Athens, Greece

February 13 2010, Saturday

A certain conference building

Main conference room

9:32 a.m.

"Okay~," said France as he assessed the situation in front of him, raising his eyebrows. "I don't know what this is about, but this is going to be interesting..."

"Um, shouldn't someone stop them?" Lithuania asked and managed to sound worried through his bewilderment.

"Definitely not going there, that's freaking scary. Though I admit it's entertaining," Denmark shook his head without letting his gaze wander from the scene.

"Russia, shouldn't you do something about that?" America asked, staring eyes wide.

"Why?" Russia asked innocently and smiled. "I'm just happy I'm not included. Though I might wish the winner all good~… after the war."

"Stop calling it a war! Anyway, what. on. Earth. happened?" Germany looked around the table demanding the answer from all those present. No one gave it, just continued to stare at the scene with varying expressions of surprise, astonishment, amusement, utter disbelief and, in the case of Norway, Egypt and Hong Kong, apathy. Sighing, Germany turned to their host. "Greece, don't you know anything about this?"

"Ummm..." Greece contemplated his answer for a while.


Main conference room

9:24 a.m.

Everyone had gathered and the meeting would be able to start in time at 9:30 a.m. For once. It was rare; really, Korea had even come up with the idea of filming this historical moment. Thirty-odd nations all being in the right place at the right time was something that didn't happen on daily basis. Because of time differences someone was almost always jet-lagged and oversleeping no matter where they gathered. If that didn't happen, someone (usually Spain) came up with something 'important' to do just before the meeting. Sometimes there were real problems, like the time in Japan when Italy had choked on his breakfast noodles and had to be taken to the hospital before attending the meeting. And sometimes there were some less real problems like last year in Russia when America had refused to come out of his bed before it was warmer. Anyway, it was rare for them to be on time. Korea's suggestion still wasn't put into effect though.

But Greece wasn't interested in that. He excused himself for a second and left the conference hall for a smaller preparation room on the side. He heard someone hurrying him back so the 'on time miracle' would come true. He mumbled a quick answer, shut the door behind him and turned around to stare at the person who had come after him.

"What's this about?" he asked the ancient god quietly.

Eros smiled and ruffled Greece's hair. "You're such a sweet and cute kid. I'm sure your mother is proud of you. Aren't you a good boy, aren't you huh?"

Greece took the hand away. "Eros, I'm asking you a question. Why are you here?"

"What do you mean why?"

"I haven't even seen you for ages," Greece noted and thought. Though I have heard about things you've done. "What brings you here now, when we're having our Pre-Valentine Conference?"

The god pondered this for a while and then summarized his thoughts for the nation. "I'm bored."


"You know, humans are nice, but what's the point of sharing eternal love when they don't live forever?" Eros gestured to form a human shape in the air.

"Except your love only lasts about a day these days," Greece reminded him. I have heard tons of such stories from my humans lately.

"That's purely trivial. Anyway, I decided to share some worldwide love."

"No need."

"I'm going to get rid of all your emotional worries..."

"Please don't."

"...and make many political hindrances disappear the same time..."

"No, really, we can–"

"...and I'm going to end the old rivalries for good."

"Are you listening?"

"So what do you think? Great idea, huh?" Eros laughed. "Praise me as much as you like."

"You're not listening," Greece mumbled and sighed. "I think you shouldn't do that."

"What? Why?"

"Because it's a bad idea."

"It is not! It's genius! Anyway, I have my beloved bow here ready to make all the worries of our beloved Greece fade to nothing. Don't worry, son," Eros ruffled Greece's hair again. "I won't hit you. I have practised a lot this week, so I'll be at my best when your little meeting begins..."

So that explains all the cats last week...

"...So wish me love– I mean luck, won't you kid? Bye now ~"

"What? Wait a second–" Greece noticed he was alone in the room now. "Oh dear..."


Main conference room

9:33 a.m.

"Greece, don't you know anything about this?"

