding under her robe to caress her hip. His fingers twisted in the lace of her panties and she moaned softly.

'Eric we can't.' she muttered, trying to get away from his hold. She managed to stand back up and plumped herself back on the sofa, lying on her back, a hand to her chest, the other on her eyes.

Eric looked at her curiously and sat on the edge of the sofa, near her feet. His eyes were glazed over with lust and she knew that if she let him have it his way, they'd be making love on her sofa in no time. Boy, oh boy, she thought.

She peeked at him through her fingers.

'You're still here?' She whispered, discouraged.

He didn't even bother with an answer and just stared at her, his fingers drawing naughty little patterns on the skin of her legs. She had utterly no idea what to do. Her body screamed at her to just rip his clothes off and have her way with him. But he infuriated her so much she wanted to slap him. Why did he have such an effect on her? Ah right, his blood.

'Will your blood ever wear off?' She suddenly asked him, sitting back up so fast he looked startled. She curled her legs under her and sighed, awaiting his answer.

'It's not just the blood.' He replied. Uh-oh, why did this sound so familiar? A thought suddenly occurred to Sookie: were the dreams one-sided or did he actually know every single thing she'd dreamt about? The mere idea made her blush violently. It was one thing to kiss him but it was an entirely different one for him to know the ways she secretly wanted them to make love. He watched that blood flow in her golden cheeks with lust. He looked predatory.

'You know you have feelings for me.' He said. In an instant, he was looming over her, dangerously close. She leaned back to try and distance them but to no avail.

'Ew.' She replied, mimicking herself in her dream. Eric smirked softly.

'You know you like this.' He said before brushing his lips on hers, softly. She didn't answer and simply starred at him, her lips slightly parted. 'And this.' He added, brushing his lips on her neck.

'How?' She simply asked. 'For how long?'

'Only that one time. I don't know why or how. Maybe it's got something to do with your abilities, but I felt that dream very vividly.' He answered. She almost whimpered when he dipped his head down to kiss her jugular, sucking at the skin just hard enough to mark her and make her shudder.

'Please, Eric.' She said, trying to free herself from his skilled mouth.

'What?' He asked, worried he'd hurt her.

'We can't do this.' Sookie simply murmured.

'This being?' Eric asked, cocking his head to the side, his face still tentatively close to hers.

'You know perfectly well what I'm talking about. We kissed, great. But it ends there.' Sookie said, holding her robe tightly on her chest.

'What if I want more than a kiss?' Eric mused, his mouth fluttering on her throat.

'How much more?' Sookie challenged him, gasping when his teeth found her earlobe. 'Oh God.' She breathed when his mouth returned to hers.

'Once again, God might blush.' Eric replied, smirking as he deepened their kiss. Sookie's hands entangled themselves in his hair and she pulled him closer to her. He was now lying on her, supporting his weight with his forearms, but that didn't change anything to the fact she felt every single inch of him pressed on her. And there were quite a few inches indeed.

'Sweet Jesus, you never topple over with the weight of it?' She giggled in his ear as he rubbed his face in her hair, breathing in her very unique essence.

Eric stopped and pulled back to look at her, amused.

'What exactly would be the it in question, Miss Stackhouse?' Eric asked, grinning at the mere idea of her talking about his length. Which was indeed significant.

Sookie frowned at him and decided she was going to play hard on this one. She smirked slyly before answering him.

'It referred here to your ego, big boy. Now get off. I need to go to bed. I'm working tomorrow.' She replied. Eric couldn't have looked more surprised. He lifted himself off her and let her untangle herself from him. She was still as aroused as before but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction just yet. She was still mad at him. And confused as to where exactly this was all heading apart from a bed and incredible sex, for her anyways. She looked him up and down and almost moaned at the sight of him. He was very ready for more than a kiss and he was being a true gentleman for actually holding back. Especially since vampires weren't known to be gentlemen when it came to sex or blood lust. She backed away towards the door, her legs wobbly from their previous predicament. He followed, his gaze never leaving hers as if he were in a trance.

'You want me to go?' He offered, pointing at the door in front of which she now stood, blocking his way out. She nodded slowly. Turning around to open the door, she yelped in surprise. In the blink of an eye he was pressed against her back, dragging her back towards the living room. He had trapped her two wrists in one hand and his other was roaming free, exploring her body, leaving the robe barely covering her. His fingers fluttered over her heated skin, leaving a trail of fire behind. He caressed her silk and lace covered breasts and slipped down her flat stomach to curl at the band of her bikini panties. She had never felt so aroused by anyone before.

'Are you sure you want me to go?' He asked, his mouth next to her ear. His fangs grazed the sensitive skin of her neck right below the earlobe and she jerked against his body. She inhaled deeply, trying to quiet her fluttering heartbeat. She wasn't afraid of him. She trusted him enough to know he'd never do anything to her if she didn't want it. She craned her neck to look at him and parted her lips to say something. He took that as an invitation and slipped his tongue in her mouth. She returned the favor and scraped her tongue purposely on his fangs, drawing a drop of blood that he suckled with a grunt.

'You are playing with fire.' He warned her when he finally released her. She closed her eyes and fixed her robe, trying to cover herself modestly. Why had she even opened the door? She cursed herself for answering in the first place.

'Than I'll be careful not to burn myself. I really need my beauty sleep.' Sookie muttered, her voice quavering, her back still pressed on his chest. His length was pressed on the cleft of her butt and she had to hold herself back from actually grinding against him.

'As you wish.' He whispered in her ear. 'But now I know where you stand. I've tasted it.' The next moment, she was alone and the door closed slowly. And she really needed a cold shower.

Some of you (obsessive OR obsessed people with a very good memory :P) might have recognized the last line from Eric. It's actually a line from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spike says something very similar to Buffy at some point in Season 6 if I'm not mistaken. I've always been a fan of Captain Peroxide even though I'd more than gladly give up his British butt for our Swedish Eye-Candy :). There's just no competing with a man who looks good even with concrete everywhere. (Concrete everywhere, concrete in your hair :D!) He even looks good with eyeshadow and a fugly skirt. Is that legal? I think not :) I don't mind arresting him myself :D I might even search him! okay shut up brain :D xxoxoxoxoxox