Author: QueenyC

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Epilogue: Shiny Happy People

"Come on Sweets, stop using Joy as an excuse to avoid manual labor," Booth teased his young friend as he passed by with a heavy cardboard box.

The Jeffersonian crew, Parker and Sweets had all gathered at Booth and Brennan's new brownstone to help them settle in and unload both Booth's truck and their own packed vehicles.

"I can't help that I'm good with children," Sweets countered, making a silly face at the happy, healthy 5-month-old baby girl in his arms.

"Only because you are one," Booth replied predictably.

Sweets sighed. "I walked right into that," He acknowledged, bouncing Joy slightly in his arms so that she giggled infectiously.

"Here," Angela said, appearing at his side with a box labeled "kitchen" in Brennan's neat script. "You can take this box. It's my turn with the baby."

"She's not a heated tubersom," Brennan chided with a roll of her eyes, coming out of the house where she'd been supervising the placement of the new desk for her home office.

" It's ' hot potato,' Bones," Booth corrected, kissing her cheek as he came back down the front steps behind her for more boxes. "She's not a hot potato."

Brennan screwed her face up in confusion. "But that's what I said!"

Booth just laughed and, with Hodgins' help, hefted the sofa out of the back of his SUV with a, "Comin' through."

Joy smiled and clapped at the procession of adults and everyone grinned appreciatively at their cheering squad.

"That's my Happy Girl," Brennan cooed, approaching Angela and the baby and pressing a kiss to the auburn curls on her head.

"God, Bren," Angela laughed, watching as Parker lifted one of the boxes to go into his new room out of Cam's trunk and followed the pathologist into the new house. Sweets trailed behind them awkwardly with the pieces of a changing table. "When did we grow up?"

"Angela, we are always growing. It is physically impossible to stop the aging process."

Angela rolled her eyes. "That's not what I meant. It's just," she shrugged, "you've got the new house and the new baby, I'm getting married next week...I feel like such an adult."

Brennan laughed. "Well that's good. We are adults."

"Happy, well-adjusted adults, even," Angela nodded, bouncing Joy on her hip and eliciting another giggle before passing the baby to her mother and joining the queue of amatuer movers.

"Very happy and adjusted," Brennan agreed quietly, gazing down into the blue eyes of her daughter with a smile.