9 Crimes

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Now, here it becomes clearer about my interpretation of the lyrics. I have interpreted it as a representation of the danger associated with a relationship between two people who are prevented by society or laws from being together (so here it is the student/teacher relationship). There is a strong sense of what is occurring is wrong, but that it is going against personal principles if such a strong connection is ignored. I see a conflict between the following the two ideas of what is right, but in the end the decision is made if both of them are willing to face the risks associated with being romantically involved, when others, who potentially see their relationship as 'not alright' can easily lead to them both being hurt.



I give my gun away when it's loaded

If you don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it

They almost walked straight into each other, and Will felt it was a good sign that this occurred almost two steps closer to his room than hers.

"Erm... Hi".

She was nervous. Why was she nervous?


He sounded nervous as well.

"I need to talk to you", she said, and in his mind he replaced 'talk to', and he took a step closer to her.

"I need to talk to you too", he agreed.

"I'm going first", she said decidedly.

There was a silence, and his eyes slowly raked down her body and back up to her eyes, via her parted lips.

"Will? Doing that isn't helping me remember what I wanted to talk to you about".

He blushed sheepishly, and there was another silence in the deserted corridor.

"You are the third person I have slept with, and wait, I know what you are going to say, it didn't happen, blah blah..."

"I was actually going to ask who the second person was", he mumbled, under his breath.

"Finn", she said shortly. "When I slept with Puck, I was drunk- when I slept with Finn, he was drunk... Look, I'm trying to say that it meant a lot to me, last night..."

"It meant a lot to me too", he murmured.


She wouldn't look directly into his eyes, maybe afraid of giving her vulnerability away, when she always tried to appear on the outside as able to deal with anything that life threw at her.

"You are only the second person I've slept with".


He nodded, slightly embarrassed. "I'm just not a 'one night stand' kinda guy".

Her eyes flicked to his, filled with brief wondering as to what he was meaning by that.

She twisted her fingers together.

"You are the best I've ever had", she whispered at length.

"So are you", he returned. "You are amazing".

"No", she cut in, "We are amazing".

There was another silence, and his body warmed at a few memories from the night before. He tentatively reached for her hand, and she tentatively allowed him to take it.

Tentative because it represented so much more. He was willingly giving her the opportunity to receive his love, but even if she did return it, they could both get hurt, and it wouldn't be by each other.

But if she didn't make the decision to return his love, then he would let her go. Because she had to be as serious as he was for it to be worth taking the risk. He couldn't hold onto it if she didn't want to give him reason to.

The ball was in her court.

And she had taken his hand. She had shown him that he should hold onto this. Was it love? He used the term because it was stronger than just feelings of attraction, but he hadn't really allowed himself to think of his feelings for Quinn in much detail.

"It's still me", he said softly.

She looked up. "The me only Terri and I know, or the me that everybody else knows?"

He frowned. "The me that only you know".

This time she held his gaze.

"I'm still me... I'm still allergic to kiwi fruit and am very ticklish on the soles of my feet... And you... You still have that incredibly sexy tattoo on your hip..." He knelt carefully down in front of her, pushing up his grey t shirt that caused his heart to swell to see her wearing it, and setting his warm lips on the tattoo.

"But it's not alright", she whispered, her voice slightly broken from his attentions.

He said nothing, replacing his lips with his finger, and tracing the black pattern carefully.

He took a deep breath.

He told himself he was done committing crimes.

It would have been a crime not to prove to her right now that she was right to have faith in him. Have faith in herself for grabbing on with both hands to this thing that had manifested from finding one hot night of solace in each other.

"Your place or mine?"

"Mine", she said, without a second of hesitation.

He got to his feet and closed the gap between them to kiss her exhaustively, and she was the one to push her tongue through his teeth, and she pulled him closer, tugging on the waistband of his sweat pants.

He lifted her up easily, and her legs wrapped around his hips, and, when they had to pull away to breathe, she hugged close to him, and he felt a stray tear (of relief?) soak into the shoulder of his t shirt.

He set her down at the door and she unlocked the door hastily, almost dragging him inside.

"Fuck Quinn", he moaned, as tore his t shirt over his head and fell upon his bare chest with wet kisses.

He brought her head up to kiss her thoroughly, his hands buried in her hair, and his tongue buried in her mouth.

"It would be a crime not to", she gasped, just as he was about to ask her if she was sure.

He sucked at the sensitive skin on her neck, remembering the exact points and pressure to use to release that whimper that had him feeling suddenly light headed as blood was directed elsewhere.

She flicked her tongue out to run along his collar bone, and his head banged back against the wall at the combination of her tender kisses to his chest and her feather light fingertips caressing the curves of his muscles.

He could have easily pulled his hands away from where she had them pinned against the wall with one hand, but he was enjoying her taking control of the situation too much to make it worth it at the moment.

She kissed lower and lower down his torso.

She stopped at the waistband of his sweat pants, and was now kneeling in front of him, and he still had his hands useless against the wall, despite the fact that she had now moved her hands to play at his waistband.

"I've never done this before", she said, "But I really want to".

"My body is yours to do whatever you wish to do to it", he told her, a sparkle in his eye.

A moan scratched at the back of her throat, and she unhesitatingly pushed his pants down to pool at his ankles, and he desperately wanted to kiss her, but that was soon forgotten as her warm lips slid around his length, taking him as far as she could into her perfect mouth.

"Fuuuck", he groaned, fighting to stop his hips jerking forward.

He grabbed one of her hands and raised it to his mouth, licking and sucking at her fingers as he watched her with eyes half-lidded with raw desire.

