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Sasusaku = Narrating

Sasusaku = Thoughts

Sasusaku = Inner thoughts

Sasusaku = Lyrics

"Where was the party again?" Sakura asked the girls from the bathroom.

"Kessho Beach," answered Temari nonchalantly, not moving from her position on the four-poster bed.

It was Sunday morning and the girls were in Sakura's bedroom, getting ready to head off to the mall (again). Except this time, they were going without the guys, who were somewhere in town, doing whatever.

"Damn it!" cursed Ino as she frantically rummaged through her black Chanel duffle bag.

"What's wrong, Ino?" asked Hinata with a hint of well-hidden annoyance.

"I didn't bring my bikini!" wailed the blonde.

Tenten rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the Facebook page on her iPad 2.

"Get a new one later, Ino," stated Temari, flipping the page of the latest issue of Vogue. She was surrounded by copies of fashion magazines. Ino sighed. She sat down next to Temari and started flipping through a random issue of Elle.

A few minutes later, "Are you done yet, Forehead?"

"The mall isn't going anywhere, Ino," said a slightly annoyed Hinata.

At the same time, the bathroom door opened and out came Sakura, fully dressed and ready to go. Temari and Ino put down the magazines and got off the bed while Tenten closed her Ed Hardy iPad case, courtesy of a certain male Hyuuga. Hinata placed her bookmark between the pages of the Illiad and gently put the book on the beanbag where she was previously seated.

"What time is the thing again?" the pinkette asked as she picked up her Roxy tote.

"5. We're leaving at 4.15," replied Temari.

"What's the plan?" asked Ino while they descended the marble stairs.

"Go to the mall, have lunch with the guys at Jack's Place around 1, continue shopping while the guys do whatever, and come back to get ready at 3," explained Tenten.

"Let's go then," said Hinata, opening the mansion's main doors for her friends.

"Tem, we have to use your car," stated Sakura as the five of them reached the garage.


"My car can't fit the five of us," she answered while gesturing to her Audi.

Temari took a peek through the window of her friend's vehicle. Perfect for two, not so perfect for five.

"My car it is then."

And so they drove off, convertible top down, music blasting and chatting happily all the way to the mall (again).

"Are we there yet?"Naruto asked nobody in particular.

"For the last time, Naruto! We are not there yet!" snapped an annoyed Neji at the blonde, who has been whining since they left the Haruno mansion.

"Why is he the one sitting next to me again?" Neji asked himself under his breath.

Shikamaru sighed for the umpteenth that day. The guys have been so noisy!

Except…, Shikamaru eyed Sasuke, who has been silent for the whole trip, instead focusing on the Blackberry Torch in his palm. He didn't even call Naruto a dobe! Sasuke was being quite secretive about it too, slightly tilting the gadget the other way so he couldn't see what he was doing. The rear seats in Neji's Pontiac were close enough that should he lean sideways a little, he could see what the onyx eyed teen was doing.

The brunette was definitely curious, but, knowing the Uchiha, he'll just be asking for a death wish. Deciding not to torture himself with wondering what the teen sitting next to him was thinking, Shikamaru planned some useful strategies for the upcoming woodsball game.

That's right. The 4 boys were on their way to play one of their favourite extreme sports. Woodsball. The 4 of them were dressed for it too, clad in camouflage clothing and combat boots. Their equipment were tucked safely in the boot.

They were meeting another 4 guys – by the name of Gaara, Kankuro, Kiba and Shino- at their usual field, an hour's drive away from Sakura's place.


Shikamaru snapped out of his daze upon hearing Naruto's (horribly annoying) voice. Out of the corner of his dark eyes, he saw Sasuke stuff the Blackberry in the pocket of his cargo pants. Seconds later, all of them were greeting their schoolmates (in their own personal way), guns and masks in hand, bracing themselves for a game that's bound to be exciting.

That's what you get when you combine two idiots that go by the name of Naruto and Kiba.

"How troublesome."

"What do you think?"

Sakura and Hinata analyzed the black, pink and white Ripcurl bikini Ino was wearing.

