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Summary: It takes place after Episode 12. Sunao and Sora can live the way they always wanted; they're free from Aizawa's grasp. Sunao and Ran; Sora and Yoru now merged as one person. Now Sunao remembers everything while Ran was taking over his body...now he remembers something that is now haunting him. Blood was shed on Sunao's hands and it was because of him. No matter what, he says that face, especially in Mira Tanaka, a new transfer student from the United States. What connection do they have? Read and find out.

Chapter 1


Sora Hashiba turned over in his bed, now lying on his side, facing the rest of his dorm. His eyes opened slightly, just wide enough to see his alarm clock glowing in bright green lights '8:30 A.M.' He smiled to himself and turned back to his original position, flipped over on his stomach with his head turned to which it was facing the wall. He loves Sundays. No school. None of Matsuri's work. It's just him, the bed…and of course his Toshizou.

"Hashiba," someone called out his name from the other side of the door, knocking on it repeatedly, "open up!"

Sora sighed. All he wanted to do is sleep, but it seems that that is too much to ask for on his only day off. He planted his face in his pillow as he groaned as loud as he could, "The door is open."

"Baka," the person said, "I can't open the door! My hands are full of boxes. You know? The ones you said you would help me with!"

Sora's eyes popped open. He quickly rushed to the door. When he opened the door, he found his lover, Sunao Fujimori, waiting on the other side, with boxes stacked on top of one another in his arms. Sora immediately took two of those boxes from the pinkette and placed him on the sheet less bed on the other side of the dorm. Sunao made his way inside and place the box he had next to the others. When Sora looked up to properly greet his pink-eyed lover, he could quickly tell that he was not happy…and knew exactly why.

Sunao was glaring at him with vicious eyes. 'How could someone with such pretty eyes scare me like that,' he thought to himself. He considered getting on his knees and begging Sunao for mercy.

"Sleep well, Hashiba," he growled, forming a grin on face. Not a friendly grin, though. He smiled a grin that basically said, 'I am going to kill you.'

"Uh…y-yeah. Thank you for ask-asking."


Sunao had whacked his blue-eyed idiotic-of-a lover across the face, sending Sora flying, and fortunately landing on the soft mattress. It was then Sunao began to truly express his feelings to Sora. "You promised me you'd help me move back in here this morning. You told me seven sharp! So I woke up at SIX to get a head start in packing. And then I waited…and waited…AND WAITED for you to show up." He sighed, crossing his arms, and turning his back to Sora. "I should've known you'd go and forget all about me."

"Gomen," Sora said. There was nothing more he say. Maybe changing the subject could do the trick. "Where's Gaku? Didn't he say he was going to help?"

"Nagase surprised him with a date. They won't be back until tonight," he explained as they both unloaded everything. "It actually might be easier. We can clear out all my things in his room, and that would just leave his things there. Maybe it would help him move out into Nagase's room better"

"Has he even packed?"

"I was going to loan him the boxes I'm using right now when I was done."

"Oh." Almost everything was unpacked and placed. His side of the room didn't look so vacant, anymore. The bed had sheets, a closet was filled up, pictures were hung-it wasn't just wasted space anymore.

Sora moved the boxes next to the door as Sunao made himself comfortable on the bed he originally slept in. He just laid there, on his back, with his long rosy-pink hair made it's way over the edge and barely touching the ground. He had one arm resting across his abdomen as the other just rested to his side. For the first time in a long time, Sunao felt at home, where he should belong; sharing a room with the one he cared about the most.

Ever since he moved out of Sora's dorm, it felt so weird to him as he would wake up in a different room, seeing a face that was not his lover's. It was like the first days he was forced to live without him in the lab. However, they never have to go back to that…he hopes. In a way, he wonders if Sora hates him for what he did.

His mind left those thoughts when he felt Sora's lips on his forehead. He jolted out of the shock that he was so close to him. Sora now sat at the edge of Sunao's bed, his hand brushed over Sunao's face, gently moving his bangs away from his face. He stared into his eyes with a peaceful look on his face. Sunao tilted his head slightly looking back at his blue-eyed koi with a confused expression on his face. "Hashiba? What is it?"

He smiled. "Everything feels right…finally," he said in a calm tone, "I feel at ease. With Aizawa out of our lives forever, finally free from everything he has caused-and with my memory back, all of these feeling that I feel right now makes since. I feel like that we can now put the past where it belongs…and that's in the past, far behind us. But more importantly…" he reached over and took a hold of Sunao's hand. They both stared into each other's eyes in depth. Sunao felt as if Sora was allowing him to gaze into his very soul through his eyes, revealing this peaceful and joyous aura that he speaks of, now feeling it sink into his own heart.

