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They were all gone. I had know one left, absolutely know one. Death it seems, surrounded me.

Maybe this is karma, but what did I do that was so horrible that I deserved this? Maybe I was a horrible person in my past life. Like what if I was a serial killer and because I took those people away from their loved ones, I was to lose my family in this life. Or I could be cursed, just like some princesses are in fairy-tales. I suppose it could be fate, the theory that all of this happened for a reason in hopes that something better would come along. But why would fate be so cruel?

I know I sounded ridiculous. This wasn't karma or past lives or even curses. I highly doubt it was even fate. It was just life. Just how life turned out for me I guess, as sad as that seems.

I was five years old when my parents died. It was a car accident. It should have never happened, it was just too simple. I don't remember much from that time of my life, but I know they were supposed to be back soon.

They just went out for some dinner. Pizza, they went out for some pizza. Mom never liked having to wait for it to get delivered, sometimes they would get our address wrong and it would be sent an hour later. So they went out to bring it home, while I stayed at home with my Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett. "We love you baby." My mother said as she and my father both kissed my forehead.

And that was it. That was the last thing I would ever hear my mother say. The very last time I saw my parents again...

My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I'm the daughter of Edward and Isabella Cullen. We were a wealthy family that lived in the Near Northside of Chicago. More specificity we lived in the Gold Coast, the wealthiest neighborhood in Chicago. We were owners of a large townhouse that had a Gothic-Victorian style to it. My mother hated that house. She much preferred our small cottage in Wisconsin that we spent the summer months in.

My father made his living as a doctor, just like his adopted father was. You see his biological parents died when he was very young, I guess we have that in common. So Carslie and Esme Cullen adopted my father Edward and later my aunt Rosalie.

My mother was a writer but she preferred the term aspiring novelist, as nothing of her's was ever published. My mother's parents Charlie and Renee Swan got divorced when she was young. So she grew up in Phoenix with her mother. But when she was a teenager she moved to Forks to be with her father.

She later met my father in Forks, where the Cullen family was living at the time and they fell in love. Shortly after they got married and a couple of months after that, I happened. After that we all moved to Chicago.

After my parents died however Charlie was appointed to be my legal guardian. Since all my other grandparents died and aunt Rosalie is always traveling with her husband Emmett over seas.

That was fine with Charlie and me though because we adored each other. He moved to Chicago for me so I wouldn't have to live in a unfamiliar place. Calling him a sweet man would be such an understatement. He was the most amazing man I'd ever known, and I loved him dearly.

Past tense, that's how I have to describe him now. Like I said death just seems to follow me, like a plague.

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