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Chapter 3 Five Suspects.

"I still don't think that this is a wise move".

Courtney rolled her eyes as Noah carried on to talk to her, ever since she had ordered him to go out and have the five people she had in mind arrested he had been whining.

"What makes you think that whoever killed Gwen would have something to do with the show?" Noah asked her as he walked towards Courtney's chair making her look up at him.

"It's a start" Courtney snapped, "Look, I'm not saying that one of the five is Gwen's murderer, but in cases like this she was found dead, with her throat cut open and her stomach ripped up, anyone is a suspect, and it just so happens that those five live close by to Gwen, maybe if the media got involved in this then it would encourage people to step forward if they have seen anything, this is merely a media stunt to get people involved".

"But what if someone from the show did murder Gwen?" Owen asked Courtney whilst chewing on a doughnut.

"You know what?" Courtney said standing up and walking over to the phone which had suddenly started ringing, "I don't want to think about that, too many people from the show are getting involved in this case".

She picked up the phone and held it to her ear, "Yes? Ok…alright thank you, I'll be there in a second".

She hung up the phone and took a deep breath in, "Who was it?" Noah asked, he noted Courtney's sudden change in behaviour and stood up to make sure she was ok.

"The suspects are here" She murmured, "Wow…I really didn't think it was going to be this hard to do, I mean I know them! Trent was hard enough but doing five in a row?"

"You know Owen or I could do them if you really don't want to?" Noah told her kindly, but Courtney immediately shook her head.

"No way, you're both still in training, I don't want to let you do something this big?"

"Well at least let us come to the interviews" Noah sighed, "Maybe we could learn from you"

Courtney looked up at Noah, this change in attitude for him was very strange, normally he was making a big deal about working and everything seemed like a big effort to him, but to see him asking to help out like this was very extraordinary for Courtney to see. He looked like he was desperate to learn about this case and after the amount of questions he was asking Courtney earlier on made it seem like he wanted to get involved and acting behind the scenes, Courtney raised an eyebrow at him but Noah's stern expression remained the same.

"You're really serious about this aren't you?" Courtney asked solemnly.

Noah nodded, "I wouldn't be here if I wasn't serious about something".

Courtney's shoulders dropped slightly, "Alright then, you're in. But you keep your mouth shut unless I ask you to talk".

Noah shrugged his shoulders, "Whatevs".

Courtney reached over and grabbed her phone while looking back over at Owen, "You want to come too?"

Owen shook his head, "I'm not good under pressure, plus I don't want to leave the office alone".

Courtney didn't have a problem with this at all, she knew Owen got a little uncomfortable in these kinds of situations, and it made him a little flatulent as well. "Not a problem" Courtney said as she and Noah left the office for the interviews.

The officers that had found the next five suspects of Gwen's murder were each led towards a small white waiting room; several chairs were situated in the room along with a guard to make sure that no one stepped out of line.

The first to enter the room was Sierra, she had two guards beside her and each had a firm grip on her arms, all the while she kept mumbling angrily to the guards as the took her to the room.

"You know my fans won't stand for this" Sierra growled at them, "When I was in the police car I sent out an urgent cry to my fan page, I can guarantee you that there will be an angry mob of Total Drama fans outside of this building in five minutes".

The two officers rolled their eyes as Sierra carried on her angry rant; they ended up taking her phone away from her after they caught her texting and sending out urgent messages to her website. Sierra was fuming and that's when the rage started.

They finally reached the room and the two guards pushed Sierra in, she scowled at them both as the door was closed, Sierra then saw the large body guard that was staring back at her in the room.

"Take a seat" He growled at her.

"I do not take orders from people who aren't polite" Sierra scoffed folding her arms and cocking her head away.

"Take a seat or I will make you" The Guard hissed at her, Sierra immediately grabbed the chair closest to her and perched down.

"You know I've never been accused of being a villain before" she mumbled, "I suppose it's all a new experience, my fans would be going crazy about this scandal, I mean they always seem to go crazy when a Total Drama contestant gets into trouble with the law…I wonder if anyone else will be here too" Sierra mumbled to no one in particular, the guard rolled his eyes as Sierra carried on to speak.

"Can I have my phone back so I can let my fans know that I'm safe?" Sierra asked the guard, how clenched his fist slightly.

"Be quiet!" He finally snapped, and Sierra quickly closed her mouth.

"Hater" She muttered under her breath as she folded her arms.

The next to arrive was Cody, he had gone a little more quietly that Sierra had, he had to since he was a part of a huge company, he was going to stay quiet and only tell the officers what he knew about the case, and hope all the while that he would get away from this relatively unscathed…and to still have his job.

He stayed silent all through the car journey and when they arrived Cody didn't put up a fight at all, he let the officers take him out of the car and lead him towards the waiting room.

He didn't struggle, he didn't want to just in case they hurt him back, he had nothing to worry about…at least he thought he didn't. He was pretty sure he didn't sneak out in the dead of night in his sleep and murder Gwen.

But then again, he was none for sleep walking…

Next thing Cody knew he was standing outside of a door and one of the officers let go of his arm and pushed the door open for him, then led him into the room before closing the door behind him.