"But more importantly, I have you by my side again. So now…now that our troubles are gone and that you're here to stay, I feel that there's no more worry. We can love each other and there isn't anyone to say otherwise." Sora used his free hand to caress the other's cheek, admiring the feeling of his soft skin, making the other shiver at his touch as his cheek's color matched the pink of his hair and eyes. Sora leaned over until his lips were barely touching the other's ear. "Nothing can stop me from loving you."

Sunao felt his heart free to reveal his inner feelings. He could feel tears seeping through his eyes. It was so amazing; it's like Sora was reading his mind, reassuring that everything that stopped them from loving each other before was in the past, just as Sora said.

He lifted himself up and swung his arms around the Sora's neck, burying his face at the crook of his neck. Sora wrapped his arms around the other's waist and the other held on to the back of his head, stroking his velvet-like hair.

Sunao smirked as he whispered into his ear, "You're still in trouble for not helping me this morning." Sora laughed inwardly. "You sure know how to ruin a mo…."

Sunao interrupted him by placing a small kiss on his lips. Sora returned the kiss willingly by deepening it. He brushed his tongue over the uke's lips, asking for entrance. Sunao opened his mouth just a little; just enough for the other's to move inside of his mouth. It made Sunao quiver to his touches…to how their tongues entwined with each other. The small kiss became more passionate and intense that after a few moments, Sunao had to push back to breathe. "But for now…" he paused as returned to his neck, kissing it tenderly, moving his lips to the other's ear, and whispered, "I'll let you slide for now."

Monday came around faster than any student at the academy wanted. Even though they've been through half the year, no one is still able to start the beginning of the school week so roused. Well, almost no one.

"Nao! Sora," an oh-so-familiar-voice called out from the other side of their dorm. Sora and Sunao stirred to the sound of their friend, Matsuri Honjou, knocking on their door and the doorknob rattling. Sunao turned over to his side, now facing his sapphire-blue eyed lover, whose eyes were still closed.

"He'd usually just barge in by now," Sunao groaned. Sora smirked followed by a wicked grin. "It seems he didn't expect for me to lock the door before we went to bed." Sunao couldn't help but giggle. 'Why didn't we ever try that before,' he pondered as he closed his eyes once more and fell back asleep, both ignoring their wake up calls.

"You do realize that I'm holding the key to your room, right. So you better open up or else." Sora growled. "Fine, just give us a second, will ya?" He slipped out of bed, making his way to the door. When he opened the door, he was immediately greeted by a warm and cheerful smile. "Good morning," he exclaimed as he made his way in.

"Uhh," Sora replied, closing the door behind him.

"Ah, I see Nao-kin has finally made himself at home," Matsuri said, admiring how quick it took for them to finally get settled back in. Sora sat on the edge of Sunao's bed, shaking him gently to wake him up. Sunao groaned, indicating that he was awake, just going to move. "What is it you want, Matsuri? I have a feeling you a have a reason for waking us up," he paused, seeing what time it was. "AT FOUR IN THE MORNING? WHAT THE HELL? CLASS DON'T START AT UNTIL SEVEN"

"Hashiba," Sunao groaned, "stop screaming. I'm trying to sleep."

"Oh Nao-kun. We have no time to sleep now," Matsuri explained. Sunao sighed, sitting up in his bed to see what Matsuri has up his sleeve this time. "'The Do-It-Alls' have a mission this morning. Aya-sama needs our help."

"The head lunch lady," the pinkette asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Hai. A few of the other lunch workers are out for the day, and we were requested to fill in."

"What about lunch," Sunao asked, "We can't just leave class to prepare lunch."

"Ah, but Shinichiro already has gave us permission to be excused." Both Sunao and Sora froze. They realized that if Shinichiro is involved, then they have no choice in the matter. Matsuri is always a step ahead of them. Matsuri smiled. "Get dressed. I'll see you two down stairs," he said as he let himself out. Sunao turned to Sora, who had a depressing look on his face. "What is it?"

"I'm never going to sleep, am I?

"At least you slept in, yesterday."

"You really are going to hold that against me, huh?"

"Yep," he said, followed by a wink, "Now we better get ready."

"Just eggs, please," Gaku Ichikawa requested. The young scientist smile quickly changed to a surprised expression. He stared at the one who served his eggs. He couldn't believe who it was...probably because he didn't recognize him "F-Fujimori? What are doing over there?"

Fujimori was dressed as a typical lunch worker. Over his regular school clothes, he wore a white apron with bit of food stains on it. His hair was tied in a ponytail, but pinned up and secured in a hairnet.

He bowed his head out of pure annoyance. This was certainly not the first time someone asked that question. However, that wasn't what bothered him. Of all people, Ichikawa has no idea. "You really have to ask," he sighed.


Fujimori nods. "Is Sora in there too?" Fujimori sighs again.

