We've been planning this for quite some time now, and it's finally time to share our news about this story.

First of all, Shug and I would like to apologize for the ridiculously long wait, especially as this was a FGB story. Our most sincere apologies to curious88 for whose donation this story was intended. Real life, unfortunately, interfered with our plans.

Almost immediately after beginning this story, Shug's family life turned inside out. And mine wasn't far behind. I believe that in the last couple of years the most either of us has managed to write is a one-shot or two and those were all simply exercises to clear our heads so we could come back to this. But no matter how hard either of us has tried, this story has continued to elude us no matter what we do. We've tried writing together and separately. We've reworked the outline several times. We've tried speed-writing and setting word counts and… well, no matter what we do, we just can't get back into it.

We've both felt a great deal of guilt over this story. We want it to be finished as much as many of you do. We just can't do it. We really have tried—and tried and tried and tried again. The story just won't come back to us.

And if any of you know me, you know that I hate admitting defeat. I hate it with a passion. But in this case, I have to.

For that reason, Shug and I have made a very difficult decision. But we're not abandoning the story—we're giving it to someone else to finish. Our friend, LyricalKris, has volunteered to give this story the ending it so deserves. She'll be loosely following our outline for the story, but other than chapter one through three and two-thirds of chapter four, it will be her words and her story. We think you'll like what she's done with it.

Kris should have the story up under her name in just a bit. We'll have the link on our profile pages. Or you can look it up under LyricalKris's profile page. When she posts the first new chapter, Shug and I will pull our versions of the story, leaving the link to Kris's on our profile pages.

We can't apologize enough for this. We feel awful about how this all played out, but it couldn't be helped—our families come first, every time. We hope you understand.

We hope you like what Kris does with the story as much we do!

Curious88, if you're still reading. Send me an email or a PM and we'll work something out. Honestly, we feel awful. Thank you.