Cody had barely gotten used to his surroundings when he heard an ear piercing scream.


He jumped upon hearing his name called, and before he knew it a pair of arms had swung around his chest and were squeezing the life out of him.

He craned his neck around to see who was squeezing him so hard and his heartbeat started to race when he realized that it was Sierra.

"Have you missed me Codykins?" Sierra whispered into his ear making Cody shiver in fear.

"Oh my God" He whimpered and turned to the guard, "Any chance we could be separated? I'm in trouble here!"

"Stop whining and sit down!" The guard growled as he towered over Cody, Cody gulped and sat down on a nearby chair, to his horror however, Sierra had also decided to sit down next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder and stroked it.

"This is the perfect chance for us to talk after being apart for so long" Sierra drawled romantically, "So, how come you refuse to answer the phone every time I ring?"

Cody gulped again and started to shiver as he felt Sierra's grip tighten on his shoulder.

They, however weren't in an awkward silence for long as the door burst open again and this time a police officer walked in with Bridgette in tow, the officer had one hand tightly secured around her small arm, Bridgette had obviously not been making too much of a struggle but the shouting that was coming behind her had proved that someone else hadn't come quietly.

"What do you mean a interrogation, I did nothing!"

Sierra let go of Cody's shoulder and looked towards Bridgette at the door who had a slight embarrassed look on her face as Geoff was dragged into the room behind her.

"Seriously, I want to know that's going on, why have I been brought in here?" Geoff asked as he angrily turned to the guard.

"Sit down" The guard said bluntly to him.

"Sit down?" Geoff questioned, "I don't think so, not until someone tells me why I'm here".

"Just sit down, Geoff" Bridgette begged, Geoff looked down at his girlfriend who was perched on the edge of a chair and was looking back up at him with pleading eyes. With a defeated sigh, Geoff slowly sat down.

The room fell silent once more as the four convicts shared frightened looks with one another; it wasn't until Cody spoke up again that some sort of atmosphere was brought back into the room.

"I never did think that we would see each other again after all these years, especially not under these circumstances" Cody muttered.

"Oh, Cody! I knew I was going to see you again…instead of my dreams!" Sierra purred as she stroked Cody's knee, making him wince.

"I just don't understand this; we haven't seen Gwen in years, why would we all of a sudden be blamed for murdering her, I didn't even know she was dead" Geoff mumbled, placing his head in his hands causing Bridgette to rub his shoulder.

"They have to do things like this I suppose" Bridgette tried to explain, "Like hearings and things, we're just in the firing line because we all know Gwen and" She shot a look at Sierra, "Some of us have problems with her!"

"The only problem I have is the fact that my Cody is in love with her" Sierra sniffed, folding her arms across her chest.

"I'm not in love with Gwen" Cody mumbled, "I have a slight…attachment to her, that's all".

Bridgette rolled her eyes, "Alright".

Then all of a sudden there was a loud thud from outside, causing all four suspects to look up towards the door, the guard in the room walked towards the door and opening it cautiously and when he saw the sight in front of him he bolted out of the door.

Everyone looked at each other, slightly worried by this, the shouts were getting louder and by the sounds of it someone was swearing loudly.

Then the case was revealed, as being brought into the room by the guard and three officers, was Duncan.

He was being dragged in by his arms while a third guard was standing behind him with a taser aimed at Duncan's neck.

"Let me go!" Duncan shouted loudly, trying to break free form the officers grasp, "I did nothing, you can't pin this down on me".

"Be quiet or I'll taser you!" The officer with the gun threatened.

"I'll stop shouting when you fucking LET ME GO!" He screamed, causing the officer to act and stun Duncan's back, he screamed out in pain as his muscles started to contract and fell silent for a few seconds.

"Where's Court?" He then started to growl, "Let me talk to her".

"You'll get your chance" The officer said as they dragged a momentarily paralyzed Duncan to a chair, "In time".

Then all three guards left the five suspects alone in the room, each shooting worried glances at each other, they sat like this for a good few minutes until the door opened and an officer pointed at Cody.

"You, you're up".

Cody was led down a corridor and towards a small dark room, he was led to a chair and forced down into a chair, he then waited patiently for his interrogator to arrive, he kept looking up at the officer who was glaring at him, never in his life had he been treated like this, he was a criminal, and did not like the feeling of it.

Suddenly the door opened, and to Cody's surprise he saw Courtney enter the room with Noah standing next to him.

"Good Afternoon, Cody" Courtney said as she sat opposite him.

"Wait a minute, when did you become a detective?" Cody asked her a little shocked.

"When I realized that spineless people like you have to been taken down" Courtney snapped with Cody sat with his mouth gaping open at her, Noah however was a little different, when Cody looked up at him he nodded and gave a gentle smile, Cody replied the smile.

"I don't know what you're smiling at, you're in trouble, Mr" Courtney growled as she pressed a button on a nearby recorder.

"Cody Lusk, you should know that this interview is being recorded, do you have any problems with that?" Courtney asked him.

Cody shook his head, "No, I don't".

"Alright then, I'll continue" Courtney said, "Cody, last night the body of Gwen Nichols was discovered on Dawes Road, her body had been severally mutilated and you are on suspicion on killing her".

