Infernal annoyance

Tessa looked out over the skyline of London, towers of billowing grey smoke polluting the air. As she enjoyed, or rather despised the view from her bedroom. She sat back into her chair, which was positioned conveniently near the large stained glass of her window. She sighed and looked up to further open the curtains as she realised that either the sun had gone away or that someone rather tall was casting a shadow on her page. She realized that unfortunately, it was the latter.

"Ah, Tess" said an all too familiar voice, it took all her willpower and most of her pride not to look up at the especially handsome face leering down at her.

Will, without warning reached his dark blue linen covered arm forwards and flicked her page; Tess gritted her teeth and refused to budge;

"The good bit is on this page, not the one you were reading"

He pointed out for her casually.

"Why, thank you Mr. Herondale" Tessa said with mock politeness and subtly shifted her body away from his arm.

"Back to formalities, are we? Miss Grey" he said, putting a smooth emphasis on her name.

Then Will, the nerve of him, seated himself down on Tessa's lap.

"You know my dear, pretty ladies are always sitting themselves down on me, I think it's time I turned the tables, don't you?"

Tessa eyes widened, she was sure that proper gentlemen didn't behave like this!

And she was also sure that if it had been Jessamine he had seated himself down on, she would have had put her umbrella to good use.

And just at that moment, she conveniently noticed a silver strand of Jem's hair, clinging feebly to the edge of the book (much like Jem was to life she noted painfully) and she pressed her finger against the page of the book so it attached too her finger and closed her eyes.

"You know, you do make a delightful cushion!" Will voice resounded distantly as she was plunged to the mind of Jem, she twirled through his thoughts, images of his parents, the demon that tortured him, his beloved music and countless memories of Will which she found, were bound tightly to his mind.

As she finally pushed her way through his mind, she came to full consciousness again and was met (quite delightfully), by Will turning towards her, then jumping promptly away with fright.

"Forgot I could do that, did you?" she half challenged, half asked in Jem's boyish voice.

But the shock on Will's face turned to contempt as the distinct elegant footsteps of Jem was heard walking towards the direction of her door.

"That I could do what?" said Jem, looking completely unfazed at the perfect mirror image of himself.

"Hello Jem" he said, rather wittily. Will rolled his eyes,

"She's at it again! You do know it's her right?" he said.

"Ah, yes I do, but do change back Tessa, I'd much rather see your face than mine!"

Jem lips stretched into a smile then morphed back into Tessa's before Will could blink his eyes.

"Jem!" said Tessa, getting up out of her chair to give him a hug, and breathed in as his arms reached around her; it was the usual scent, soap, blood and the edge of metal and poison that she tasted at the back of her throat, she could even see the traces of silvery powder that mixed into the black of his suit.

"Now, that's the kind of reception I would have liked" said Will rather bitterly.