"It's nice," replied the two girls simultaneously.

The blue-eyed teen sighed exasperatedly. "That's what you guys said for the last 3!"

"That's cuz you look great in anything, Pig," defended Sakura sarcastically while rolling her eyes. Hinata nodded, playing along. The Hyuuga heiress didn't feel like spending another hour in the Ripcurl outlet. Two hours was quite enough. Besides, she and Sakura didn't get their own suits yet. Hinata wondered what Tenten and Temari were doing. It's been almost 3 hours since they split up at the mall entrance.

"I think I'll get this one. Girls?"

"It suits you well, Ino," Hinata commented. Next to her, Sakura grunted, green eyes on her Nokia, punching the keypad at a face pace. Just as she had been doing the minute they entered the store.

"Thank you, Hina. You're so helpful. Unlike somebody," said Ino from the counter as she took out her credit card. "Who the hell are you texting anyway?"

Hinata took a peek from the corner of her eyes and inwardly gasped and squealed at what she saw. 'To: Sasuke'.

The pale eyed girl decided not to tell Ino anything and acted as if she didn't see anything. The three girls walked out of the store and continued to hunt the mall for anything that caught the girls' eyes.

"HEY GIRLS!" came Naruto's obnoxious voice.

"Be quiet, Naruto! We're in a restaurant," chided Tenten.

"Sowwy…" Naruto apologized, making Hinata giggle.

Noticing that only two of the guys were there Temari asked, "Where's Neji and Sasuke?"

"Neji, men's room. Sasuke, phone call," answered Shikamaru with a yawn as he and Naruto sat down. "Where's Sakura?"

"She said she wanted to get something before we got here," answered Hinata.

"That was half an hour ago," Temari pointed out.

"She's most probably-" a glare from Temari cut Shikamaru off. "Sexist lazy ass," she murmured.

"Try calling her," suggested Tenten.

"That's what I'm doing now," stated Ino. She pressed the call button and waited for her best friend to pick up the phone, which she did after three rings. The blonde put the phone on speaker so the others could hear as well.


"Where in the world are you?" asked Ino.

"I think I'm in Konoha," came the pinkette's sarcastic reply.

"Where are you, Sak? You're late," stated Tenten.

"What's taking you so long?" asked Naruto.

"What are you doing anyway?" added Shikamaru.

"Are you injured, Sakura?" wailed Naruto.

"I'm fine, you guys. I'll be there in a bit. Everyone there already?"

"Everyone except Neji and Sasuke," replied Hinata.

"Kay. Order for me."

"What do you want?" asked Ino.

"The usual."


"Yup! See you guys. I'll be there in about 5 minutes."

Meanwhile, Neji and Sasuke entered the shop and headed towards the table, just in time to hear the last of the conversation.

"Oh yeah! On your way, could you get me…you know…?" asked Ino, somewhat hesitantly.

A scoff could be heard from the other end, followed by the owner's voice. "I knew you were going to ask, so I bought it when I passed by the shop. Why can't you get it yourself, anyway?"

"I have my reasons."

"Right…," drawled Sakura. "See you."

"What's 'you know'?" asked Neji as soon as Ino hung up. Though he had been silent the whole exchange, that didn't mean he wasn't listening in. Out of the corner of his signature pale Hyuuga eyes, Neji saw Tenten and Temari share a knowing glance and smirk.

"Nothing," replied the blue eyed blonde. "Nothing you should know anyway," Ino murmured silently. But since she was sitting next to him (How the hell did that happen?), Neji heard it. Since pressing on the subject is too out of character, the Hyuuga decided to just let it go.

A few minutes later, their orders arrived, and so did Sakura with a couple bags in hand. The pinkette took a seat in between Hinata and Ino, opposite Sasuke.

(If you were wondering, or have no idea what I'm babbling about:

Naruto – Sasuke – Temari – Shikamaru

Hinata – Sakura – Ino – Neji – Tenten)

"Here you go," said Sakura as she handed Ino a small paper bag. Unfortunately, Temari reached out and snatched it before Ino could even touch the handle. The dirty blonde peered in the bag and upon realizing the contents, clicked her tongue. The girls and Naruto looked at her and the bag eagerly.