"Yes. He's cleaning up the mess he made in the back." He slammed his hands on the serving counter, growling, just before he shouted loud enough for everyone in the kitchen to hear, especially a certain blue haired boy. "Apparently, the idiot thought that the 'wet floor' sign was for only indicating the water on the floor around the sink. Not just the fact that we just mopped the floor like three minutes before we opened the kitchen." His voice returned to a normal tone as he stated, "So let's just say we won't be having grits this morning." ((A/N: I hate grits. Who does really? Thus, Sora is my favorite person right now))

"Shut up!" Sora screamed from the back of the kitchen," I got it done, didn't I." Sora walked over to the serving line. Gaku could almost die laughing when he saw the grits all over him, slowly dripping off of him. He snickered a little, but after Sora started threatening that if anyone laughs that he would kill them, he stopped.

The awkward silence ending when they heard a faint click close by. It turns out it was Matsuri, taking photo of the couple. Matsuri slid his plate down the serving line, wearing his regular uniform and his hair down…obviously not dressed to help them out in the kitchen like he was suppose to be. "Hi."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE," both of the boys hollered at the same time. He shrugged his shoulders. "We were able to leave whenever Sora-kun was done cleaning up the grits. Aya-sama said that she will take care of it from here so we could eat."

"You say that now," Sora exhaled.

"You better eat now while you still can. You only have about ten minutes left before class starts."

They both hung their aprons next to the main entrance to the kitchen, along with their hairnets. Sora started snickering to how messed up Sunao's hair looked. After he managed to get all those pins out of his hair, it looked slightly wavy and extremely frizzed up. He snarled, "Say one word and you'll regret it." Sora stopped like the little obedient puppy he truly was. He got his ribbon and pulled his hair up in a ponytail that made his hair look shorter and the waves intentional. "How's that look," he asked Sora. "Not bad," he said with a wide grin.

As they entered the cafeteria, it was obvious that most of the students were finished with their meals and gone off to class. Only a few students remained in the cafeteria, half were even eating. They were just gathered around at a table, gossiping, and copying each other's work.

"So where's Nagase," Matsuri asked as everyone was eating what they could before the bell rung.

"He wanted to get started on the experiment that our science class will be working on today."

"Why he can't just wait like everyone asked, "Sora grumbled.

"Because science is our burning passion," he said, his eyes sparkling and smiles like a gitty school girl. "We now have the desire to conquer everything that science has in our way. Solve any equation, discovery any element-with the power of love…"

Sunao sighed and mumbled as Gaku got carried away in his lost world of love and science speech, "You had to get him started, didn't you, Hashiba?"

He smirked. "Like I had to really say something. Ever since he came back from the hot springs, it's been none stop with this guy. He is really into this guy, Nagase. I guess second chances do make a difference."


"Don't worry," Sora exclaimed, "the whole school probably hears you. Someone is bond to listen."

"You two seem to be getting really close," Matsuri pointed out.


"Hmp," Gaku pouted.

"I'm going to head to class," Sunao said as he gathered all his things together, then turning to Sora. "Are you coming?"

"Go ahead. I left my things in my room."

"You better hurry. You're going to be late."

"I'll be fi…" It was then the bell rung.

"You were saying?"_

Sora dashed through the halls as fast as he could to get his things from his room. "Why did I have to leave everything?" He asked himself as he was racing the clock. "Fujimori is right; I am a baka."

"Out of the way," he would shout. Surprisingly he managed to pass by everyone that came across his way like a speeding bullet. There weren't many people there, just a bunch of freshman trying to find there way around still.

He was on the right floor when the late bell rang, "Damn it," he cursed under his breath. He could imagine Shinichiro giving him a hard time for being late…again. Why does he have to have that pointer with him? That thing hurts like hell, and Shinichiro sure knows how to use it quite well. How could this day get any worse? Oh yeah, he has to serve lunch and dinner. Just peachy.

He made it in his room and quickly found all his stuff on his bed. He swung his bag over his shoulder and raced now to get to class as fast as he could. However the moment he made his way out of the room, someone was passing right through his dorm.

The two collided and fell backward. Sora landed on his side, his bag certainly was not something soft to land on. "Owwww," he groaned. This certainly not his best day. The moment he lifted himself up, the other was already sitting up, handing him a green spiral notebook. 'Did that fall out of my bag,' he wondered. He took the notebook and placed it back in his bag. "Gomen," a soft voice said, "you're not hurt, are you." He looked back over to see the person he ran into.

It was a young man, maybe a year or so younger than Sora. He had short and thick very dark blackish-purple hair, like an average boy's hairstyle. His bangs made it all the way to his eyebrows and covered his entire forehead. His eyes were a bright purple that had that look of innocence gleaming within.

