An Old English Folk Song Performed By Nick Stokes

A/N: This idea came courtesy of Bob Saget's You Tube video. Sorry if I didn't get all the lyrics right.

"Aww..c'mon something?"

Nick looked up from his polishing his new acoustic guitar that he brought to work. It wasn't sounding right, so he'd brought it to a repairman and picked it up during his break with the intent of bringing home. He didn't want anyone to know he'd been taking lessons and knew a few chords, but they found it and were now admiring.

"Naw." He shook his head sheepishly, "I'm not that good at it yet."

The team were surrounding their lockers getting ready to head home. Sara slung her faux leather purse over her shoulder while Catherine brushed her hair. Greg and Langston looked up at him and chuckled.

"Oh just play anything." Langston said.

A thought entered the Texan's head. He knew ONE song that his teacher, Jeff MacLean, had taught him.

"Okay," Nick strummed and then began."

There was an old farmer who sat on a rock, stroking his whiskers and shaking his..

A collective look of anticipation formed on the team's faces.

Nick continued, his eyes twinkling.

Fist at his neighbours who sat on their ricks teaching their kids how to play with their…

Catherine's eyes narrow suspiciously.

Kite strings and marbles in the old days of Yore, along came a lady who looked like a..

Greg grinned

..a decent young lady who walked like a duck, said she discovered a new way to..

Sara raised an eyebrow

bring up the children to sew and to knit, the boys in the stable were shovelling up..

Langston's eyes widened. Nick grinned mischievously, enjoying the reaction.

..contents of stables left after the hunt, the car man was feeling a nice piece of..

The group gasped

..straw from the stables, cleaning the walls, in came the dear maid to play with his

Catherine cried, "Nick!" in the dairy where she did belong

"Uh Nick!"

If you think this is dirty well your fucking well wrong!

Nick finished the song with a triumphant strum across the strings and asked, "Well."

His team were silent, eyes fixed on him, not a word out of their gaping mouths.

"Hey come on." Nick laughed nervously, "It was a joke. I learned off a Bob Saget video on You Tube."

All of a sudden a throat was clearing.

Gulping, Nick turned around to see Ecklie standing there with his arms folded. He stood up and smiled, "Ecklie."

Ecklie looked at the guitar and then back at Nick and simply said, "Don't quit your day job Stokes."