Unknown hotel

8:35 p.m.



"But it's scary! Scary! Scaryscaryscaryscary! I'm scared! Finlaaand!"

"It's a horror movie, America. It is supposed to be scary." Finland tried to calm America down, patting him on the head. The American hid his face against the Nordic's shoulder, shivering like mad.

"I'm not scared," Liechtenstein announced cheerfully, while yet another hapless victim screamed bloody murder onscreen. Liechtenstein and Finland followed the scene for a while (America had put his head between the cushions and Finland) before the girl continued. "Isn't that girl a bit stupid?"

"Yes," Finland nodded. "But most horror movie characters are. Thought I must admit hiding in a broom closet when the murderer can light a fire is really stupid."

"I'm scared~" America whined and cuddled closer to Finland. "Finland~"

The Nordic sighed and smiled at the cowering America. "Shall we change the film then? Thought it was you who asked me to decide."

"No! Of course we'll watch it to the end! I told you! Horror movies are the kind of things I want to stick with to the very end," America took his head out from hiding and stared determinedly at the screen again.

"But if you don't like them–" Liechtenstein started.

"I do!" America insisted, but started moving restlessly and shivering almost immediately when the murderer's mysterious, heavy breathing started up again. He clutched Finland's upper arm. "But..." he squeaked quietly, staring eyes wide as they fixated on the black and white and bluish screen. "You gotta hold me."

Finland smiled and wrapped his arm around America, hand settling comfortably in his armpit. America stared at the screen, where currently nothing bad was happening but it was uncomfortably silent. (Silent because the main character had just lost sight of one of her comrades who was supposed to be there).

Liechtenstein stared at her "sister" and the shivering lump of meat and hair beside him. America's hair curl was standing straight up and quivering like an antenna. Finland let out a surprised yelp when the young female nation slumped against him and wiggled her way under his other arm. Liechtenstein wrinkled Finland's shirt in her fingers and bent her knees closer.

"I'm scared too!" she decided and Finland laughed.

In the movie, the characters had just come up with an escape plan, but since this was a horror movie, it would fail anyway; no one bothered noting that it was ridiculous in the first place.


Entrance hall

5:49 p.m.

Denmark almost collided with the door when it swung open before him. Sweden pulled him into his arms and glared at whoever it was on the other side of the door.

"Han's off m'wife," he mumbled.

Denmark gaped at him a second before starting to squeez him tightly. "Aww~ man that was the cutest thing you have ever said!"

"Quiet," the one coming in through the door hissed, bringing them back to reality.

"Ah! Korea?" Denmark waved. "Yo man."

"Ho'izit with Nor?" Sweden asked.

"Shhh!" Korea hushed and inclined his head at Norway who was sleeping peacefully in the Asian's arms. Denmark and Sweden stared.

"Wow," Denmark looked like he had seen a ghost. "Did you drug him?"

"No," Korea objected, looking offended. "He fell asleep all by himself." He grinned happily. "Cute isn't he?"

"Yea," Denmark smiled and Sweden frowned at him (more than usual). "Sorry, Sve. So what's up, man? What do you plan on doing with him now?"

"I plan to get him somewhere comfortable to sleep," Korea leaned towards the Nordics, careful not the wake up his little treasure. "Where is his hotel room?"

"Come with us, we'll show you," Denmark gave a thumbs-up and winked. "We were just going to the hotel ourselves."

"Our rooms ar' jes beside Nor's," Sweden explained.

"Thanks," Korea cheered quietly and looked down at Norway. The blanket they had been using on the cliffs was wrapped around the Nordic. Korea bent his head and lifted Norway a bit higher as to rub the tips of their noses together gently. "Sweet dreams, aein."


Main conference room

5:51 p.m.

Taiwan blinked. Hong Kong didn't even flinch, just handed the cup to the female. Taiwan raised her head straight and pouted a bit. Experimentally, she raised her finger and poked her fellow Asian's cheek. A sharp red blush shot up Hong Kong's neck. It paused immediately when Taiwan took her finger away, but the colour stayed in the areas it had reached.

"Hm~?" Taiwan hummed and poked the cheek again. This time she didn't take the finger away. The red started rising again and steadily it conquered Hong Kong's face. When it reached the top of his head and Hong Kong had fully turned cadmium red, he emitted a 'bling' sound like a microwave oven. The male's expression didn't change, but the hand holding the teacup shook.

Taiwan chuckled behind her other hand and stroked Hong Kong's cheek with the backs of her fingers. A new wave of red appeared from below the collar of Hong Kong's burgundy duangua; it won over the old red, top-speed, and Hong Kong turned carmine.

The blank expression disappeared and was replaced by an expression that told Hong Kong was desperately trying to assume his default nonchalance, but failing miserably. Taiwan burst out laughing and played with Hong Kong's hair, making the male close his eyes and shiver even more.

"He'll explode if you keep that up," Belgium noted, laughing.

Taiwan started forward, tears in her eyes from laughing and hugged the male tightly. "Oh Hong Kong, you're so silly!"

"If you say so," Hong Kong mumbled against her chest. "Do you..." He tried to pull away from Taiwan's breasts. "...mind?"

