Marie D. Suesse And The Mystery New Pirate Age!

A Deconstruction Parody of:

Chapter 1: Girl falls into OP

Dinner-time at the Suesse household had always been a depressing affair. It consisted of two adults and one teen-aged girl trying very hard to pretend they wanted to be there sharing time with each other. If any one of them was feeling particularly brave, there might be some attempt at some light conversation. But usually, they ate in awkward silence.

The problem was, you never knew when the slightest misstep could erupt into an angry fight.

Now before I go any further, I should mention that if you are looking to read one of those stories where a girl from the one world falls into another world and maybe falls in love with one of the characters there, then you are probably looking at the wrong story. While some of that does happen in this story (along with other significantly nastier happenings), it all doesn't happen quite how you'd think it would. You see, this story isn't one of those self-indulgent wish-fulfillment fantasies. Nor is it a story telling you how worthless wish-fulfillment fantasies are, and how guilty you should feel for indulging in them.

This is more of a story about wish-fulfillment itself.

But I am getting ahead of myself here, so let's go back to the situation in the Suesse household, and talk about our protagonist of this tale.

The girl's name was Marie D. Suesse, but she preferred to call herself 'Mar". A normal narrator would have started this story by launching into a detailed description of her eyes and hair and clothes I suppose... something along the lines of "She had long black hair in a hime cut that reached to her waist. Her eyes were the colour of brown topaz, and her skin was pale, like the bark of a birch tree." They might also follow up with a description of what kind of clothes she liked to wear, but I really can't be bothered with telling you all about her clothes at this stage because it's not important. Hell, if it was that important to let you know exactly what she looked like, I'd rather provide a picture, thank you very much.

Anyway, at the present her looks are of little concern, except for the fact that she could have been quite attractive, but suffered from low-self esteem and thus neglected her looks, which in turn made her look dowdier than she was. And because she knew she looked dowdy and no one in their shallow material society paid her any attention, her self-esteem plummeted even further and she paid even less attention to her looks. It was one of those cyclic cause-and-effect things.

Now Mar, as she insisted on calling herself, was one of those people who lived her own life believing that she didn't belong in it. You know how it usually goes, the feeling no one truly understood and that everyone seemed to be all totally incapable of seeing the world as she saw it, her true inner beauty and so on so forth. Needless to say, she was a rather unhappy girl, and while she didn't help herself in that regard by doing nothing about it, it was also in no small part due to her being the only child from a fractured family that was barely one, thanks to one parent who didn't seem to be around enough to care, and another who never seemed satisfied with her no matter what she did.

It had to be said though, Mar hadn't really done much with her life yet. She was sixteen after all, and her overall activities were rather unremarkable. School, lunch, home, dinner, room. Read manga and watch videos in room. Sleep. Then school again. And on and on.

Which brings us to where we left off— the uncomfortable dinner phase where everyone sat around looking at food and not talking.

After dinner, Mar made her excuses and scooted off as fast as she could, and lay in bed, thinking of the latest installment of her favourite manga, a pirate story named One Piece. Reading about the zany adventures of Straw-Hat Luffy and his crew gave her a temporary respite from the dreariness of her reality, which to her, was the best one could hope for in life, really.

It was then, while she was lying there, when she heard the raised voices of her parents over the other normal sounds of the house. They were fighting again.

Naturally, this made Mar even more miserable than normal.

Now I didn't tell you this to make you feel sorry for her. This titbit of information is important only because your knowing this will help make what she did next make a bit more sense:

"To be free," Mar whispered, crying herself to sleep. "To live as a pirate, free on the ocean, with only adventure to look forward to."

What she didn't know then, was that she would get her wish.

When Mar awoke, there was the sound of screaming. She paid it little mind. Screaming, especially angry screaming, occurred far too often in the household of Suesse.

But something was wrong, and the house shouldn't have been shaking like that. Was it an earthquake?

It wasn't.

When she finally got up and gazed out the window, her jaw dropped. Her house was in the middle of the ocean. And it was floating. Well, if you wanted to be accurate, it was slowly sinking.

To top it off, in the waters right outside there was a very big sea-creature, the neck and head of which was almost the height of the two-story house. The great beast was looking at the Suesse House very curiously.

Mar's jaw dropped in awe. She recognized the creature. It was a sea-king.

But her awe was quickly overridden, because of the screaming.


This is the part where this story no longer resembles your typical girl-falls-into-One-Piece story you see, because the last thing you want along for those kind of trips are your two parents.

End of Chapter 1

A/N: This is a revised version of the original opening story, updated 2013. Of course I was going to put the feedback you guys gave me to good use ;) -|P