"May I just ask why?" Cody then butted in, "If your blaming me because I was close to Gwen on the show then you need to look into things a little bit more, because I loved her on the show, I was in love with her and I never wanted to hurt her".

"That may be true, but if I remember you were annoyed at the fact that she had a little…relationship with Duncan there" Courtney explained.

"Well…if that was the case then wouldn't it make sense if I killed Duncan?" Cody mumbled.

"Are you saying that you can kill, Cody?" Courtney then asked, making Cody immediately shake his head.

"No!" He snapped, "Look, I didn't kill Gwen, I was working late on a story that I needed to finish before it's deadline, I was working at my office in the City, I was nowhere near Dawes Street all night, and I can prove that because I left around 3ish in the morning and said goodnight to the cleaner who was just leaving too, I have proof and a witness".

Courtney blinked and looked over at Noah, who looked very surprised, himself, "Alright then, we will check your office security cameras and let you go…for now".

Cody was about to rise on his chair before something came to him and he sat back down, "Look, I have a favour to ask, something about the case".

Courtney raised an eyebrow at him and paused the tape, "Go on?" She mumbled.

Cody nodded, "I'm a journalist now, I can promise you that I didn't kill Gwen, I don't have that in me…but I can publish a story in the paper I work for asking for people to come forward and tell us if they saw or heard anything that night, just to help things along, I don't want to see anyone else get hurt".

Courtney fell silent for a second before nodding, "Alright then, as long as you're telling the truth all the way through this case then you're on board".

Cody nodded vigorously, "Yes, yes of course, I'm on for it".

Courtney gave Cody was small smile before looking at Noah, "Give him your number, I'm going to pair you two up and I want you both to converse in this case, any information you find out give to Noah" Courtney explained to the two boys.

Noah nodded and handed his number across to Cody, who accepted it with a faint smile.

"Thanks" He said as he got up to leave, "I'll get the first story published about Gwen's murder done tonight; I can have it published by tomorrow".

"Great" Courtney said.

As Cody left the room, he looked back down the corridor to the room where the other four suspects were waiting and he frowned, he didn't want to see Sierra again, and there was an awkward feeling around him that one person in that room had killed Gwen, and he didn't want to see that face ever again.

He turned on his heel and walked towards the exit, he was going to help on this case and find justice for the only girl in the world that he ever felt love for, Gwen.

Next up was Sierra; she was led to the room where Courtney and Noah were waiting patiently.

"Oh my Gosh, this is so weird" Sierra gabbled as she sat down, "There is a forum on my Blog that is dedicated to the two of you hooking up; I should take a picture to prove this!"

Courtney reached over and snatched the phone out of Sierra's hand and placed it to the side, "Sierra, this is important, I don't want to hear anything about this stupid Blog you have".

Sierra glared at Courtney as she started to record the interview, "Sierra Sickert, last night the body of Gwen Nichols was discovered on Dawes Road, it had been badly mutilated and you are on suspicion of her murder".

Courtney pursed her lips and looked at Sierra, "Well, did you kill her? Did that grudge that you've held deep down about the fact that Cody likes her instead of you take over and drove you to the idea of killing her?"

"No!" Sierra jumped in, "Never, I mean sure I've threatened her on my Blog several times, but I would never kill her, she's to do with Total Drama which is my one love on life, even if I hated someone with every fibre of my being I would never kill, I don't have that kind of rage, if I was angry then I would type it out".

She then paused and raised an eyebrow at Courtney, "Anyway, shouldn't it be you that is being convicted of murder, if I'm not mistaken, you were the one that wanted to see Gwen killed by a falling rock".

"She was the one that found Gwen's body, numskull" Noah growled, causing Courtney to look at him surprised.

"I thought I told you not to talk!" Courtney snapped.

"Well, this girl shouldn't be so stupid! You're not a suspect and you will never be! She's just angry because we're blaming her" Noah hissed, not taking his eyes of Sierra.

Sierra rolled her eyes, "I have a motive, I was at home all night watching a marathon of the 7th Total Drama series, something I have been planning for months and you can check my Blog, I have posts that date back to months ago talking about it".

Courtney sighed, none of these people that she had blamed were coming through for her, this whole case was turning out to be a dud, "Fine! You're off the hook, for now, if we find anything else to blame your for, believe me we're going to call you back, needless to say I'm also going to set up an officer to check up on you every night".

Sierra stood up angrily, "Fine, I will not be silenced; my dedicated fans will have something to say about this!" She growled as she left the room.

Courtney sighed and placed her head in her hands, Noah placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and shook her gently, "Come on, don't lose your spirit, you're doing great".

"Hardly" Courtney moaned, "Trent didn't come through, Cody wants to help and Sierra has a motive, maybe I did the wrong thing by looking into people from the show this soon".

"Don't say that" Noah said, "You did the right thing, these people were involved with Gwen so it was only natural for you to do that".

Courtney nodded, "I guess so, we do have three more people to interview, maybe I'll look into Gwen's friends next time instead of looking into the cast".

Noah nodded, "A wise choice" He said.

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