The Kiesha'Ra: Reprise

This is basically Hawksong through Zane's eyes. But unlike all the others, it will actually get finished sometime in the next 2 years!


They say that before we gained our second forms we had an even more powerful magic. The stories told to us as children are full of beauty, power, magic, and wonder. It is said that once, the Dasi of old could summon rain or fire, could call upon the heavens and earth at a whim. The old thirteen who worshipped the dual powers of Ahnmik and Anhamirak were possibly the most powerful mortals in existence.

But then the powerful creature appeared. He called himself Leben and demanded that Maeve worship him alone. Of course she didn't agree, of course she found a way to protect her people. She seduced him. And he gave her – and all of us – our second forms, our longevity, seeming eternal youth. And he – however indirectly – damned us to thousands of years of war.

A war that has taken so much from me, from all of us. My brother never returned last night. What must I do to end the slaughter?

Zane Cobriana

Diente to the Serpiente