Sakura sighed and shook her head as she settled down in her seat.

"What happened to taking it slow?" asked Temari with a coy smile on her face.

"I never said that. Wait, did I?" Ino asked herself.

Somehow, the bag landed in Naruto's hand a few seconds later. The teen pulled out a little jar with containing some pills.

Naruto held it in front of his face and stared at it closely. At the same time, giving his friends a chance to see the contents of it clearly.

"What is this?" mumbled Naruto as he rotated the bottle clockwise and anti-clockwise.

"That, my dear Naruto, is what you call a birth control pill," answered Sakura matter-of-factly. She turned her head to the left to see a very red Hinata looking as if she was going to faint. Poor girl…

The group of teenagers ate their lunch in a comfortable silence. Not. But then again, what did you expect with Naruto, Ino and Temari. There's no such thing as silence with the blondes around. But hey, at least you'll never be bored, right?

Anyway, after lunch, the 9 of them split up. The guys went back to the Haruno mansion to…well, whatever it is guys do while the 5 girls took on the other half of the huge mall, individually this time. Going by their schedule, they met up at Temari's car again in the parking lot at 3.00.

"HELLO PEOPLE!" exclaimed Ino loudly, throwing her arms into the air.

Tenten, Temari, Hinata and Sakura shook their heads at the blonde's antics as they gently placed their items on the polished marble floor of the foyer.

Hinata checked her white jelly ToyWatch. 3.15. The young Hyuuga sighed. It took them longer get back. There was slight traffic at the roundabout.

"We better start getting ready or we'll be late," stated Hinata. "Later than we planned anyway," she added as an afterthought.

"Might as well get the guys to start dressing now," suggested Tenten. The girls nodded in agreement.


"What the hell do you want, crazy woman?" came Shikamaru's voice from the living room.

"Please get your asses into gear and get ready," she replied, innocently.

Groans, grunts and incoherent mumbles could be heard, indicating the guys were all in the living room, and from the sound of gun shots and a cry of 'TEME!', playing a video game. The girls sighed and shook their heads as they marched up the stairs, the same thought running through their heads.

Boys will be boys.

Cause there's so many fine women
That my head is spinnin'
And I've lost all feelin'
Everybody's singin'
Like, hey na na na hey-hey na na na na
Hey na na na hey-hey na na na na

'Cause there's so many fine women
That my head is spinnin'
And I'm seeing double vision
Everybody's singin'
Like, hey na na na hey-hey na na na na
Hey na na na hey-hey na na na na

Hinata giggled as Naruto sang along to the radio. Surprisingly, his voice wasn't that bad. The young Hyuuga heiress looked around her to see her other friends. It still hasn't fully settled in her mind that the boys had rented a Mercedes Benz Vito. Heck, she didn't even know there was such thing as a 9-seater.

But there was. And it was rather comfortable. Neji was driving; being the designated driver since all he ever does at parties was drink two or three shots and act like the babysitter. Next to him were Tenten and herself.

Behind the three, Sasuke, Naruto and Shikamaru seated comfortably. And behind them were Sakura, Ino and Temari, who had started singing along with Naruto.

(For those who don't get it:

Neji – Tenten – Hinata

Sasuke – Naruto – Shikamaru

Sakura – Ino – Temari)

I see no vitals on your E-K-G
Dead on the dance floor
We only
Clap because we need more
3OH! 3 blowin' out your speakers
(HEY! )
Blowin' out your speakers

Not long after, Tenten joined in, so it was Naruto, Sakura, Ino, Temari and Tenten, singing like they had no care in the world. The pale eyed teen didn't participate; she didn't have enough guts to do that. But maybe someday she will. Instead she smiled brightly at the blurred trees outside the closed window.

