Can't resist you



After their first experiment together, Ronon and Shep decided they both had a good time and wanted a repeat performance.


Ronon and Shep had been off world and had just arrived back in Atlantis. It was their first day back since their 'liaison' together and although both of them expected there might be some awkwardness, it turned out to be quite a fun day. Shep was finding it difficult keeping his eyes off Ronon's ass, trying to stand behind him every chance he got. Ronon, aware of this, deliberately teased Shep by running his hand over his cheek, as if rubbing away an ache. That, together with a lip lick, as he turned to look at Shep, just about pushed him over the edge. This went on all through the day and by the time they reached Atlantis; Shep had just about had as much as he could take.

Teyla and Shep were sitting down to dinner with Rodney, Ronon had just arrived and sat down then began devouring his meal. Shep was quiet and couldn't be bothered to even get involved with the heated discussion between Teyla and Rodney; as usual Rodney had been complaining that they never took enough food with them off world which made him ravenous when he returned. Teyla tried to explain that carrying copious amounts off food would take up too much room in their backpacks, and given the amount and quantity Rodney usually ate, would mean someone else would end up carrying Rodney's baggage.

Watching Ronon eat was something that Shep found extremely provocative. Thinking maybe he was doing it on purpose, licking and sucking on his fingers before picking up another rib and nibbling the meat from it; but then Shep decided it was just Ronon's way. Everything he did was hot, hell, he just had to sit there motionless and Shep thought he was hot. Finally, Ronon finished and relaxed back in his chair, raising his arms up behind his head, staring intently at Shep.

Don't you dare, don't you fucking dare!

Running his tongue over his lower lip, Ronon watched for Shep's reaction, then grinned.


"I think I'm gonna turn in, it's been a busy day" Shep smirked at Ronon when he spoke, acknowledged Teyla and Rodney, then made his way out, heading for his quarters.

Waiting for a few minutes before leaving, Ronon did the same. On his way out, he bumped into Carter.

"Hi Ronon" Carter smiled cheerily at him, her pretty face beaming as usual.

"Hey" Ronon replied, It was the first time he had seen her since their night with Teyla and Shep, they hadn't got chance to meet up since as she had been confined to her office making some reports for the IOA.

"I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to see you but I have to get these reports finished for the meeting tomorrow, once they are finished, I promised we can catch up" she whispered to him, leaning in slightly to avoid being overheard.

"Looking forward to it," He checked round before answering, "catch you tomorrow". Raising his eyebrows and smiling at her as he proceeded to exit the canteen.

Arriving at Shep's quarters, he touched the door alert and waited to be invited in, which wasn't long, it appeared that his new lover was eager to receive him and must have been standing near the door waiting for his call. Ronon didn't wait for his invitation, as soon as the door pulled open he charged into the room and stood directly in front of Shep as if in confrontation. His gate was almost menacing, staring, glaring into his eyes with a slight grin on his face, he didn't speak. Once the door had closed, Shep shoved as hard as he could at the Satedan, pushing him back against the door. Without a sound, he reached his hands to Ronon's head, taking hold of his dreads causing him to hiss then forcing his mouth hard against his. Reaching his arms round Shep's waist, Ronon pulled him close to him, then pushing down on his ass to make his hips make contact with his own as he rubbed himself against him. Shep let out a quiet moan as he continued to press his mouth onto his lover's, not needing to force open the full, sensual lips as Ronon was eager to receive him, beckoning his tongue to enter his mouth. Sucking and pulling at his lips to entice him to play and letting out a low moan as Shep's tongue plunged deep into his mouth. Shep pushed his body closer, squeezing him against the door.

Managing to break free from the intensity of his kiss, "you want me?" Ronon asked in a throaty voice, almost fighting for breath as Shep continued to press his body against his.

"All fucking day buddy" Shep breathed out, continuing his assault on the hot mouth. Both of them breathing hard, unable to control their passion, they became almost frantic, each of them eager to gain access into the other's mouth. Running his hands down Ronon's trunk he reached for the edge of his shirt, pulling it up and releasing his kiss just for a moment in order to remove the clothing, his eager playmate assisting. Looking at the naked chest in front of him, unable to resist touching, he teased his fingers over the magnificence, exploring every inch. Looking up to meet Ronon's eyes briefly before following his gaze down to the wet lips that were beckoning him back, he leaned closer.

Ronon was unable to resist another tease and let his tongue teeter on the edge of his mouth before letting out a dirty grin. All fucking day you been doing that, now I'm gonna give you something else to do with that tongue of yours

Taking a step back and removing his hands from Ronon's body, he reached to his pants and began unfastening them. As he pushed them down to reveal his hard cock he grabbed at Ronon's head and took hold of his dreads tight. Yanking him towards him as he spoke Shep stared straight at the Satedan who was now hissing and growling as he continued to pull.

"I got a job for that tongue of yours" taking another step back and pulling down on the handful of dreads he was holding.

As Ronon was pulled lower, he pushed at Shep, as if tackling him, forcing him back further until he hit the bed. Shep fell back and as he did, released the hold on his hair. Throwing back his head, his dreads following Ronon lunged onto his prostrated buddy, leaning over him with his face close to his. Breathing hard, he wedged his tongue through his lips, parting his mouth with his own and drilled his tongue into his mouth. Before Shep had a chance to reciprocate with his own eager tongue Ronon left his mouth and was making his way down his neck. Sucking hard and causing bruising as traveled down, he suckled the erect nipples before draping his tongue across the lean torso and down to the meat. Sliding back and kneeling on the floor, Ronon rested his weight between Shep's open legs then finally made use of his tongue. Making sure he tilted his head slightly to the side, in order to watch Shep who was now resting up on his elbows, he began licking his way up the shaft of the erection.

