Ryoma thought Kaidoh-senpai was extremely cute. Especially when he blushed.

Ryoma also thought it was cute when Kaidoh-senpai was around his senpai-tachi, always formal and always respectful.

Ryoma also thought that it was cute when Kaidoh-senpai would look longingly at animals... but then pretended not to be affected.

Ryoma also thought it was weird that he found his senpai cute. Wasn't it supposed to be the other way around? The older students should find the younger ones cute, no? After all you see so many girls 'kya kyaing' over babies and junior school kids all the time. Ryoma didn't care however, if he found Kaidoh -senpai cute then so be it.

Or so he thought.

It turns out that Kaidoh's 'cuteness' and the feelings residing in him was causing some discomfort, whenever he found Kaidoh-senpai being cute all he wants to do is to hug him tightly and yell, like some girl. Che, so uncool.

As the days turns to weeks and weeks turn into months, Ryoma found that Kaidoh-senpai had reached a new level of feeling within him, and that was sensuality. You see, Kaidoh-senpai had very very sensual lips and an extremely sensual voice, the deep gravely nature of it. It was almost too much for poor Ryoma to bare when Kaido-senpai would hiss jutting out his god-given lips. It just sends shivers down Ryoma's spine.

Ryoma was not stupid, he knew what it meant when he dreamed of Kaidoh-senpai shirtless glistening with water hissing and smirking- amongst other things. He figured he was just at that age, however as time went by he realised that whenever he, ah, interacted with Kaidoh-senpai he was the driving dominant member of the relationship and that was alright by him. Just thinking about it lighted up something in him.

This would have been all alright if only he hadn't had the increasing the urge to do something about it. Ryoma had no idea what to do about that particular urge. It was not as if he could just march up to Kaidoh-senpai and claim him as his, not even if Kaidoh-senpai's stance was a little too close to Inui's for Ryoma's liking.

For weeks it had plagued Ryoma as to how to approach Kaidoh-senpai and to accepted by him. Fortunatley the opportunity presented itself when Kaidoh-senpai was outside his house running and Karupin had landed on him after being thrown by his stupid old man. It's not Karupin's fault he was too curious about his father's fingers; it was his father's fault for incessantly drumming his them against the floor whilst reading his newspaper on the floor.

Anyways, after a tumble his father 'accidentally' threw Karupin over the walls barricading the entire house. Ryoma had heard a distinct 'oof' from the otherside and thought nothing of it until he walked outside only to see Kaidoh-senpai looking at Karupin who was on his chest whilst Kaidoh-senpai was on his back.

Kaidoh was also patting Karupin gently, which made Ryoma smile. As Kaidoh-senpai got up; still holding Karupin to him, he noticed him.

"Echizen...pshhhh." Kaidoh said gruffly holding out his cat, begrudgingly, still pretending not to care.

It was just so adorable and sensual at the same time that Ryoma pulled Kaidoh-senpai down by his shoulders and kissed him.

In shock, it would seem, Kaidoh had dropped Karupin and after Ryoma brief kiss began to splutter and stutter and accompanying that was a deep blush.

"Wh-what are you d-doing, b-brat!"

Ryoma smirked. "So cute."