Kiba Inuzuka loved parties, clubbing, girls, and everything that fits into that category. It's safe to say that he was your average rich, snobby, hormonal, teenage boy. In Konoha High, he was known for the epic parties he hosted throughout the year. To get an invitation, which usually came by text or by word of mouth, was not easy. You have to be at the top of the food chain in KH. One of the populars.

Kiba was delighted when his good friends said that they would come, even though he already knew they will. He was even more delighted when Naruto told him that the whole group-including the hot new girl-was coming. Sasuke and Naruto were his VVIPs, and so that made anyone else in their gang an important guest as well.

It did surprise the dog lover that all eight of them, plus the pink haired chick, were coming. It was usually only Sasuke, Naruto, Ino and Temari. But there they were, at the entrance of the private beach he booked for two days.

Kiba smirked. Excusing himself from the conversation he was having with two tanned bikini clad girls, he weaved through the crowd of sexually deprived teenagers.

"Hey guys! So glad you could make it. And all of you too!" he exclaimed when they were in earshot and had their attention on him.

He bumped fists with Naruto and Sasuke, gave Ino and Temari a peck on the cheek and smiled at the rest before turning to the new girl.

"Hello there. We haven't met officially yet, have we? Kiba Inuzuka," he drawled in the flirtatious tone he used when meeting women (particularly the attractive, high class ones). The girl before him smiled politely and shook hands with him as a sign of greeting before speaking in a somewhat similar tone. "I suppose we haven't. Sakura Haruno."

"Kiba, darling. Who else have you invited?" asked Ino casually as she peered over the sea of people.

Kiba, having dated Ino the previous summer for a few weeks, caught the hidden question almost immediately. "He's with the Kurosawa twins (A/N: Remember them?).DJ booth." The teen smiled gratefully and sauntered off after giving a giddy "Adios, mi amigos."

They watched as Ino disappear from their line of sight. By now, only Sakura and himself were at the entrance, the rest probably at the bar for a few drinks. Kiba raised his hand and snapped is fingers twice and seemingly out of nowhere, a waiter carrying a tray full of drinks appear. "Thirsty?"

Green orbs, framed by mascara and glittery eyeshadow, scanned the full glasses.

"We have Long Beach Iced Tea, Sex on the Beach, Sea Breeze….."

"Looks like everything's in theme," she commented with raised eyebrow.

The brunette chuckled. "Yeah, well. Only the ones the waiters are carrying around. You can get anything else from the bars," he said, taking a Pina Colada for himself.

Sakura giggled and picked up a glass herself. Sea Breeze, one of her favourites. Almost immediately, the waiter went off. Kiba turned to the pinkette.

"So. Tell me more about yourself."

From back when she was merely a child, Sakura only had a vague image of her father's mother. Though it has almost been a decade since her death, Mai's bedtime stories were still fresh in Sakura's mind.

Her grandmother had had quite an imagination. Had she not chosen to be a designer, Sakura had no doubt that she would've been a fantastic author. Instead of the classics, Mai had opted to tell her granddaughter what she had written herself in the days of her youth.

Other than the dragons and the princesses and the vampires, Sakura could recall tales of past Harunos. On the days mommy and daddy were out, Grandma, ever the proud Haruno, would talk about green eyes and red hair and successful careers and how she knew Sakura had a bright future ahead. Another thing that Grandma Mai said was that a Haruno's memory could be trusted. Then, like everything else she heard about her ancestors, Sakura believed her. But now, she was in doubt.

Maybe it was the amount of alcohol she had consumed or maybe she was having a flashback of some sort, but as she and Kiba passed by the DJ booth, Katsuo, who was grinding to the music with Ino, looked extremely familiar.

Her mind showed her flashing neon lights, pounding music, a sea of music and a guy her age thrusting his hand out to her. Déjà vu…


The pinkette snapped out of her reverie and flashed Kiba a reassuring smile. In more ways than one, he was a lot like Naruto, she thought.

"I have to go, kay? I'll see around. Ciao." That said, the brunette went off in the direction of the entrance. Guests, she supposed.