"Fuck!" Shep moaned, watching as his lovers lips started sucking their way up his cock.

The eager tongue was now ready to work and flicked over the tip of the wet head causing Shep to breathe in sharply and hiss through gritted teeth. Watching his victim fall prey to his mastery, Ronon ran his fingers up the shaft rubbing his thumb over the sensitive area, wetting it with the pre-cum that was leaking from the tip before proceeding to tease further. Still keeping his eyes fixed firmly on Shep's face as he sucked at him, then taking hold with his long fingers guided it into his mouth before plunging his face down hard to swallow his length.

"God! Ronon!" Shep cried out, unable to still his voice.

Pumping his cock with his hand and sucking hard Ronon expertly drove his playmate crazy, occasionally stopping to look at his buddy but still with his cock deep in his mouth as he did, driving him further into insanity. Shep was moaning and groaning louder, unable to keep quiet, cursing and swearing at the hot mouth latched onto his cock like a leach. You're driving me crazy and you know it you fucking tease.

Giving him time to recover for a moment, not wanting his lover to cum too soon, Ronon disengaged his hold on Shep's meat, deciding there were other ways to drive him to madness. Moving his hands down firm thighs, he reached behind his knees and gently pushed them higher, exposing Shep's ass. With one continuous swipe, he licked from his ass, over his balls and up the length of his cock finishing with a suck at the tip of his cock.

"Fuck!...Aw…. fuck! Ronon!"

Releasing a hand and bringing it to his mouth, he licked his index finger; before removing it making sure it was thoroughly wet then placed it onto Shep's anus, teasing the puckered hole. "Fuck… oh my god… that's…. fucking ….good" He managed to breathe out as he threw his head back. The sensation was unbelievable; it was sending tiny shock waves through his body, causing him to twitch.

Ronon was enjoying himself immensely, his own cock was trying hard to burst out of his pants and whilst it was fun driving Shep crazy, he wanted some attention himself. Unfastening his pants and removing them, he let his cock loose; it was throbbing hard and leaking, running his hand down his thick length then moving back up to the tip squeezing gently, he let out a groan. He watched Shep whilst he massaged his cock, wanting to tease him further, it worked.

Shep needed more, he wanted Ronon to delve deeper and realizing some lubrication was required pointed to the cabinet next to the bed. "Lube's in the drawer buddy". Ronon reached over and took out the tube, removed the lid and rubbed it onto his fingers. Smiling back at Shep as he rubbed his thumb and finger together "yeah!"

Getting back into position he gently inserted his finger into the tight hole, Shep breathing hard as he did and letting out a groan. Ronon sucked on the tight ball sac as he fingered the ass-hole deeper, causing Shep to gasp. "More….. I want more….. " he begged. Obliging and ever faithful, Ronon inserted another finger and began exploring. "Fuck!...fuck!"

Ronon lifted his head and watched as he drove his playmate crazy. With his free hand, he stroked himself, moaning and growling as he did. "I really need to suck your tongue buddy" Shep pleaded. Releasing the grip on his cock he reached and pulled himself up, raising his knee's onto the bed and leaning forward. Moving his head closer he licked over the begging mouth as Shep let out a groan. "You're so fucking hot you know that don't ya?' He whispered into the Satedan's mouth, sucking on the tongue as it lingered over his lips. "Deeper Ronon, I need you inside me deeper" he continued to beg, sucking on the full lips of his lover.

"Want somethin' bigger?" Ronon asked teasingly.

"God yes, Fuck me Ronon," Shep begged, breathing hard into his hot mouth.

"You sure that's what you want" Staring at his lover.

"Hell yeah! I wanna feel your cock inside me buddy"

Ronon gave a wry smile then kissed down the throbbing vein that was now doing the cha cha on Shep's neck. Pushing himself up into a kneeling position and removing his fingers, reached for the lube. Applying liberal amounts into his palm, he ran it over his cock, breathing hard as he stroked. Shep reached for his knees and brought them up, pulling them higher. Edging his knee's forward Ronon rested a hand on Shep's stomach whilst he nudged the tip of his cock to his ass. "Yeah fuck me Ronon, wanna feel you" Shep encouraged as his lover pushed into him slowly.

"Aw…. Fuck!" Shep cried, feeling the thick cock enter him. Ronon was breathing hard and leaned in to push deeper inside the tight hole. "Fuck Shep, you're so fucking tight" he gasped, already feeling himself wanting to cum. "Feels good," he growled, inching his way slowly into his ass.

Already feeling the need to cum Shep's cock was twitching, the feeling running through him was intense, and the burning in his ass as Ronon's cock forced its way in. Although he didn't want him to stop and begged for more. "Fuck me, C'mon buddy, fuck me"

Leaning forward and resting his hands either side of Shep's head, moving closer, covering his mouth with his own. Thrusting deeper, causing him to breathe harder and faster, he swallowed the heated breath that released as Shep moaned and whimpered.

"Feel so good Shep….. Aw… wanna cum ….. Fuck! The tight hole gripped Ronon's thick length, as his body flinched and twitched at every thrust, the feelings where traveling up his cock and into his body. Unable to control his hips as they bucked, pushing deeper into the tight ass making Shep cry out as he hit that spot, "Fuck!"

With Shep's muscles now clamping down on his cock, Ronon's orgasm began, he pushed and leaned onto the throbbing cock that was lodged between their sweating and heated bodies bringing Shep's climax too. Together they exploded, both of their orgasms ripping into them and coursing through their veins. Crying out in ecstasy and holding onto each other as their hips twitched and bucked together, their pleasure seemingly endless.

After reaching unbelievable heights of ecstasy it was all too soon that their rapturous delight subsided, leaving them breathing hard and heavy; whimpering and sighing until they finally rested.