"Ummm..." Greece contemplated his answer for a while. "No."

On the table in front of France, England and Belarus were at the climax of their battle.

"Stay away from him, you snail!" Belarus screamed and pulled England's hair so hard the man shrieked. "No one comes between me and my love! You hear me! No one! That includes you!"

England grabbed the woman's hand and made her let go of him. He straightened and yelled back. "Silence! You know nothing, you ignorant blockhead!"

"I thought he only called me that," America noted quietly to no one in particular.

"No one is worthy of him if not me after all I've done," England continued. "So you keep your filthy fingers away from my man, woman!"

"Shoot you, sucker," Belarus hissed and stepped on the arm of France's chair and crouched down to hug him. "He's mine..."

England clenched his teeth furiously. "Get away from him right now, Belarus. I'm not going to ask again."

Belarus tightened her grip of France who was trying hard not to look amused. "I'm not going to hand him over to someone like you, you stinking Brit. Go and eat your scones alone somewhere where no one finds you ever again," she purred and pulled the Frenchman against her chest. "I'm going to make food for my love myself."

France frowned at this but then England started glowing so he didn't have time to comment.

Poison-green fire had started dancing around England the moment Belarus declined to let go of France. "I warned you, twat," he growled and his eyes were burning with anger. "From now on, regret your actions in the afterlife..."

France noticed it was time to do something. "Now now, dears, do not fight over me," he smiled, enjoying all the undivided attention he had from England and Belarus as he spoke. But now it was time to come up with something that would stop the fighting. France said what was first in his mind. "I have enough l'amour for both of you."

"Like I'm going to share you with someone like that!" both fighters shouted, pointing at each other.

Okay, that had been a bad idea.

"England," America came beside them and tried to do something about the tension in the air. "Relax, what's wrong with you? I know you have your issues that come up when you're drunk but you're not drunk now so... um... it's just weird and−"

"Shut your mouth you hamburger brain and stop interfering," England growled, wrinkling America's shirt in his hand and effectively shutting him up. "Go to some dark corner where I can't see you."

Russia growled low in his throat at this and America stuttered indignantly, but England simply let go of him and turned his attention back to France who was still in the tight hold of Belarus. France seemed to be enjoying the situation whole-heartedly even though he had no idea what was going on.

Greece had an idea. He frowned at the window opposite him on the other side of the large room where the ancient Greek god was smiling smugly and giving him a thumbs-up.

Greece closed his eyes and shook his head. You've got to be kidding me...


Next: Denmark has a new kind of problem, Finland starts filming and Romano makes a declaration


A/N: Story is transferred here from kink-meme, where I failed to post the whole story. Now I'm going to re-post it here and this time really finish it, now with a proper beta. It's rated T for language, questioning situations, situation that are beyond questioning, sexual references and (minor?) violence. I seriously hope you enjoy the mix.

Eros: Eros is an ancient Greek mythology God of sexual love and beauty. You may be more familiar with the Roman counterpart: Cupid or Amor. He has a power to spread eternal love with his bow and arrows, although in this story his powers have weakened, like Greece reminded him above. Eros is also worshipped as a fertility deity and the patron of male love, so you just beware.

The original request on kink-meme was the following (in short): Nations are having a gather-up on the Valentine's day when Eros shows up and starts messing around with them. His powers have weakened during the centuries, but even now the nation who is shot by an arrow, will fall madly and entirely in love with the first person they see. Since Eros doesn't know the nations well he ends up making some very bizarre pairings. And since only Greece can see Eros, things get a bit confusing to our dear nations.

When I hit a bonus the from original kink-meme-poster I'm going to voice that out. The first one is here: Greece remains uneffected by the arrows and can only watch the chaos that ensues.

Oh by the way, this story is overflowing with crack, if you didn't take a notice of that by now.

To my beta, Lady Emzebel: Emzy, thank you so much for proofreading, even though we had problems with almost everything XD