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"Nahuel" I breathed looking at the teak eyed man.

"Renesmee, wow." he spoke in his Mapuche accent that I loved.

The bell rang. I guess I was late. Or rather we we're. He didn't look like he cared, and I sure as hell didn't.

He looked me up and down approvingly. I copied his movements.

I always thought Nahuel was beautiful. But that fact was obvious to me now more than ever as I looked at him. He was no longer a boy but a man. A very attractive man at that.

He was taller then he was before, 6'1 maybe? He was lean, but you could tell he had a great deal of muscle. He still was the owner of the teak eyes that still captivated me. And his skin was still the same warm brown that reminded me of chocolate milk. His jaw was more refined, which made him look so utterly masculine. He cut his long black almost blue hair, so that it was shorter. But it was still sorta longish because it was shaggy, but in the good sexy way. Did I really just think sexy? My god I did.

My faced burned at the realization. God what was wrong with me lately? First Jacob then Nahuel. We're my teenage hormones so deprived that now my body must react to every attractive male on the planet?

"Alright now everybody get to class." A petite woman with short black hair said interrupting our gaze.

"Will you have lunch with me? You know, so we can catch up?" Nahuel asked me.

"Yes, yes of course." I said a bit too eagerly.

"Great, I'll see you at lunch then." he said flashing me his perfect white teeth.

I knew I had to get to the office so I could get my schedule. I felt something vibrating, it was my phone. I got a text, from Jacob.

"Hope everything is going ok. I took off of work early so we could go do something. So I'll see you this afternoon then." I smiled to myself as I read the text. Jacob was so funny, that was probably the longest text ever. And yet like everything else, he pulled it off. Only he could get away with it.

I walked into the office smiling.

"Hello, I'm Gianna the secretary. You must be the new girl." She spoke with an Italian accent.

I nodded "Yes, I'm Renesmee Cullen."

"Miss Cullen is here." She spoke into the phone.

The doors beyond Gianna openedand a man came out. He had black hair and pasty white skin, and blackish eyes. He was sorta creepy. Then again, anyone who chooses to work in education is creepy to me. Other than Jasper, no he's sorta creepy too. But in a better way, I suppose.

"Hello Miss Cullen, I'm Headmaster Aro Volturi." He had a British accent. He held out his hand for me to take it. I did and shook it slowly.

"Hi. It's nice to meet you Mr. Volturi." I replied

"Please, call me Aro." God, he was a weird one.

"Ok, Aro." he smiled when I said that.

"Well then, Gianna will give you you're schedule. And if you ever need anything else, don't be afraid to ask." With that he nodded and went back to his private office behind Gianna.

Gianna gave me my schedule. I walked out of the office to look at it. I know people always look stupid when their face is stuck in a piece of paper, but I really had no choice. Cause I had no idea to where I was going.

The first class I had was Statistics, great. I never was good at math. Jasper didn't really like teaching it either, though.

I found the class. I went in and all eyes turned to me, of course. Some guys were checking me out, while some girls were openly glaring at me. 'It's always nice when you get a warm welcome.'I thought sarcasticly. Nahuel wasn't in my class which was disappointing. But I'd manage.

"You're late." the teacher said looking at me. Though she was smiling. So I didn't know if that was because I wasn't in trouble or because she enjoyed my being in trouble.

"I'm new." I didn't really know what to say other than that.

I gave her my schedule so she could see I wasn't lying. But instead she was looking at my outfit.

"Betsy Johnson." She said giving me an approving nod and smile.

I caught a whiff of her perfume. "Chanel no.5." She smiled widely. I could just tell we would get along great.

"Go have a seat Miss Cullen."

I went to sit down in the front row. Ms. Alice Brandon, was written on the board. I recognized Miss Brandon as the one from the hallway when I was talking to Nahuel. She was short and petite. She had black short hair styled spiky with a heart pin in it. She had very narrow features with hazel colored eyes. She was very beautiful, not creepy like the other teachers here.

The rest of the day went by fine as I anxiously waited for lunch. When it was twelve I almost died of excitement. I haven't seen him in forever. And now here we we're at the same school having lunch together. Why was I so eager? I was never like that around guys. So why is it I'm always that way with Nahuel? It was a disturbing thought. I never want to be clingy or anything. I need to just play it cool.

I walked into the lunchroom which had a large selection of well, everything.

I saw Nahuel walking over to me. My heart hammered in my chest as I eyed him walking over to me. Let's just say if this was a movie, he'd be walking in slow motion with the sexy music playing. 'The goes that word again. Sexy, seriously what the hell is wrong with me?' I mentally chastised myself at the thought.

He walked up to me and just hugged me.

"Cherry blossoms and vanilla." He said

"Coffee and cinnamon." I replied smiling

"Damn, I missed you." he said shaking his head looking me up and down.