As she walked back to the bar, Sakura thought about Katsuo. Before then, he was just another guy in school. But now, she furiously racked her memory for a face. The similar atmosphere had triggered her little flashback. Something told her it was kinda important. And now Katsuo wasn't just Ino's new boy anymore.


Sakura snapped her head up and met obsidian eyes. She inwardly thanked Sasuke for stopping the oncoming headache she was sure to get.


"Not gonna dance?" he asked casually as he ordered himself a beer.

"Just wanted to think for a while. One strawberry daiquiri, please."


The Haruno heiress rolled her eyes at the typical Sasuke answer but smiled graciously when the bartender handed her drink. The pair sipped their drinks in a comfortable silence. A few moments later, Sasuke spoke up.

"Well, Miss Haruno. If you're not too busy, dance with me."

Sakura managed to hide her shock as her eyes studied his flawless facial features, his drool-worthy smirk and, of course, his endless (and totally drool-worthy) eyes, which now had a mischievous and seductive glint in them. She smirked and played along.

"Well. I don't know…I'm quite a busy woman." She got off the high-stool and wrapped her slender arms around his neck. "But…Since you asked so nicely, sure."

A few minutes later, Sakura found herself on the dance floor, Sasuke's chest to her back, the plaid shirt she'd been wearing as a cover-up gone (no idea how that happened) and her vision the littlest bit blurry (she must've had more drinks than she thought).

The pinkette shivered as Sasuke's long fingers traced the dark cherry blossom flower on her lower left stomach, a little above the waistband of her shorts.

"Nice tattoo. That why you late for lunch?" he murmured into her ear. She hummed in response.
Sakura felt his chest vibrate as he chuckled lowly. The green-eyed teen just leaned more into Sasuke when his arms firmly wrapped around her waist and let herself drown into the pounding music and the noise that was Kiba's party.

The sun was slowly beginning to sink into the horizon as the day came to an end. However, Kiba's beach party was far from its ending.

Tenten felt the daybed she was sitting on sink on both sides of her. The brunette opened her eyes and saw that those two were Ino and Sakura, both now only clad in bikinis. She herself had yet to take off the sheer sweater dress she wore above her monokini.

"Alright, you guys! It's time for karaoke. Any volunteers?" asked the DJ from his place by the stage. An olive-skinned dirty blonde donning an orange one piece went up on stage and sang a slurred and pitchy version of 'Toxic'.

It wasn't all that bad, really, thought Tenten, considering she was totally smashed. From the corner of her eye, she saw Ino and Sakura exchange sly looks. Uh-oh…

The blonde bombshell on her left got up and Tenten saw her weaving through the crowd to the DJ, where she could see Temari too. Not good…

As the girl on stage – Rin, she slowly recalled – sang the last lines (disastrously), Ino and Temari turned and walked towards where she and Sakura were seated comfortably with smirks on their faces. Really not good…

Note to self, NOTE TO SELF, maim the girls(except Hinata cuz she's a fellow victim).

Those were the only thoughts rushing through her head as she stood on stage. Tenten repressed a groan when she heard a deep voice along with the first few notes blast throughout the whole party.

"ALRIGHT PARTY PEOPLE! This is for all you ladies out there. SING ALONG!" shouted Ino into the microphone. The crowd erupted in applause and wolf whistles and cat calls as Temari sang the first verse.

I know a place

Where the grass is really greener

Warm, wet and wild

There must be something in the water

Temari joined her, Sakura and Hinata while Ino went up to the front and sang out her part.

Sippin' gin and juice
Laying underneath the palm trees
The boys break their necks
Tryin' to creep a little sneak peek
(At us)

Hinata, looking a little pale, was next to sing. Surprisingly, her voice was confident, not soft like she expected it to be. But then Tenten saw how her eyes looked slightly unfocused and her cheeks were flush. Ah…Temari spiked her drink. Poor girl.

You could travel the world
But nothing comes close to the Golden Coast
Once you party with us
You'll be falling in love
(Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

The words flew from her mouth as she sang the chorus with her friends. Slowly, as the audience began to sing along, Tenten started to enjoy the spotlight.