He moaned loudly.

He was her age when he had last been given a blowjob.

But everything about Quinn made other memories fade into nothingness.

If this really was her first time- she was naturally brilliant.

One hand fisted in her hair.

"Quinn... I'm gunna...I'm coming!"

She just nodded slightly, and her tongue flicked out over his tip before she took him in his mouth again.

And she swallowed, and he shouted out her name, and at the time there was nothing he could do to stop himself, but Tina next door would most likely have heard that.

She stood up again, and she was suddenly shy.

"Was that alright?"

"Alright?" he asked incredulously, his voice gruff, "It was fucking awesome..."

"Hearing you swear is pretty fucking awesome as well".


He kissed her slowly, pulling the t shirt over her head, and their kisses quickly became more heated, and he couldn't stop thinking that he'd found something that he hadn't even been looking for, or maybe he'd just found that someone.

He lay on his side, his knees and forehead against Quinn's.

And she looked at him through her eyelashes and he wrapped his arms around her and she buried her face against his warm chest.


And I've got no excuse



He rolled over sleepily, opening weary eyes to see Quinn, dressed and standing next to the bed expectantly.

"Last night, when we found the glee club again in Central Park, you said we should all go down to test out the hotel breakfast, before we packed up and then headed out on the bus into the city... Remember?"

"Not really..." He yawned.

She laughed.

"C'mon... It's bad enough that I found a text on my phone this morning from Tina saying it was none of her business but did I really have some random guy in my room last night..."

"Random guy?"

He swung his legs round to sit on the edge of the bed.

She shrugged. "You surely remember shouting my name?"

"Oh I remember", he flashed her a lopsided grin.

"I'll meet you at breakfast", she said, leaning down to kiss his cheek softly, "I'm absolutely starving".

"Okay... Can you text me when everyone's down? I probably shouldn't walk out of your room with you... Especially because I would have to be topless because I don't think I can reach the top of the closet to get my t shirt down".

She dug the room key out of her pocket and handed it to him.

"Yeah... I can't really think of a good excuse for that", she agreed.

"I think we're going to become very good at making excuses", he said after a while, pulling on his sweat pants.

She turned to him, smiling.

"Are you sure?"

There were many good reasons why he shouldn't be, but not one of them was good enough.

He kissed her lips softly.

"If you need me as much as I need you, then we don't have an excuse to not be together", he said.

"No excuse", she echoed, "I will make it up to you, your sacrifices".

"Unfortunately we will both have to make sacrifices", he said sombrely.

"It's worth it", she whispered, and was kissing him with so much emotion that he knew she was right.

"Morning guys!"

He was greeted with various tired mumbles.

"What's with all the long faces? We're in New York! The breakfast buffet looks delicious, and we still have most of the morning to do some quick sightseeing!"

"Ask Quinn- apparently", Rachel said darkly, "It may be a 4* hotel but the walls are as thin as paper".

Shit. Thank all the gods that he was the only one who had been heard.

He quickly changed the subject, not needing to look to sense his girlfriend's (?) discomfort. "Okay, so I want everyone to be packed up by 10am, and we will be leaving at 12 midday, giving you guys a good 2 hours of free time..."

He tried not to look like he was floating on cloud 9. And he tried not to laugh when Quinn stuck her tongue out at him.

And he made the most of when in a busy crowd of people, Quinn sneaked her hand around his waist and he pressed a hasty kiss to her cheek.

Will, thinking it had gone very quiet behind him, tilted his rearview mirror to confirm that all his passengers were indeed resting and or sleeping.
"I'm not asleep", she said quickly, her eyes flicking open.
He laughed quietly.
His hand strayed across to her lap, feeling for hers in the dark.
"You have the most beautiful hands", she remarked, turning his over in hers, massaging his palm with her fingertips.
"Thank you", he smiled.

"You are good at that", he murmured, humming in appreciation.
"I know", she returned playfully.
"Maybe you could need help with glee or something?" he suggested, "and come over to my apartment..."
"I would like that", she agreed, her talented fingers moving to work at his wrist.
"Or Spanish? But then I spose there would have to be some obvious evidence of improvement..."
"Hey! I'm alright at Spanish!"
"Otherwise it starts to get a little more complicated..."
She grinned.

"Starts to?"

He winced.

"I could get a job looking after your neighbour's apartment", she continued, "everyday".

He visibly relaxed. This was actually possible if they both believed it was.

They lapsed into comfortable silence. Comfortable because they were both on the same wavelength at last.

It was cut short though, by the driver of the car behind leaning on their horn as the traffic lights went green and Will was still halfway over the other side of the cab, his lips caressing Quinn's with breathtaking intensity.

Everyone got off the minibus later, and Quinn had conveniently forgotten to organise a lift, and sat next to him on the step as the last car pulled out of the empty school car park.

"So are we really going to do this?" She asked him, and everything about her question told him she needed him to say yes, but the fact that she asked the question showed just how much she cared about him. "This is your last chance to give me a good excuse".

"I've got no excuse", he assured her.

She smiled, yawning slightly, as they had both been the only ones not to sleep for most of the journey, and shivered at a slight cool breeze.

She leaned her head against his shoulder, and he wrapped his arm around her comfortably.

And he wished she had always been there.

He gave her a lift home, driving with one hand to hold hers in the other.

And he left her with a chaste kiss goodnight in the darkness of his car.

He would be back later, and he would climb through the bathroom window, creep through the house and into her bed and sleep beside her to prove that neither of them had dreamt the whole weekend.

Because the only crime that he wasn't going to commit was breaking her heart.

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