"Longest two years of my life."

"Mine too."

"So, what made you move to Seattle?" He asked

"I could ask you the same thing." I replied slowly.

"God Ren, I was so stupid. I thought I was going to die if you didn't love me back. I felt horrible, but I know that's not you're fault it's all mine. I read the wrong signs. And gosh Rennie, I'm so sorry." He looked so sincere. But maybe he was just acting.

"So you really did leave because of me." I breathed. It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"Yeah, I did. But like I said it was all my fault. I was just a stupid sixteen year old, and I couldn't handle you're rejection. I wish I never would have left. But by time I realized that fact, Huilen wouldn't let me move back."

"Well after you left I realized a few things too." I added sheepish.

"Oh yeah? Like what?" he asked me.

"How much you meant to me." I breathed blushing. It was such an embarrassing thing to say. I can't believe I said it. It just made me sound and feel so vulnerable.

But maybe vulnerable was what I needed. If I would have been vulnerable two years ago maybe I could have spared us both the pain.

During lunchtime, Nahuel and I just talked. I don't know how to explain it really. We just flow. Were weren't talking about anything in particular, we were just talking. It was nice, I forgot how much Nahuel and I connected.

The rest of the school day was rather boring. I met these two weird twins, who seriously creeped me out. Some people even called them "Witch Twins"which was funny. But other than that and Nahuel, it was pretty uneventful. Which was good. Boring at school, is very good. Especially when you're the new kid.

Nahuel and I sat together during History. I was blushing the whole time. Thank god I have long hair. I took out the clip in my hair and let the curls fall. Nahuel was fingering my hair, it felt so nice. I sighed.

"So do you wanna go out to dinner tonight?" Nahuel asked me. I could barley breath let alone concentrate. I had no idea what he was saying or asking.

I nodded. God, that man could lure me off a cliff. And I'd follow happily. I decided that I didn't like that fact. I was well aware of my attachment to him, as was he. I just hoped he wouldn't use that against me.


Where the hell was she? School got out hours ago. Oh my god, what if something bad happened to her? God, I don't know what I'd do if that happened. Probably kill myself for braking my promise to Charlie that I'd protect her.

Also admittedly, If Nessie died so would my only chance at happiness. And I didn't want to give up on that. It was obviously very clear to me that I liked Ness, way more than I should. And now I was stuck not knowing what to go about it.

Normally I would make a move or something. But Nessie isn't just some normal girl I would date. She's young and funny, and innocent. It wouldn't feel right if I treated her like that because she wasn't like that. Plus she was a minor and she lived with me. Both of those facts could make everything totally awkward.

I planned on taking her out to dinner tonight, no unfortunately not like a date. Just a little something to make her feel at home, since this was her home now. And I couldn't cook, if I did that would definitely scare her off. But the key word was 'planned', as in she never came home. So there goes the dinner idea.

I checked my phone for the hundredth time today, to see if she called. Or called me back. Man, how many messages did I leave her? Hmmm, I'm not sure, math was never my best subject. I know there was a lot of voice messages, and some texts too. Hell, I'm pretty sure I emailed her a couple of times. I'm a stalker, dammit.

And I don't want to be but I sorta just can't help it. I've known her only a couple of days, and already I'd be willing to give her a kidney. Or more, I have no doubt in my mind that she could get me to do anything.

So seriously where is she? Maybe she just went out with some school friends. I'm sure Nessie would have no problem making friends. So maybe she went out with them and her phone died and that's why she didn't call me back. That excuse sounded probable. Plus that kind of reasoning would keep me sane, at least.

Oh god, what if she's out with a boy? Ugh, I'll kick his ass. Nobody touches my girl. Damn, now I'm getting possessive. Shit, I need help. Professional help, to be more specific.

I looked at the clock. Shit, is was almost midnight. If she wasn't home by then I was going to call the cops. I heard a noise. Someone was opening the door.

The door opened reveling a very beautiful yet tired Nessie. I allowed myself to relax slightly.

"Jacob, your still awake.." it was a statement that she said nervously. Good she should be nervous for making me sick with worry.

"Where have you been?" I asked seriously crossing my arms over my chest.

"Umm... I was out with a friend." I said nothing I just watched her. "I'm sorry I didn't call, I accidentally turned my phone off. I haven't read all the directions so I'm still not familiar with it yet." She rambled nervously.

"What friend?" I asked

"An old friend." she stated

"You knew this person before?" How the hell did that happen? She just moved here.

"Yeah, he was my friend before he moved." she explained. He she said he. As in like a boy. My sweet Nessie was hanging out with a boy, and late at night too. Oh, her ass was grounded.

"Wait, he? You were out, with a boy?" I asked just to make sure I got the facts right. Sometimes we called Leah a he too.

