Chapter 1: Intros and Pranking a Birdbrain

Author's Note;

This is based off my Tournament of Legends story. AU to pretty much any other fic I do from that book. In it all the combatants are in a chatroom specifically for Brawlers and their friends. (For explanation of how the dragons got computers they'll tell themselves.)

Here are the screen names for various people;

-Purpleputz/Hotstuff97: Spyro the Dragon

-Evilgirl/DarkTemptress: Cynder the Dragoness

-Blueblur: Sonic the Hedgehog

-ImtheUltimate: Shadow the Hedgehog

-MrFixIt: Miles 'Tails' Prowler

-TmrrwKnight: Terry McGinnis/Batman Beyond

-IamtheNight: Bruce Wayne/Batman

-GalwitMysto:Nick/MF Red Ranger

-HalfaHero:Danny Fenton/Phantom

-TheHunter: Samus Aran

-ImNmbr1: Metabee

-StarPilot11: Fox McCloud

-Lylatsbestpilot: Falco Lombardi

-TrafficLight: Robin the Boy Wonder

-CyberHero: Cyborg

Hope you enjoy;

HalfaHero has logged on.

TheHunter has logged on.

TmrrwKnight has logged on.

Purpleputz has logged on.

Evilgirl has logged on.

HalfaHero: Let's see if I can figure you all out. Samus you are pretty obvious. Same with you Terry, now the last two I got nothing…

Purpleputz: It's us Danny, Spyro and Cynder. Sparx 'set up' our accounts and gave us these screen names-

Evilgirl: -And we don't know how to change them.

TmrrwKnight: U know, u guys r freaky with that link even when typing.

TheHunter: What Batbrain over there means to say is that it is very easy to change the names, are you both in the same room?

Purpleputz: Yeah…

Evilgirl: Yep.

HalfaHero: Well then one of you log off real quick so we can walk you through it.

Purpleputz: Okay.

Purpleputz has logged off.

TheHunter: Now look at the menu for the chatroom. Click on 'profile settings' and select 'change screen name'

Evilgirl: (really Spyro) I get it, so you just type in your new name and click 'submit' right?

HalfaHero: Yep. It's that simple.

Evilgirl: (Cynder this time) Thanks, we'll be right back.

Evilgirl has logged off

ImtheUltimate has logged on.

Blueblur has logged on.

IamtheNight has logged on.

Blueblur: Hey everyone what's shaking?

TmrrwKnight: Hllo Sonic, Shadow, Mr. Wayne.

IamtheNight: Just call me 'Bruce' Terry.

TmrrwKnight: Srry, helps keep me from getting confused ;p.

Hotstuff97 has logged on.

DarkTemptress has logged on.

Hotstuff97: Hey guys, we're back. By the way this is Spyro.

DarkTemptress: Thanks for the help with the names. (Cynder)

HalfaHero: …O.o

Blueblur: *Shudders* KEEP THEM AWAY FROM ME!

ImtheUltimate: *Smack* shut up Sonic, you don't need to yell in real life.

Hotstuff97: What's wrong? And has Sonic still not gotten over what he saw when he peeked in our room? Geez he acts like he's never seen a couple kiss before…

TheHunter: Your screen names seem a little… personal. Are you sure you meant to use them?

ImtheUltimate: And to answer your other question. DOES IT SOUND LIKE HE'S OVER IT?

Hotstuff97: What about our screen names? Mine's just a nickname referring to my fire powers. It's been a running joke between us for a while now.

DarkTemptress: And mine is just an old joke about what my title would be if I ever became a guardian. 'Dark' cause my powers come from my exposure to the darkness and 'Temptress' cause-

Hotstuff97: Evil has never been so attractive…OUCH!

DarkTemptress: What have I told you about that?

Hotstuff97: Hey! I'm being honest. What is it I always say when you talk about turning evil again?

DarkTemptress: You mean that you'd fight them tooth and flame to stop them?

Hotstuff97: Well, that too but that, if it ever happened, and if I couldn't stop it, then I'd change sides right along with you.

IamtheNight: *Blegh* let me know when the lovebirds are done.

IamtheNight has logged off.

DarkTemptress: Awww… you're so sweet honey.

TmrrwKnight: Why do I always end up dealing with goofball couples madly in love with each other?

HalfaHero: Well I think it's sweet. I just hope he never has to prove it. Cause I've seen him evil before. Dude freaks me out, and I fight ghosts on an almost daily basis.

ImtheUltimate: I don't think what we've seen is him truly evil but more along the lines of… angry.

Hotstuff97: You're right Shadow, I wasn't 'evil' then like I've said before. I lose control of my anger and rage in that form, all I want to do is destroy.

DarkTemptress: Yeah, but luckily you got someone who can snap you out of it.

TheHunter: Can we get off this topic please? I deal with death, doom, and destruction on a daily basis as it is. I don't need to hear it from the rest of you, especially the resident lovebirds.

HalfaHero: Who are you calling lovebirds Samus?

TheHunter: …I wasn't talking about you Phantom.

HalfaHero: O.O… oops, sorry force of habit, I'm still getting used to not having the instant denials needing to be said.

StarPilot1 has logged on

Blueblur: Hey Fox!

StarPilot1: …How'd you know it was me?