California gurls, we're unforgettable
Daisy dukes, bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin, so hot, we'll melt your popsicle
(Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh)
(Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
California gurls, we're undeniable
Fine, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock
West Coast represent, now put your hands up
(Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh)
(Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

Sakura went to the front and did her solo, practically oozing confidence.

Sex on the beach
We don't mind sand in our stilettos
We freak, in my jeep
Snoop Doggy Dog on the stereo

Tenten felt a little nervous, it being her first time singing on stage in front of people. As Sakura winked to the DJ, signaling her turn, she gave herself a little pep talk. Suck it up, Tenten. These people won't even remember it tomorrow…But he will.

Tenten strutted to the front of the stage with more confidence than she thought she had. And she sang. Too late now.

You could travel the world
But nothing comes close to the Golden Coast
Once you party with us
You'll be falling in love
(Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

A grin broke out on her face as her friends joined her once again. That was kinda fun…

California gurls, we're unforgettable
Daisy dukes, bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin, so hot, we'll melt your popsicle
(Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh)
(Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

California gurls, we're undeniable

Fine, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock

West Coast represent, now put your hands up
(Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh)
(Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

The wild crowd got even wilder as Kiba got himself a microphone and started rapping.

Tone tanned, fit and ready,
turn it up 'cause it's getting heavy!
Wild, wild, west coast,
these are the girls I love the most!
I mean the ones,
I mean, like, she's the one,
kiss her, touch her, squeeze her buns!

The girl's a freak,
she drives a jeep and lives on the beach,
I'm okay, I won't play,
I love the bay, just like I love L. A.,
Venice Beach and Palm Springs,
summer time is everything!

Home boys hanging out,
all this ass hanging out!
Bikinis, tankinis, martinis, no weenies,
Just a king and a queen,
Katy, my lady, (Yeah)
You looking here baby (uh, huh)!
I'm all up on you,
'Cause you representing California (oh yeah)!

California gurls, we're unforgettable
Daisy dukes, bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin, so hot, we'll melt your popsicle
(Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh)
(Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
California gurls, we're undeniable
Fine, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock
West Coast represent, now put your hands up
(Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh)
(Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

She could've gone deaf with all the applause. Tenten's face felt like it was bursting. That was how big her grin was. Sakura grabbed her right arm and dragged her to the middle of the stage for a bow. And the partiers got louder. Even when they started spraying everything with who knows what, getting her wet, the smile didn't waver. At that moment, Tenten thought to herself, I should come to these events more often.

The brunette laughed with the others on stage.

Neji sighed. He never really liked to go to Kiba's parties. Mainly because there's a lot of booze around so if he ever chose to go, he'd be stuck as the designated driver. The dark trees were a blur as the Mercedes cruised through the highway. At a traffic light, Neji peered into the rear-view mirror.

Everyone was asleep. It'd be a surprise of they weren't, it being almost 2 in the morning. He himself was feeling a little drowsy. When he saw the gates to Sakura's neighborhood, Neji let out a relieved sigh. Only ten more minutes to go.

As he unlocked the wrought-iron gates of the Haruno mansion with the key Sakura had given him earlier, a thought crossed his mind. How the hell am I supposed to get everyone inside?

A low groan escaped his throat.

Damn it!

Groans and the sounds of retching accompanied the foul smell of puke were trending the whole morning in the Haruno mansion. The teens were suffering hangovers and the aftermaths of Kiba's party, which were never pleasant.

"I will never have another drink ever again," stated Naruto.

"You always say that," deadpanned Neji, the only one not throwing up or having a massive headache.

'Fine then. I'll never have another drink for long time."

"That too."

"Urgh! I'm not talking to you."

"Fine with me."

"Shut up dumbasses," snapped Sasuke, who was among the ones who felt less hangover-ish.

"Don't tell me what to do teme."

Said teen effortlessly dodged the pathetically thrown remote, whch landed on the mable floor with a loud 'thunk'.

"What was that?" asked Sakura's voice from the kitchen.

"Nothing," Naruto replied a little too quickly.

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