Nessie nodded then proceeded to tell me all about the douche bag. How they were besties or some shit before he moved. Then the d-bag never even had the balls to contact her at all. Asshole. Who would ever want to lose Nessie?

"Your not allowed to be friends with boys." I blurted out as she was finishing her story about Manuel, or whatever the hell his name was.

"Wwwhat?" she asked

"You heard me. No boys." She just stared at me in shock. However her mood quickly changed form confusion to anger.

"You can't tell me what to do. Your NOT my dad." She screamed at me

"Oh really? Is that what you said to Charlie? Because I'm in-charge around here, just like he was."

"Shut up, you don't know anything about Charlie. I was the one who spent everyday with him. So don't pretend like it was you who was with him, cause it wasn't." I just watched as the beautiful girl screamed at me. "Not to mention you're not like Charlie. He was family, your not my family. God, I wish I could have just lived with my aunt and uncle." I was about to let what she said go, but then she mentioned Charlie. Charlie was my family.

"Your aunt and uncle? The ones who so kindly, haven't even called you to see how you're doing since Charlies death? Wow what a great family, wish I had one like that." I said sarcasticly, but I wasn't finished. "And what about that boyfriend of yours? He never called or did anything to that affect, do you know why Nessie? That's because he doesn't care, he never cared. Your just some play thing that came back into town, to him." I finished coldly

Nessie's body slumped like she didn't have the will to fight anymore. I also saw tears falling from her eyes as she bit her lip to stifle a sob.

Shit I'm such as asshole. I made her cry. All I want is her to be happy (with me), and instead I made her cry. I was no better than Manuel.

I walked closer to her but that just made her sob harder.

"Nessie honey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I just said." I tried to assure her so hopefully she'd forgive me.

She just shook her head and said, "No you're right, none of them care about me." She kept crying softly "Nobody cares about me." She stated with tears still dripping down her face.

"That's not true." I said coming over to her. I scoped her small frame into my arms and held her. She didn't protest. I looked her in the eyes and said, "I care about you."

She looked at me then asked, "Really?"

"Really." I confirmed. Her cheeks turned pink at my words. "Why do you think I was so upset when you came home? I was really worried about you Ness. I was ready to file a missing person report." I confessed

"I'm sorry I worried you." She said softly snuggling deeper into my chest. It was a nice feeling, her so close to me. Not in a sexual or perverted way, it was just nice caring for someone. And hopefully have them care for you too.

"S'okay, just don't do it again. And I don't want you hanging out with that Manuel guy, I don't trust him." I whispered seriously.

She laughed "M'kay." She replied obediently. I saw her eyes flicker shut.

I pressed my lips to her porcelain forehead and gently kissed her. I picked her up and set her into her bed in her room, regrettably.


I awoke in my bed. It was dark out, I looked at the clock, 4:05.

Wow, today was certainly something else. I mean I run into my old best friend, then we kinda sorta go out on a friendly date. Only to come home and get yelled at, then comforted by the man.

God, the way held me. It's just nobody's ever done that before. And it felt good. Jacob said he cared about me, and I knew he was telling the truth. I could feel in my heart that, that was the truth. I felt so safe and cared for in his arms. It was by far the best thing I've ever felt before.

And all that stuff he said was true. About Rosalie and Emmett, and how they haven't called. He was right, it was obvious they didn't care enough about me. It was sad to think that a former stranger (Jacob) cared more for me than people who (although not) I considered flesh and blood.

The stuff he said about Nahuel or Manuel rather as Jacob calls him, was true too. Nahuel lived in Seattle, Washington. In fact the ass has been here all along. And what, he never thought to call? Or text, or email? Hell he knew my address, he could have snail mailed me too. But he didn't because he didn't care. I was just some play thing to him just like Jacob said. He was probably out to get revenge, for the way I hurt him in the past.

And do you know what really sucks? What sucks is that, here I was crying over him all these years. And he probably never even gave me a second thought.

I will be taking Jacob's advice by staying away from him. It was obvious Nahuel is not good for me. And the last thing I need is another heartbreak. I want to be happy. I don't want to feel sad and lonely anymore.

My whole life, all I've ever felt was alone. And I'd be damned if I was going back there again. The funny thing was, that I thought moving here with Jacob would ruin me. But with him I don't feel that way at all. In fact his presence takes away the sadness, the loneliness, and the emptiness. I sorta feel complete when I'm with him. I mean look at how he calmed me down today, he held me. If anyone else did that I'd probably kick them in the balls or something. But with Jacob it was different. He's different, and I like that.

For the first time since I got here I was truly happy. I don't think I'd be this happy with Rose and Em. Maybe Charlie knew that too, he always knew how to take care of me. So somehow he knew that Jacob would be good for me. Maybe I'd even end up being good for Jacob.

With that pleasant thought in my head I drifted off to sleep.

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