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Summary: Cursed at the hand of the Demon King, the newly proclaimed shadow king Link has been sealed in his palace for a thousand years. But when two familiar sisters appear mysteriously within his realm, he finds light in the dark. Link/Cassandra. Dark fiction. Add romance to the genres.

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Soul Calibur II: Dawn of Darkness

Chapter I: Legends of Old

Sophitia and Cassandra. Grecian sisters, and heroes of Athens. The two were traveling deep in the dark caverns of Shadow Mountain. A fierce and deadly mountain, said to be the resting place of the Black Knight. A millennium old warrior who shook and ravaged the Earth of Evil in a time long passed.

Legend has it, the Black Knight was from another world entirely, his appearance said it all. He had come here to track down and destroy Soul Edge to save his homeland from Carnage and Apocalypse. But he was betrayed by the warriors he sided with, and casted into darkness. Four years later, he reappeared as the Black Knight, the mightiest warrior of his time. Using powerful magic that he had never possessed before, he raised an army of the finest and deadliest warriors, completely soulless and loyal to him. They were born of his essence, created as the perfect soldiers in his eyes. Their appearance mirrored his own, only differing in eye color which determined their rank.

A Black Legion warrior had ruby-red eyes, their armor bore exact resemblance to their creator's. They wore helms shaped like a bucket, a T-shaped visor with a thick nose guard, and two horns emerged where their ears would be and pointed to the sky. Their primary weapon was a fifteen-foot spear. For close combat, they had a black sword and shield on their back. Their skills with the blade was unmatched by even the most elite of enemy soldiers.

A Black Legion archer had emerald-green eyes which also provided long-distant sight. Their armor was the same as the Black Legion warrior. They bore large black long bows and plenty of black arrows in a quilt, they could launch arrows at lightning speed and with deadly accuracy. They had two black long-swords on their backs for close combat making them lethal due to longer reach.

A Black Legion commander had bright light blue eyes, their skills were intensified and their minds quick. The armor was the same, differing only on the helm. Their helm had a brush like design of hair embedded on the middle of the helmet on the top. Their visor similar in design of the mass murdering knight, Nightmare, only showed the eyes. They wielded large heavy two-hand swords and swung with a grace unmatched on the battlefield. The officer class was the only soldier on the field allowed to bear a cape with the banner of the Black Knight. A deep, shadow blue cape with a half wolf, half dragon with glowing blue eyes.

The Black Legion Generals, the only female warriors of the army, and the most elite of the soldiers, had eyes to match their master's silver-blue. Their forms were slightly muscular, but not enough to suggest they weren't feminine. They were tall, but not as tall as the other warriors, who stood at six feet. Where as the Generals were only five-foot eleven inches. They were armed with a razor sharp two-hand sword, and two black long swords on their backs, one on each side. Their Great blade was sheathed in the middle of their backs. The General class was the most quickest as well, excelling in speed at the cost of armor. They bore simple black tunics with long black boots. Their arms were guarded by leather gauntlets attached to gloves with half-cut fingers. They bore no hat, but their blond hair was up in a pony-tail, to avoid being a hinderence. They also served as the guard of their master.

The Black Knight himself was often referred to as Darkness in physical form, he ruled the Shadows, the Night was his domain. He was as mighty and fierce as the dragons, and as swift and deadly as the wolves. He had led the Black Legions into battle a millennium ago in an act of vengeance and to complete his task.

Destroy Soul Edge.

He eventually did, he had casted the blade into the void and sealed it there. With his army at his back, and the traitors destroyed, he waged war against evil. A six year war of terror and bloodshed. At the end, the last of the Demon Lords with their dieing breath, sealed the Black Knight and his army into Shadow Mountain deep in the Black Knight's Fortress.

With the Black Legions gone, darkness under the banner of Evil crept back into the shadows of the world. Whispers of a nameless evil ruled through fear of death and chaos. Corrupting humanity to it's core.

Sophitia and Cassandra had never been in this land of Darkness, far to the north of the world. The mountain was cloaked in a ring of shadows, awaiting it's Lord's return. It wasn't until the Grecian sisters reached the towering black battlements and walls of the fortress, which lied deep in the Mountain itself, did they realize where they were.

"Um...Sis? I got a bad feeling about this..." Cassandra whispered to her sister, Sophitia.

The air was heavy in Darkness, the Black Fortress loomed ominously overhead. Fear was inspired in the two living dwellers of light by the atmosphere.

"I know Cassandra, me too. But we can't stay out in that blizzard, we'll freeze to death!" Sophitia explained.

"I'll take my chances, I don't want to be here any more, this place is so Dark...so lonely..." Cassandra whimpered. Sophitia held her younger sister tightly in an attempt to reassure her.

"Look Cassy. The Black Knight isn't evil, if the legends are true, then we don't have nothing to fear. He won't harm us..." Sophitia reassured. 'I hope...' She added mentally.

As the warriors crossed the threshold of the Fortress, after opening the huge black oak double doors which squeaked eerily, they entered the darkest place in the known world.

The Black Fortress.

They took no more than two steps before they both screamed in utter terror as a frightening and unexpected image appeared in their heads, blocking their vision. The image involved a dark red sky over plains of dark green fields and the symbol of the Black Knight, baring its fangs at them with its glowing eyes, right in their minds vision, the whole image shook violently to an almost blurring effect and the symbol slowly moved towards them. A demoniacally low roar was also heard. As soon as it had happened, it also disappeared quickly, leaving too deeply shaken women on the ground holding their racing heart, completely numb in fear.

Cassandra was sobbing uncontrollably as Sophitia let loose a few tears as well.

'Maybe he will harm us...We are intruding on his grounds, his realm...' Sophitia mused. She realized that she may have made a mistake bringing Cassandra in here.

The stories of the Black Knight always frightened her the most. Even Taki and Ivy found them horrifying. Especially Talim and Amy who were the youngest members of their group. Raphael would just scoff at the stories. Claiming it was nothing more than fairy tales and children lore. Most of the male members agreed, except for Siegfried who knew all that Soul Edge knew.

Siegfried claimed he had been seeing scenes of ancient battles past, two darknesses colliding in a war that shook the earth in his dreams. Raphael merely called him insane.

Oh how wrong was he. He was in for a huge surprise if Sophitia and Cassandra ever managed to get out of here alive.

"Listen Cassy...If you don't want to go any further, we can leave. I guess the Dark One doesn't want any unwelcome visitors in his ancient fortress." Sophitia offered quietly with a shaking voice, looking sympathetically at her younger, horror-struck sister.

Cassandra thought for a moment, she had always admired the Black Knight, all the paths he had taken and the trouble he had endured. The adventures he lived. She really looked up to him, she wanted nothing more then to talk with him, to learn more about him. Despite his...dark ways, he inspired curiosity, aside from fear and respect, in her.

Deciding she wasn't running away from this one-in-a-lifetime chance, she convinced herself to swallow her fears and press on.

"No. I wanna keep going, I don't believe the Dark One would try and harm us...I think..." Sophitia smiled at her sister's determination. Cassandra often reminded her of her children.

"Alright, but if we get anymore signs of him not wanting us here, then we will have to leave..." she spoke quietly into her sister's ear, hoping the spirit of the Black Knight did not here them. If he even was a spirit. Maybe it was just the atmosphere.

They would find out soon enough.

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