Story: The Feel of A Heartbeat

Author: QueenyC

Chapter One: Two Little Words

A/N: So, I know that all my HP readers who have me on alert are now plotting my demise. Let me take a moment to raise my white flag and beg forgiveness. I couldn't help it. I've been watching re-runs of Bones waiting for the premiere and this story just lodged itself into my brain and refused to budge until I put it on paper ( screen?). So, anyway, hope everyone enjoys. This is very different from what I've done in the past and I'm a little unsure. Feedback is always welcome! Thanks.

Need you here now.

That was the cryptic text message his partner had sent him less the fifteen minutes ago.

He knew it must be urgent. Bones made a point to not "need" anybody ever.

He didn't need to ask where "here" was and he didn't stop to explain his sudden escape from the Hoover building. He did, refusing to feel guilt at what he was sure Bones would call an "abuse of power," flip on his lights and sirens and cross the busy D.C. lunch traffic towards her apartment in record time.

Now he was breathing a little heavy after bounding up the stairs of her apartment, screw her elevator, and keying into her apartment with the spare she'd given him over a year ago for emergencies.

The apartment was quiet, but then, this was Bones and it wasn't like she was the sort of person to keep the music blaring or the television (not that she owned one) on.

Closing the door behind himself and sliding the deadbolt into place out of habit, he called for her cautiously.

"In here," he voice came quietly from the bathroom.

Sighing, he followed her call and pressed the door open to find a most unexpected site. It wouldn't have really been all that strange, in fact he'd once found Rebecca in almost the exact same position — leaning against the tub, knees tucked to her chest, hands knotted and teeth wearing through her lip diligently — except, come on, this was Bones. Nervous looked decidedly odd on her.

"The verdict," he asked, carefully pulling his thoughts away from whatever his hopes might be. He'd decided that, in this situation, keeping his desires out of the equation worked best. Every time he took a moment to analyze it all he felt a decidedly insistent migraine coming on and an odd breathless tightening in his chest which he just wasn't up for dissecting.

From her place on the floor Bones looked up at him and shrugged, motioning vaguely to the little pink stick on the ledge of her bathroom sink. "I...haven't checked yet."

"Okay." He paused. "Did you want me to..."

She shrugged again. "This is absurd," she told him, the authority in her voice rather adorable as she struggled, as usual, with her own emotions. "It's not as if I can't just try again. I just..."

"Want this to have worked? I'd say that's pretty normal, Bones," Booth said reassuringly, squatting down in front of her to catch her perfect blue eyes.

"I don't like feeling like this," she admitted like she was revealing some sort of secret. Like he didn't know everything about the woman by now.

"Emotions are a good thing, Bones," he chided gently.

"I took it just before I texted you," she said, suddenly changing gears as she was want to do with that superbrain of hers. "I think more than a sufficient amount of time has passed, but—"

"You're afraid to look."

She nodded honestly.

"We could check it together," he offered.

She nodded again and watched as he rose to his feet seamlessly and then offered her a hand up. He was a little surprised when she didn't let go as she turned to the sink and lifted the stick with her eyes screwed shut.

"I'm not the scientist here," he teased, "But I'm pretty sure you have to open your eyes to read things."

She smiled shakily and then, with a deep breath, opened her eyes and looked down at the indicator stick in her hands. She was quiet so long that the suspense was killing him and he forced himself to gaze down at the tiny pink plus sign himself.

A jolt shot through him, unique and yet familiar. And then her beautiful blue eyes were gazing up at him, an unobstructed smile splitting her face, and her arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

"I'm pregnant," she squealed in the girliest, least Brennan-like voice he'd ever heard.

Booth chuckled and tried not to feel all the emotions swelling inside of him. Because this was for her, dammnit and he needed to remember that. He had agreed to be her sperm donor and make her a mommy. And, yes, if he was being honest with himself it was a stupid and selfish decision because, yes, maybe he had been feeling towards his partner emotions that were not strictly business, but that was okay if he remembered that she had wanted this. She had asked him. She had chosen him. And if that was the closest he would ever get to Temperance Brennan's heart, well, he'd just have to take what he could get.


"Sweetie," Angela said, interrupting Brennan's admittedly not very productive thoughts at her computer. "You've practically been glowing since you got back from lunch. Did you and Agent Studly finally have a round of sheet olympics?"

Brennan rolled her eyes at her best friend but couldn't keep the smile off of her face as the brunette swayed into the room and perched at the corner of her desk as usual.

"Ange, can you keep a secret?"

Her friend's eyes bulged comically from her head. "Oh my God, you did!"

Now Brennan was confused. "Did what," she asked with raised eyebrows. Trying to keep current with Angela's musings had often left her feeling dizzy and confused.

"Did it! With Booth!"

"I assume," Brennan chuckled, "By 'it' you mean sexual intercourse in which case, I'm sorry to disappoint you Angela, but I have not."

Angela looked crestfallen. "Then what's the big secret?"

Brennan grinned wider. "I shouldn't tell anyone since it's really too early to be certain of anything, and even then it ought to be Cam that I inform first, but I find myself unexpectedly excited and in desperate need to share the news with someone."

Angela looked like she might pass out. "If you don't tell me something soon Bren I'm gonna die from anticipation."

"I am pregnant," Brennan said, not wanting to cause her closest friend any pain. Thinking quickly, Brennan just managed to slap a hand over Angela's mouth before the exuberant artist screamed and alerted the entire lab to the situation.

When it seemed like she could contain herself, Brennan removed her hand and welcomed Angela's breathless words of excitement. "Oh my God, Sweetie that is wonderful news!" The girl stood up and began dancing excitedly around the room. "And it's Booth's right? I mean, this isn't one of those 'oops' things? This is from the insemination?"

Brennan nodded in the affirmative.

"Does he know?"

"Of course, Angela. Booth and I have already agreed that he will take part in the entire process and be a part of the baby's life," Brennan acknowledged.

Angela, for some unexplainable reason, rolled her eyes. "You guys are so hopeless," she sighed. Then a grin split her face. "But I'm so excited!"

"I find that I am excited as well," Brennan agreed readily, allowing Angela to pull her into a tight hug.

She supposed it was hormones, which she knew were already beginning to change her body, to make it ready and hospitable for the fetus growing inside of her (of course, Booth would never allow her to call it a 'fetus' and would insist that it was a 'baby' long before it could actually be called such). She tried to convince herself that the giddy feelings inside of her, the odd swooping sensation she got when she realized that there was something growing inside of her that was part of her partner, was all due to the rising levels of estrogen throughout her system and not the way she seemed to always feel an odd longing to be near him these days. Because this was just about having a child, about passing down her admirable traits and melding them with the traits of the only man she'd ever been able to put her entire trust into. That was all.