"Nope," Taiwan chuckled and pulled the man back against her chest, arms around his head and shoulders in an even tighter grip. "You're good just there."

"If you say so." Hong Kong managed to calm down a bit and raised his hands, carefully setting them on Taiwan's back above her waist. "Are you good there?"

"Yup," Taiwan smiled.

For a moment they stayed there, silent.

Then Hong Kong moved. "What would you like to do?"

Taiwan looked down at him. "What do you mean?"

"Iceland and Japan went to take a bath, Italy and Poland went shopping, Lithuania and Egypt are wandering aimlessly, America and co. are watching movies, Korea and–" Hong Kong listed bluntly, face still hidden in Taiwan's chest.

"Wait a minute, how do you know about all that?" Taiwan interrupted.

"Tea leaves."

"Oh," Taiwan frowned. He can actually do that...? Then she startled backwards and demanded an answer. "Didn't you say Japan was going to die?"

"I told you, I mistook it for a heart," Hong Kong stood up. "What do you want to do?"

"Hmm..." Taiwan tapped her chin with her finger. She smiled at Hong Kong. "This should be a good evening. What do you do the best?"

Hong Kong's expression was blank again. He thought about it and he didn't take long.

"Ah!" Taiwan was surprised when Hong Kong grabbed her hand, briskly stepped on to his chair, then on to the table. Taiwan followed him quickly and together they walked over the table, hopping down on the other side and preceded to the door.

"Why did we go over the table?" Taiwan pried.

"Why not? That was quick."

The girl chuckled again. "So where are we going?"

"To do what I do best."

"And what is that?"

"Set off fireworks."

The door was closed.

Belgium looked after them for a moment and then noticed something on the floor. "Ah! Taiwan!" She rose up quickly and went to pick up a light red flower that usually decorated the Asian female's hair. Before Belgium could start running after the departed couple, someone grabbed her wrist and she was pulled back, straight to Spain's arms.

"Why don't you borrow it for a while?" Spain suggested, taking the flower from Belgium's hands and gently tangled it in the locks above her ear. He leaned closer, tilting Belgium's chin upwards with his fingers. "It suits you well."

Then he leaned down and pressed their lips together softly, before leaning closer for a deeper and more passionate kiss. His right hand held Belgium's body near his, fingers splayed over her side, while his left caressed Belgium's hair, fingers playing around her ear and neck.

After overcoming the first surprise, Belgium closed her eyes and responded enthusiastically.


The hotel room specially for France

5:48 p.m.

France looked around. The room was gorgeous. And expensive looking. Very expensive. Well what else could he expect from two nations putting their combined wealth towards a single purpose? The carpets, curtains and chairs looked rather luxurious, but the bed was absolutely irresistible. Well... in many ways.

"Do you like?" Belarus purred to his neck. "We got it just for us three."

"You put some effort into this," France noted and stroked Belarus's hair. "Money too, non?"

"Well of course we did, silly goose." England leaned backwards in a chair and opened the top buttons of his shirt. "Did you think we would bring you into some dreadful second-hand hostel?"

France smiled. "I didn't know what to expect, really." And that's your fault...

"Are you tired?" Belarus asked from somewhere over France's shoulder. "We'll help you to relax. Feel free to use the bed."

"It looks very comfortable." France's smile widened and he shook of his jacket, draping it over the back of England's armchair. "I think I will. Are you two going to join me?"

"Do you see other beds?" England grinned.

"Are you hungry?" Belarus asked coming from a little side room with a bowl. "We have chocolate." She put a piece in her mouth.

France raised an eyebrow. "Certainly, yes. But don't they say chocolate tastes better when it's a little warm?"

Belarus licked her lips and sidled closer, sliding her arms around France's shoulders. "That depends how you serve it."

She closed the distance between them and France was more than willing to answer her kiss. England smiled, got up from his chair and moved in to press his chest flush against France's back, as his clever fingers danced through Belarus's hair. When he tired of fondling the silken locks, his hands dropped to France's shoulders and stayed there until the kiss ended.

"Well?" Belarus pried innocently.

France licked his lips. "It's certainly better served this way. Much better," he smiled.

"Will you marry me now?"

France laughed.

England shifted his hands to France's sides and embraced him. "Come on now, Pet. Take your clothes off. I'm sure chocolate is better enjoyed without them."

"Are you sure?" France's smile didn't waver an inch.

"I suppose." Belarus's hand wandered up the front of France's shirt, opening buttons along the way. "Aren't they tight? To me it seems your body is screaming to be free from them."

"Definitely," England slipped his hands down to France's waistband. "What if we–" he paused and frowned. "France, what do you have in your pocket?"

"Pardon?" France groped in his trouser's pockets. He gaped in horror as realization struck. "Ah. Merde!"


Conference building, third floor, closet

Unknown time

Ukraine sobbed alone in the dark. "France..." She cuddled her knees closer for comfort. "Bring my panties back..."


Next time: Spain tries to find out if Belgium is soft, Korea mimics fairytales and Estonia surprises...well, everyone.


A/N: aein = dear (Korean), merde = shit (French). Or at least something along those words.

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