Summary: Five girls, each brutally murdered all by the same notorious killer, the Police are all on the hunt for this killer, but just who is it? Several people related to Total Drama and suspects but who is the killer?

Disclaimer: I don't own Total Drama. That's it!

A note: My first Total Drama story that's kind of original and doesn't involve script from the actual show in it, go me! Anyway, this story will be pretty violet, but I don't want to bump it up to a 'M' because I learnt about this subject at school when I was like ten, so you can all survive too.

This story will be based off the Victorian Serial Killer, 'Jack the Ripper' with its events based on Total Drama characters, I recently went to a London attraction called 'The London Dungeons' and took an interest to the way they told the 'Jack the Ripper' story, so, here we go, the very first chapter of Ripper and be warned, it will be gruesome.

Chapter 1: The First Victim.

Trent Druitt was sitting in his warm home on a rainy Monday night; he was watching TV and sitting in front of the heater to keep warm. His eyes kept slowly darting to the clock in the living room, it was getting close to 1 in the morning and still no sign of his other half.

Trent leant forward and started nervously biting his finger nail on his index finger; this was just another night for him which was slowly leading him down the path of insanity, another night where he could hear the clock's hand ticking slowly by making the loudest noise he had ever heard in his life.

His eyes were drooping, he was tired but still he refused to sleep, not until answers were given to him.

The TV was on a very low volume, just loud enough so that Trent could hear the few words that were spoken, and a small melody that kept playing and was circling his head like a hawk.

He leant back again and rested his head against the rest behind him and shivered slightly, the cold October night was now getting to him and the heater that lay close by just didn't seem to be generating enough heat to keep him warm.

After aimlessly flicking through the TV channels trying to find something to take his mind of the thoughts that were running through his head for the fifth time tonight, something finally caught his eye.

It was one of those TV channels that just show repeats 24/7 but what caught his eye was the programme that was on…the Total Drama series, the same series that put him together with this other half, Gwen.

However, this wasn't one of the episodes where they were happy and pretty much together, this was during the last season they were in, well she was in since he didn't compete in this one. However a certain person did, Duncan. And this just so happened to be the episode where they confirmed their fling to be something more that just that.

He winced when he saw Gwen and Duncan in Area 51 leaning in towards each other and kissing, it was so relaxed and natural it started to make Trent wonder why she was still with him.

A quick movement was made as Trent got up and turned the TV off as fast as he could, before it drove him mad. He stood up and looked at a self on the wall, it was filled with photos of Gwen and Trent, smiling looking happy, it was all fake.

He wasn't sure, but right now, the smiles that Gwen had on all of these photos looked fake, he picked one up that was of them when they just got back together after the show ended, it was the too of them in what looked like a hospital and then the memories came flooding back to him.

It was after the third season ended and they had gotten away from the Hawaiian volcano exploding with injuries, only a broken arm or burnt leg here or there, but thankfully it was nothing too major, it showed Gwen sitting up in a hospital bed with a few bandages wrapped around her arms and Trent sitting next to her with his arms around her, she had both her hands rested on his thigh and they were both smiling.

He remembered now, they were all having a joke in the hospital about what had happened, everyone had gotten out ok with the exception of Alejandro and Heather, they were however slowly on the road to recovery, Geoff had thought what a laugh this was so he whipped out his camera and took photos of everyone around him.

Trent smiled, maybe this one wasn't a fake smile, but the rest, ones of them at dinner, at a party…they were fake, in everyone he remained the same, but her smile was dimmed…like her love for him.

Trent was slowly brought out of his thoughts when he heard his front door opening, he spun around as he heard the sound of the door closing and he saw his girlfriend Gwen Nichols walking in with a coat and a scarf wrapped around her neck, she looked up at Trent and smiled as she pulled the scarf off.

"You know you don't have to wait up for me whenever I go out right?" Gwen said softly as she walked over to him to kiss him, Trent jerked away letting her catch his cheek; she was taken aback and looked at him a little surprised.

"Hey! What's your damage?" She asked.

"Nothing" He mumbled quietly, "Well, now your home I think I might go to bed".

Trent was about to leave when Gwen grabbed hold of his hand, "No, you're not going up until you tell me what's wrong with you" Gwen said, her voice sounding serious.