"Yeah, I'm fine; however, I should be the one apologizing," Sora said, offering the young man a friendly smile. "Are you ok?" He nodded as he was gathering all his things and placing them in a box. Sora then noticed how much stuff as around. It wasn't as much as Sunao had when he was moving in their dorm, but it was still obvious. "Here, let me give you a hand. It's the least I can do since I caused it," Sora said as he helped the boy pick up, placing everything so neatly inside the box. "Y-you don't h-have to," he stuttered, "You probably should be get going to whatever you were in a rush for to begin with."

"No, really," Sora said, "I don't mind helping you out. Like I said, I caused this."

"T-Thank you," he said so softly and timidly.

"Are you moving in," Sora asked.

The boy nodded once more. "I-I just transferred here and just got here a few minutes ago, "he responded, not stuttering as much.

"Well then," he stated as they finished up cleaning after their mess, "welcome." They stood up. The boy was about to get his box when Sora held his hand out, "I'm Sora Hashiba."

The boy returned Sora's smile and took his hand. "I'm…Mira…Mira Tanaka," he hesitated, like he had to remember or he was really, really shy.

"Is there anything else I can do?"

"You really should get to class. I don't wanna be the cause for you to be late."

Sora shrugged his shoulders, "I'm already late. I think I can come up with an excuse."

"W-Well, I can't find the room I'm assigned to. Do you think you could direct me to it, p-please?" He requested, reaching in his pocket and handing Sora a piece of paper. Sora read it and looked back at the boy, who had his box secured in his arms. "You're moving into Gaku's old room. Wow, I didn't know Matsuri already had someone planned on moving into that room so quickly. Yeah sure, follow me."

"Ah, Sora. Nice for you to show up, "Shinichiro said as Sora walked in.

"Sorry about everything, sensei," he apologized as he bowed, "I was…"

"No need to explain, Sora. Sunao told me about the mess you made in the kitchen and had to clean up before leaving. You're excused. Just have a seat."

"Eh?" That was weird. He looked over to where Sunao sat, staring at him with a baffled look on his face. Sunao smiled and gave Sora a little wink; that's when it made all sense to him. As he made his way to his seat, he lipped to 'Thank you' to Sunao. Sora had a seat that was right in front of Sunao.

"What took you so long," Sunao asked.

"Had a little run in, that's all."

Shinichiro sighed, turning back to black, drawing a gridded graph. "Right then, back to the lesson. To solve a system of inequalities, we need to find the ordered pairs that satisfy all of the inequalities in the system. One way…"

Once again, he was interrupted by a faint knock on the other side of the door. "Enter," he demanded.

All eyes were on the purple-eyed student that hesitantly made his way in the classroom. "Is this the Math Department Room?"

"Yes," he answered, "and who may I be addressing?"

"I'm Mira Tanaka." He handed his new teacher a schedule, confirming he is where he should be.

"Well Mira, please make yourself comfortable in any empty seat." Mira turned, now facing the class, scanning the room for any seat. "Tanaka," someone whispered loud enough for him to hear. He turned his head in that direction, seeing Sora Hashiba waving, beckoning for him to sit in the seat next to him.

"You know him," Sunao whispered.

"We met in the halls," Sora explained, "he's really shy."

"I don't blame him," he retorted, "It's hard being the new guy."

Mira sat down in the desk Sora was beside, and everyone paid attention to the lesson. Sunao, as usual, got the lesson really quick, and Sora was caught in his own little world, daydream about whatever comes to mind. Shinichiro realized that that was exactly was what Sora was doing, so he decided that it would be fun to call him out on the spot. "Sora," he said. Sora instantly snapped out of his daydreaming and his eyes were locked on his teacher. 'You just love this,' Sora hissed within his thoughts, 'making me look like an idiot in front of everyone.' "Yes."

His teacher smirked, "Solve the problem on the board." Sora's eyes shifted to the black board and read the equation.

Find the coordinates of the vertices of the figure formed by x + y is greater than or equal to negative one, x - y is less than or greater than six, and 12y + x is less than or equal to thirty-two.

"Come up to the board and graph each the inequalities," Shinichiro beckoned, holding out a piece of chalk.

"You know I don't know," Sora countered.

"Then perhaps you should listen and then by some miracle it would click to you, instead of watching the clouds go by. Sunao, could you be so helpful."

"Yes, sensei," Sunao said, sitting up and coming up to blackboard. By the time he finished, the entire board was covered with his work with his answers circled. "Very good, Sunao," he said. Sunao brushed the compliment off his shoulders. It wasn't a big deal for him to catch on to math so easily. Shinichiro eyes glanced back at the blue-haired dunce. "Do you understand now, Sora?"

"Hai," he lied. 'Jokes on you. I wasn't listening at all,' he thought to himself, laughing a little.

"Well, then," he said, erasing all of Sunao's work, including the answer. "Why don't you come over and show us what you know."

Sweat drop.

'How did he…'

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