A/N: Hey everyone. This fic is set right after Edward and the rest of the Cullens leave Forks in the beginning New Moon, but it takes to a whole different direction. No Jacob, no wolves, no whiny Bella.

This is my first vampire fanfic, so it would mean a lot to me if you review the story and help me know what I'm doing right – or wrong. Constructive criticism encouraged, that is ;) thank you for reading, and please enjoy!

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I was cold. So goddamn cold.

And I was pretty sure I couldn't feel my arms and legs, since they were bound so hard to the chair. How does a person know if he can feel his own organs, anyway? I knew I could move them, but it felt like they weren't mine.

I had already given up making any kind of noise. I had no idea where he took me, but I was sure by now that nobody would be able hear me. And it was definitely, definitely somewhere cold.

I wanted to cry, I wanted to mourn, but I couldn't. I couldn't shed one much needed tear until I was out of danger. All I could really do right now was try to survive.

I tried to think how the hell I managed to get myself in this situation, and the only answer that came to mind was, you fell in love with a freaking vampire, that's how. And an infuriating one, too. He left, and now I was stuck here because of him. If I ever saw him again after this, he would get his ass kicked, right before I'd kiss the hell out of him.

But that would probably never happen. I could already tell my life was getting shorter by the minute. He would kill me soon, when he sees I am no use to him. I hoped it would at least happen before my toes fall off, from the cold.

To hell with this, I thought. Women in the 21st century weren't supposed to wait around for some man to rescue them, right? I could rescue myself. I was smart. Terrible at math, but smart. Scared shitless, but still smart.

It took me the rest of that night to come up with my plan.

If Mr. Vampire here accepted my offer, I'd be out of here in three days exactly. All I had to do was make it believable.

I could see the sky start to clear outside though the small window at the top of the wall. In fact, the clear skies of the breaking day were all I could see through that window.

And the only thing I knew for sure was that – whether he accepted my deal or not – by the end of today, I would be dead.