"It's nothing".

"Well it's obviously something" Gwen said, "What is it?"

Trent looked at her, this was going to come out sooner or later, he opened his mouth to speak when Gwen's eyes widened, "No…it's not…Trent" She sighed.

"Sorry" He mumbled.

Gwen let go of his hand and sighed again with her head in her hands, "Come on, Trent! Duncan and I are just friends, nothing more nothing less, yes we did have something years ago, but that's over now, so what if we go out every now and then for a drink?"

"So what? It's the fact you're seeing him more than you're seeing me!" Trent snapped.

"Is that why you're like this?" Gwen asked quietly, "Because you're jealous?"

"Yes of course I'm jealous!" Trent said turning to her, "I leave for work early and then by the time I get back you're at work, and as soon as you come in we barely say two words to each other before you're off out again, most of the time with him!"

"He has a name!" Gwen snapped, "I can't believe you're being like this, you know my feelings for you, you always have".

"Yeah well…lately it doesn't feel like it" Trent said, "Gwen be honest with me, do you like him?"

Gwen's eyes widened and she flinched slightly, "Yes Trent, I like him, I like him a lot in fact I think I might love him, that's why I'm here, living with you and have done for a good year, I like him so much so I broke up with him after that stupid show has ended!" She snapped sarcastically.

"Ok, ok!" Trent said making her stop, "No need to go sarcastic on me, I just wanted to make sure".

"You need to get yourself sorted" Gwen hissed, "You need to get the fact that I chose you rather than him into your head! He's married Trent! Do you think I'd be that low to date someone that was married and happily at that?"

"I don't know it didn't stop you on the show?" Trent said, after that was said he froze, he had regretted saying that, since that would make the story unfold into a horror.

Gwen stepped back, her hand flinching slightly, "Excuse me?" She whispered, "Did you just say what I think you did?"

Trent blinked, "No…Gwen I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that…It's just…I love you Gwen, you know I do-."

"Of Course" Gwen interrupted, "You love me, that's why you're acting like this, why you can't let me have a life outside of these walls, yeah that's love to me".

"Not like that" He said, "I love you I just want you to watch out for yourself?"

"So now you think I'm stupid?" Gwen said.

Trent bit his tongue, everything that seemed to come out of his mouth only seemed to insult her further, he looked down at the floor and then back into Gwen's dark eyes, she looked furious and ready to kill.

"Gwen no-."

"No, I get it Trent" She said grabbing her scarf back off the armchair, "I'll see you later" She said walking towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Trent asked angrily.

"Back out".

"You're not going to see him again are you?" He called to her.

"Maybe, It has been a good few hours since I've seen Duncan and had my nightly affair with him, time to go back out" She snapped sarcastically.

Before another word was said the door slammed loudly, Trent froze, had she just stormed out on him? He blinked several times and tried to fight back the tears that were brimming in his eyes, he wasn't going to cry over this, he was very sure that this would all blow over in the morning, he just had to go to sleep to calm down, and Gwen had to calm down too…everything was going to turn out fine.

Gwen stormed back down the road towards where she had met Duncan for a drink; it was something they did once every week, a drink to chat about their lives and just to generally keep in touch with one another.

Another reason why they used to meet up was to get away from their other halves, although Gwen did love Trent he was very needy, and if Gwen didn't spend as much time at home as she could he would have something to say about it, hence why the two blew up at each other tonight.

Duncan had been in the same boat recently, he and Courtney had recently gotten engaged and the stress of the wedding had both of them irritable at each other, especially Courtney with Duncan, her job also had her railed up, she was a police detective and as soon as she got home she would be sitting on their couch with a huge wedding book debating whether tulips or lilies would be better flowers, all Duncan wanted was to cuddle up with his wife to be and be a little intimate with her, but if he got within touching distance of her she would be shouting at him.

That was the reason why Gwen and Duncan had been meeting up with each other just to keep Duncan from going slightly insane and to keep one an other from kill each other, a cold pint of beer seemed to keep Duncan mellow headed and listening to Gwen's calming words also seemed to have a good effect on him.

