A Sneevil in a Storage Center

It wasn't sure how it had gotten there, or what the place was, but the young sneevil knew one thing. It had just won the everlasting favor of every higher-up. It greedily grabbed at the first box it saw, and hugged it to its chest. "Mine," it purred. "My box!" It began to open boxes and dump their contents on the floor, ignoring several shiny things in favor of getting its boxes.

"Yeah, I heard something a few minutes ago in here," said a high-pitched voice. A door the sneevil hadn't seen opened up, and a little girl peered in. She saw the sneevil and screamed, slamming the door shut.

The sneevil gathered the boxes he'd already emptied, and worked faster. There were about fifty, and no one had attempted to stop it yet. Now, if it could just remember what the mage had said before it appeared here. It furrowed its brow in thought, and finally said, "Poof." Immediately, it disappeared from the room - along with the fifty boxes - and reappeared at the tree fort, which the mage had evidently left.

Today, the sneevil decided, was a good day.

Yes, random inspiration. And a proliferation of storage centers in my area.