Clare's POV

My eyes fluttered open to the hoarse screams of my parents. Ugh, not again! What time is it this time? I looked at the alarm clock on my dresser and groaned. 3:30? What sane people fight at three freakin' o'clock in the morning? Oh that's right. My parents. From the sound of it they were just getting started, so I decided to go online. I logged onto Facebook and found Darcy online. So I decided to chat with her.

Clare Edwards: Hey Darcy! I miss you sooo much. How's Kenya? I thought you didn't have internet connection there.

Darcy Edwards: Hey Shortstack. I miss you too. I guess that I should tell you…I'm at an airport! I'm coming up to Toronto for a surprise visit!

Clare Edwards: Really? Oh My Gosh this is so cool! How long are you going to stay?

Darcy Edwards: At least a couple of months…

Clare Edwards: Awesome!

A the ominous crack of a breaking plate suddenly rang through my ears like thunder.

Clare Edwards: I think I should warn you though…Mom and Dad have been fighting. A lot.

Darcy Edwards: Well, then I'm most definetly coming! I should be there tomorrow evening. That's your first day back at Degrassi from break, right? I'll pick you up after school.

Clare Edwards: Oh Yeah! I'm gonna say it now, you won't ever recognize Degrassi if you come to pick me up.

Darcy Edwards: Why? What happened?

Clare Edwards is offline.