Duncan and Courtney had once gotten into such a big fight with one another that Duncan left for the night, he ended up sleeping on Gwen's couch, thankfully Trent was away visiting his parents that night so to this day he didn't know a thing about this, Gwen couldn't go with him that night because of work so when she got the call from Duncan asking if she had a place to stay she was going to let him in, Courtney had rung him the next morning begging for him to come back and she was sorry, immediately Duncan ran across the city to be back with his girl.

Because of this they met up a week later, and Duncan said that if Gwen ever needed a place to stay he would offer his home for her, despite Courtney disagreeing with this she didn't care, she pulled out her phone and checked the time, it was nearing half 2 in the morning, surely he would be home by now so she dialled his number and waited.

He however didn't answer so Gwen had to leave a message; she listened to the dial tone and waited for his answer message to end.

'Hey it's Duncan, you know what to do'.

The beep came and Gwen took a deep breath, "Hey Duncan, its Gwen. Look me and Trent had a little fight and well…I'm walking around the streets now…you said about staying at yours if I ever needed to and well…I need to…God I hope you're in, I'm walking to yours now so I'll probably see you soon".

Gwen hung up and headed towards Duncan's home, she passed several darkened streets but didn't think much of them, she didn't have to, she had passed the streets several times at the dead of night and nothing had ever happened.

She strode passed a road in particular and angrily hissed at her phone when she checked it and saw that Duncan hadn't yet rung her back, it had distracted someone down that road and they walked out and started to walk in the same path as Gwen.

She didn't take too much notice to this, she knew how to take care of herself and good luck to the guy that would try and attack her, she had watched several horror films and knew how to deal with these kind of things.

She slowly looked over her shoulder, she couldn't see his face, all she could see was someone in a black hoodie with the hood over its face, Gwen couldn't even tell if it was a guy or a girl, she carried on walking until she came to a crossroad, she paused slightly trying to remember which way it was to Duncan's when…

The figure behind he grabbed her from behind and covered up Gwen's mouth to stop her from screaming out loud, Gwen panicked slightly and she tried to break free by attempting to swing her leg back and kick the person that had her captured.

It didn't work, instead it got the figure angry and it pushed Gwen down to the floor, she tried to crawl away screaming in fear but it was too late, the figure grabbed her foot making her scream again and stopping her from moving and he pulled her back close to him, Gwen was staring up into the face of the figure and she froze.

Before she could say or make another move, a horrible pain took over her body, she her eyes glazed over and she could just about make out what was in front of her, the figure had plunged what looked like a knife into her neck, her mind was going hazy and her sight was slowly fading.

The pain increased as the figure started to drag the knife, still embedded in Gwen's neck slowly across the rest of her throat, cutting as it went, Gwen's head hung back in a horrible way and it looked close to snapping off her body.

The figure couldn't tell but Gwen was either out cold or dead, to make sure it dropped her body to the floor and bent over it, it pulled the knife out of her neck and plunged it into her abdomen, it dragged the knife down her stomach and towards her lower stomach, the knife was so deep inside it cut arteries and skin tissue badly, blood was pumping out all over the place and onto the cold street.

It then left, fled into the dark night as far as it could get from her body, leaving Gwen who was still hanging on for dear life, to die.

She couldn't breath; the figure had made clear sure that her throat had been severely severed beyond repair, her eyes were closed and she could see one thing in front of her eyes, Trent.

'I love you' she tried to whispered, but nothing came out of her mouth, 'I love you…Trent'.

Into the early hours of the morning, calls had been placed to inspect the streets, screams could be heard down a road and locals were concerned, the local police had been informed and had sent someone down there to look.

Courtney Eddows had been sent out of duty; normally her life as a police detective and officer was fairly boring this time of night, nothing major happened, just a drunken punch up here and there but nothing exciting, so as soon as she received the distress call she headed straight out with the police 'Dog' they had.

The 'Dog' wasn't actually a dog, it was in fact Ezekiel, ever since the incidents he was put through on World Tour he was completely transformed into some sort of beast, no one really knew what to do with him, he was now an animal not a human, no hospital wanted to help him and the only option vets had suggested was to put him down, Courtney had just started out in the police business when she heard this news and she did not want Ezekiel put down, so she adopted him into the police force and got him trained up to be a sort of police dog, in some ways he did the job better than normal dogs, he could run faster and could understand human speech perfectly so when a command was given he was on it.

