Can't resist you

Chapter 1


Shep, Ronon, Teyla and Carter had an amazing night together but Shep realized he has the hots for Ronon.

Shep lay on his bed after returning from an early breakfast, he decided he wanted to avoid everyone, it was his day off and needed to be alone with his thoughts. His thoughts about Ronon actually, he couldn't get him out of his head. The evening session he had with Teyla, Carter and Ronon had been fantastic. What was confusing was why he got all heated watching Ronon when he never had any kind of feelings towards a man before? Maybe it was a Satedan thing. They just ooze sex appeal. Every woman on Atlantis has been trying to get into his pants since the day he joined, but how many men where trying too? It was an interesting question, well, at least Shep thought so.

Finding his hand wandering over his crotch, already he had a semi hard-on, fuck! This isn't right, is it? However, he continued to feel over his bulge and think about the Satedan, naked, his ass all round and firm, those long muscular thighs and not forgetting his cock.

The door alert sounded and startled Shep, jumping he headed over and opened the door and got a surprise.

"Hey buddy!"

Ronon was leaning in the doorway, both arms outstretched as if propping up the framework.

"Can I come in?"

"Sure" Shep moved to the side and let Ronon pass through. Adjusting his pants, he tried to hide his erection.

"Missed you at breakfast, you okay?" Ronon asked. His hands were on his hips and he was staring intently at Shep.

"I kinda had some stuff to do here so I took a quick breakfast, sorry buddy" Shep was feeling a bit nervous, he never was any good at lying and felt that Ronon knew he wasn't being truthful. Ronon stared at Shep and then moved his eyes down, as if he was checking out his crotch but then looked straight back into his eyes, moving closer as he did.

"Is there something you wanna tell me Shep?"

Ronon was now very close and staring hard. Shep's heart was pounding, what the fuck was he gonna say,

'yes actually Ronon I wanna fuck the ass of you, would you mind?' Shep remained silent, he was carried away by how gorgeous Ronon looked up close, and he found himself studying his mouth, fuck! He had hot lips, full and inviting.

Ronon, as if knowing what Shep was thinking, ran his tongue over his lower lip.

'Did you just do that on purpose?' Shep's brain was working overtime. Feeling himself flush, he took a step backwards.

"Like what buddy?"

Ronon moved closer again and reached one hand to Shep's crotch. Feeling Shep's hard on.

Catching him completely by surprise, he tried to reply but just stuttered; Ronon leaned in and with his mouth within licking distance from Shep's, his breathing hard, he stared into his eyes.

"You want me Shep?" cocking his head slightly to one side as he asked.

Both of them stood silent and still, neither making any further movements, Ronon still with his hand on Shep's now throbbing package. "Don't actually know what I want, just kinda got some things going round in my head and not sure what to do about it, s'all"

Removing his hand and stepping back Ronon rang his fingers over his head and relaxed his stance "me too, so what we gonna do about it?" raising an eyebrow and continuing to stare, waiting to receive his reply.

"Well, I'm not really sure right now. What do you wanna do about it?" putting the ball back in Ronon's court. Shep was nervous about saying what he really wanted, maybe Ronon was just messing with him and was gonna say 'gotcha' any second.

Slowly but deliberately the Satedan walked forward, reached his hands to Shep's face; he continued to travel until he hit the wall. Pressing his body hard against his buddy's, with one slow and deliberate lick, swiped his tongue over his mouth. Looking straight into his eyes, Ronon waited for a response. Unable to resist the full lips that were begging in front of him, Shep kissed back, and covering Ronon's mouth with his own, parted his lips open and pushed the tip of his tongue gently inside to coax out its new playmate. Ronon let out a low growl, breathing into Shep's mouth releasing his tongue to play with his buddy. Both of them breathing hard, Ronon running his hands up and through Shep's hair began grinding himself against his hips. Feeling his hardness, rubbing against his own erection, Shep reached his hands round Ronon's back and pulled him closer. Moving his hands all over the muscular body unable to resist traveling downwards, he grabbed the sexy ass with eager hands and began squeezing both cheeks.

Letting out another low groan and forcing his tongue deeper, Ronon continued his barrage, exploring and teasing before pulling back and sucking on the eager tongue. Returning his mouth to its original position, continuing to search for a place in Shep's mouth he hadn't yet licked.

With his brain now on serious threat of overload Shep was finding it hard to breath, Ronon seemed almost intent on suffocating him with the constant pressure he was applying to his body and with the onslaught from his hot mouth. Needing to breathe normal for a moment, Shep released his mouth from Ronon's, gently pushing his head forward and then pulling back.

"Fuck Ronon! You're killing me" he managed to breathe out, almost gasping for air.

Ronon grinned and licked his lips, "want me to stop?"

"Hell no"

Letting out a low growl as he moved his hands onto Shep's chest, continuing further until he reached his pants, feeling for the zipper, he whispered "glad to hear it". He unzipped his pants and pushed his hand inside, unable to wait any longer.

"God!" Shep breathed out, releasing Ronon's ass he brought his hands round and reached up to his hair, gently pulling his head over to one side to expose his neck, he sucked and tongued the flesh. Ronon needed to get both hands on Shep's meat and started pushing his pants down with his free hand, Shep assisted eagerly, taking the opportunity to remove Ronon's vest whilst he had released his grasp on his cock. Ronon was breathing really hard and eager to continue playing, pressing his mouth to Shep's he sucked on his lower lip and nibbled as he released it. "Can I suck you?" he asked in a low and quiet gravelly voice.

"Thought you'd never ask" Shep sighed and followed his words with a deep kiss.