ImtheUltimate: Cause Wolf slipped a few of us yours and Falco's screen names.

StarPilot1: Why?

HalfaHero: Cause, we have something to do when Falco gets on and we need you to be in on it.

StarPilot1: Once again, why?

Hotstuff97: Can you say anything else? We need the access code to the Great Fox's computer. Just to get into Falco's E-mail. Wolf wants us to help him with a little prank…

StarPilot1: Well then I'm all ears, he needs his ego knocked down a few notches, and I can't do it myself. Here's the code to access the e-mail server…

Lylatsbestpilot has logged on.

StarPilot1: Hello Falco, I thought you weren't getting on until later?

Lylatsbestpilot: Well I wasn't but the repairs on my fighter went easier than expected and I had nothing better to do so I figured why not.

HalfaHero: I'll be right back ghost trouble…

HalfaHero has logged off.

ImtheUltimate: I have to go too… GUNs calling again, probably another pointless mission that they could easily take care of themselves, but again feel the need to send me…

ImtheUltimate has logged off.

Lylatsbestpilot: Well that was weird…

StarPilot1: Whatever. So what's everyone up to?

Blueblur: Nothing much, chillin', eating chili dogs, racing Jet. You know same old.

Hotstuff97: Yeah, we know Sonic. You never do anything different. I on the other hand, I {hate} dealing with dignitaries. They're all the same, 'Oh it's so nice to meet you, please come visit my city. We'll throw a feast for you, ignore your girlfriend, and poke and prod you with a billion questions that you don't want to answer!' Do they not realize how little I care?

Lylatsbestpilot: Hey I wished I was half as famous as you are. Helped save the entire system before and Fur for brains here gets all the credit, and the thanks from the girls.

Hotstuff97: Hey I'd love to trade levels of fame. I'd have no problem being a little less… popular. I'm sure the Guardians wouldn't mind either, they're still trying to find the last visitor who hit on me.

IamtheNight: What did you do?

Hotstuff97: I did nothing, 'cept throw her off me. The idiot jumped on me. Cyn teleported her somewhere with her shadow cloak, I don't know where, she doesn't know.

DarkTemptress: Well, she had no right to try what she did. He told her and so did I that he was already taken. And still she insisted on attacking him… And unfortunately for her, Shadow cloak done instinctually can come out just about anywhere.

Hotstuff97: Wait I've cloaked before on instinct and haven't come out somewhere completely random.

DarkTemptress: That's cause you had a set idea of where you wanted to go. While I didn't care where she ended up, as long as it wasn't the temple.

Lylatsbestpilot: GAHHH! Who sent this stupid video? This kid cannot sing. I swear Fox sings better than this kid, and he can't carry a tune to save his life.

StarPilot1: Hey! I can to sing, just ask Krystal.

HalfaHero has logged on.

ImtheUltimate has logged on.

HalfaHero: YES! It worked! I told you I had the perfect video to torture him with.

ImtheUltimate: I swear, you are an evil person Phantom. Nice to see some hope for you yet…

Lylatsbestpilot: Wait, so this video of the kid in a beret is from you two?

Hotstuff97: So it worked? Good I can stop acting like Falco cares about complaints about my fame.

DarkTemptress: So what file did you send him?

HalfaHero: A video of Tucker singing 'Ember: You Will Remember' I honestly hate that song, no matter who's singing it. But when Tuck is the one with the mic then it's even more of a torture source.

Lylatsbestpilot: I swear I will get you two for this!

HalfaHero: Yeah keep yelling beak breath. I got much worse in the way of videos.

StarPilot1: Okay, I only say stop cause he's about ready to break the computer.

Hotstuff97: Hey, I gotta get going anyway. Cyril wants to talk to me. Something about… disrespectful behavior with the last group of delegates. All cause I roasted one dragon's feet…

DarkTemptress: Why did you do that again?

Hotstuff97: Did you remember what he called you? Trust me he deserved worse. Anyway see ya guys!

Hotstuff97 has logged off.

DarkTemptress: You're not leaving me alone with them honey. Get back here!

DarkTemptress has logged off.

TheHunter: Gotta go, Stupid call about an important meeting about what happened to the other hunters during that 'Corruption' fiasco.

TheHunter has logged off

ImtheUltimate: I'm out as well. Got a date with Rouge. So long.

ImtheUltimate has logged off.

Blueblur: Well I'm gone!

HalfaHero: Me too.

TmrrwKnght: Goodbye.

Blueblur has logged off.

HalfaHero has logged off.

TmrrwKnght has logged off.

StarPilot1: Hey Falco, race ya around the system again. Last one to Dinosaur planet has to play hide and seek with the Lightfoot for a week!

Lylatsbestpilot: You are so on fur for brains!

StarPilot1 has logged off.

Lylatsbestpilot has logged off.

Author's Note:

So there's the first chapter. And a side note the real explanations behind Spyro and Cynder's screen names is; (Spyro's- a two part homage, the first one 'HotStuff' is a general pass at the Spyro section and a certain dragoness' favorite nickname for him. The second '97' is a reference to the release year of his first game [Spyro the Dragon] for PlayStation.)

And Cynder's is plain and simply a reference to Given Inside's fic 'Give in to the Night' If you haven't read it I won't say where it comes from in the story.