Now Courtney was walking with Ezekiel running along side on all floors beside her as they investigated the streets around them, Courtney had a flash light shining around the dark streets, it had been a good hour and still nothing.

"Keep an eye out Zeke" She whispered to her partner, "Clues could be anywhere".

Zeke had pressed his nose up against the floor and was sniffing around the floor, then something happened, he could smell something rich and like iron, something he had been trained to recognize.

He broke into a sprint towards the source of the smell, Courtney watched and hurried after him as fast as she could, Ezekiel however was far too fast for her and ended up running ahead.

The smell was getting stronger as he ran, and then he saw it, under the shine of a street lamp he saw the unmistakable colour of red forming a puddle on the floor…blood.

He froze and looked sniffed the puddle, it was definitely blood, he carried on a little further, following the source of the puddle only to come face to face with a completely mutilated body in front of him.

He sat back down on his back legs, mouth open in horror, ever since he had started working here, never in his life had he seen something this nasty, his lower lips trembled and he started crying out for Courtney.

Courtney could hear Ezekiel's frightened cries and ran towards them, she saw Ezekiel sitting by something crying out, Courtney ran to his side and rubbed his shoulder.

"Ssh Zeke what is-." She froze when she saw the sight in front of her, blood had covered the street and a body lay in front of her, eyes shut and a huge hole had been ripped in her stomach revealing all of her internal organs in the light, her eyes trailed up towards the head of the body only to be met with a nasty cut across the victim's neck, she took a deep breath as she looked up towards the face, she used the flash light to see the face and gasped in horror.


The flash light slipped out of her hands as she rummaged around her pockets for her phone, she quickly dialled a number on it and rung her office.

"Yes Hello? It's Courtney…I need back up and an ambulance… now!"

Trent had managed to fall asleep in his empty bed that night; he had managed to sleep all the way through to the morning, he opened a bleary eye to see the sun shining onto his and Gwen's bed, he turned over only to see that Gwen had not returned last night, he sighed and rubbed his face in his hands. This was all just a big mistake and it didn't mean anything at all, he felt ashamed of his behaviour last night and wanted to right Gwen to say sorry.

Knowing she would probably be awake he picked up his phone from the side and dialled her number, after a few attempts there was no answer, so he gave up and set the phone back down.

Then the sound of knocking on the door could be heard, Trent's ears pricked up excitedly when he heard the knock on the door, it was Gwen! He knew it was, she often forgot her key and must of left it when she stormed out yesterday.

He sprinted down the stairs to the door to see Gwen's face again and to apologize to her, but when he opened the door he came to the horrible sight of two police officers on his doorstep.

Trent's froze, police could only mean two things, something had happened to him…or something had happened to Gwen.

He swallowed hard and blinked to make sure he wasn't dreaming, he wanted to be dreaming, but no matter how hard he blinked it realized it was all horribly true,

"Yes?" He asked nervously.

"Trent Druitt?" One of the police officers asked and he nodded, "Do you know a Gwen Nichols?"

Trent slowly nodded and the police officer took off his hat, "Last night at 2:47 in the morning she was found dead in the middle of Dawes Road, she had been severally stabbed and wounded".

Those few words had sent Trent's world spiralling into an oblivion, his mouth hung open and tear poured out of his eyes and face, he clung onto the door frame to stop himself from collapsing, he looked down at the floor and gasped in shock.

"She's…dead?" He whispered slowly, trying to get to grips with the news, "But…how…when?"

"We're not sure" The police officer said, "So unfortunately we have to start looking into suspects…Trent Druitt, you are under arrest on suspicion on the murder of Gwen Nichols".

Trent's eyes widened and he wished he never woke up now, Gwen was dead and now he was being arrested for it, as he was led away by the police officers he started to think it was his fault, he hadn't killed her but had he led her into the jaws of a killer?

Was it his fault after all?

End of Chapter 1

Well, what did you all think? It's something new and it's going into my dark writing side, so let me know what you think and do you think Trent killed Gwen? Or someone else? Let me know what you all think?