Infernal ability

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Charlotte's p.o.v

Charlotte Branwell was most certainly a busy woman but not busy enough to not notice when someone was upset, the very person in the Institute that caused Charlotte the most grief was leaning against the peeling plaster walls looking completely beside himself with his head against his arm, and making a noise that sounded suspiciously like sobbing.

"William Herondale, you are almost a man! Seventeen! So begin to behave like one," the boy didn't turn around, didn't cease the quiet sobs that were being so masterfully muffled by the thick material of his jacket arm.

Charlotte waited, she had learned over the years that patience was a virtue in raising children, even children that were more that half your age.

But still the boy didn't turn, so she took pity on him and put a consoling arm around his broad shoulders and waited, like she did when he was little long ago.

But when the sun became low in the sky and he ceased to turn around, Charlotte gave him one last pat on the back and walked purposefully away, he would come around eventually; Will Herondale always did.

Jem's p.o.v

Jem woke up, the orange glow of the afternoon casting a pleasant light over the room; he rubbed his eyes then looked around for a shirt.

He got up, and pulled the loose linen shirt over his head; if Tessa could have seen him now she would have surely been wondering what he was doing half-asleep, doing nothing to come and rescue her.

But Jem had it all worked out, he was to come and get Tessa in the middle of the night along with Will; it made sense that way, for most downworlder's visited that filthy old haunt during the night and the two boys would blend in easily, just seeming like any other old downworlder's going about their usual shady business.

He reached down to the foot of his bed and grabbed his pair of long leather boots which he secured around his calf with two harsh silver buckles, which were in no way, ever to be mistaken for silver, especially by a demon.

Jem stood up and turned to look out the window, he judged that sunset was a mere hour away, one little hour closer to getting Tessa back.

A strong breeze blew through the wide, tall corridors of the Institute and the door to Jem's bedroom opened eerily before he could even touch a pale hand to it, he shut the door gently behind him and made his way down to the weapons room; Church paced suspiciously around his feet as he pushed open the great mahogany doors of the weapons room, they closed with a loud bang as the wind picked up through the corridor seeming to wind it's invisible tendril like fingers through every room in the Institute.

Jem shivered, feeling like it was a foreboding warning of what was to happen, he wondered if it was considered foolish, two highly experienced but very young Shadowhunter's going off to rescue the girl that….that… he couldn't exactly put the feeling to words now that he thought about it and he really couldn't ever put a description to what Will was feeling for Tessa even after knowing him all these years; there was always something hidden and dark about the boy no matter how close you got to him.

Jem stopped his pointless contemplating as his skimming hand came to a stop on the wall as he found his weapon of choice, an elegant seraph blade that went by the name of Sanvi, the thin sharp edge of the blade both beautiful and menacing in the dim light.

Church meowed curiously up at him, his fluffy body brushing up against his leg and leaving some behind.

But the silver haired boy didn't respond as he stepped gently over the cat, slipping soundlessly out the doors, not looking back.

Tessa's p.o.v

She could hear the distinct sound of the large metal bolts on her door being slid open, Tessa sat up and frowned; Mr. Lore usually only delivered her meals once a day at a particular time, and the way that the sun was filtering through the metal grate and casting a shadow on the ground, told her that it was much past midday.

The door gave a satisfied groan as if it were stretching its sore muscles after a long day of being made to stand in the same spot.

As the door opened fully, vast amounts of light poured through the rectangular shaped hole that it left behind.

Tessa shrank away from the light, subtly shifting to the darkest corner of her bed, there was a crawling feeling down her back and up her neck, but she just put It to the large (and expanding) family of bed bugs and lice that lived between the sheets.

Her suspicious gaze trained on the door switched to Mr. Lore as the filthy man came in, his greedy hands stealing the air as he clenched and unclenched them hungrily at his sides. "Ah Tessa, Tessa," he whispered, walking casually towards her, his words catching at the "s" in her name through the gaps in his small teeth.

Tessa pressed herself hard against the wall, breathing shallowly through her mouth as he came closer and she caught a breath of his putrefying breath,

"Please, please," she thought, as two oversized, human looking creatures came through the door, their arms reaching out to her, the lumpy oozing flesh crisscrossed with strange raised marks that looked similar to the ones she had seen Will draw with his pointed silver pencil.

She turned her face into the wall, sobbing silently wishing that she could just fall through the wall, she didn't care where she landed, as long as it was far away from this godforsaken place!

Forsaken! Was the last thing she thought (remembering the last thing Jem had said to her) as she stared into the blank eyes of the two giants reaching out for her.

Before she fell through the wall.

She felt as if she had been slapped, as a freezing breeze rushed into her from both sides before she landed in the middle of an old stone structure with no roof and only three walls, the missing one looked like it had been removed with great force, only leaving behind a small chunk with great fracture lines running through it.

Tessa stood up, feeling rather dazed. She surveyed her surroundings; all she could see for ages was dark woods, mostly made up of tall foreboding pines, but the thing that caught her eye was the remaining wallpaper pattern that had been left behind on the three walled house. The curling Victorian patterning was highly distinctive and Tessa had seen it everyday for the last weeks or so, it was the exact same paper that covered the damp walls of her underground room!

Could she have really wished her way through the wall in the Devil's Tavern back to the spot where the wall had once stood? Was this like the ability she had with people's clothing, but instead with objects?

All of a sudden Tessa could barely think and a soft daze came over her, her knees buckled and she fell into a slump against the wall.