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Author's Note: I discovered Bones this summer and between DVDs , iTunes and Hulu, I have seen every episode. I then spend the rest of the hiatus reading fanfic to wait for the premier. This story popped into my head, and must be written. It takes place a few months before the original pilot, hopefully there will be some unsuspected twists. As much as I loved the 100th episode, it has no place in my story. I hope that you enjoy.

If I Needed Someone

Chapter 1: I am the Walrus

July 18, 2005 2:32 PM Hoover Building

Special Agent Seeley Booth was feeling very confident today. He had just finished moving into an office, being promoted out of the cubicles the previous week. He had solved a fairly high profile case in May, and had impressed his superiors with his skills. "My mad skills." Booth thought to himself. When his supervisor had requested a transfer to New York to be with her family, Booth had been offered the job. More field work (which did mean more paperwork), but less assigned grunt work, a little more prestige and little more money were all benefits of the new gig. "Yes, today is going to be a great day," Booth thought to himself as he tossed himself his lucky poker chip while simultaneously relaxing in his new desk chair. It was a crappy chair, but it was his, in his own office, his back could take it. He hoped. Booth's new phone rang; he was being summoned, already. He had been rather surprised when he was told to report to Deputy Director Cullen's office immediately. Booth wasn't sure what he had done to screw up in the half a day that he had been a Special Agent, but he wasn't looking forward to finding out. As Booth made his way out of his office, his only thought was, "So much for my great day."

However, Deputy Director Cullen greeted Booth warmly, extending his hand and offering congratulations on Booth's promotion. After the formalities were completed Booth took a seat across the desk from the Deputy Director and waited for the ball to drop.

"Booth, Saturday morning remains were found in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. The body is badly decomposed, there are signs of foul play and it was found on federal land, so it's our jurisdiction. I'm assigning you to the case, but there is a catch. You're going to need help on this one so you will have to contact our consultant at the Jeffersonian. Her name is Dr. Temperance Brennan."

Booth groaned. He had heard of her around the water cooler. No one wanted to work with her. She had made a 250 pound agent cry once. At least that was the rumor. She made grown men quake in their boots and she didn't apologize for it.

"Do we really need her? I hear that she is a bit difficult to work with. And I am not really the partnering up kind of guy. I mean I solved the O'Hara case pretty much single-handed. I can do it again."

"Yes, I know that she can be a bit… we'll go with prickly, but I've seen the photos. You are going to want her. And we'll just move on to another agent next time, it always seems to go that way. You're the new guy, you're up. Do you want the case or not?"

"Yes, sir. I'll look over the files and go to the Jeffersonian later today. Thank you for the case." Booth recognized that he had been dismissed, excused himself and headed back to his new office, the case file in hand. He was preoccupied by the materials and didn't notice the two agents outside of Cullen's office.

"How long do you think he'll last with her, a day, a week?" The first agent asked the second.

"The new Golden Boy? Ha, it'll be his luck, she'll fall madly in love with him and she'll never leave him alone." The second agent responded with sarcasm.

"Five bucks he's handing the case off to another agent first thing tomorrow."

"Twenty says they'll be making out in his new office in no time."

"Dude, you are cracked. Come on, let's see if anyone else wants in on the pool. Smith still owes me fifty from when I said that she could make Johnston cry."

"Yeah, I still don't know how you saw that one coming. The guy could have played for the NFL." Both agents chuckled as they went to round up the bets.