New Country: Ghost Zone

By~ angel-feather-keeper

Date written: September 16th, 2010

Ghost Zone looked at the building that he was supposed to meet the other countries at. Ghost Zone's real name was Danny Phantom. Before he died, he was Danny Fenton, and when he became a Ghost, his caretaker Clockwork, he told him about is status as an immortal Country representative. Apparently, the Ghost Zone was a part of him, and he was a part of the Ghost Zone.

Sighing, the Ghost teen walked into the building, feeling comfortable in his new clothes. A White T-shirt, Black jeans, and a Black Hoodie. He was pretty sure that he was supposed to be dressed formally, but he honestly didn't care.

He slowly opened the door, but stopped when he heard voices on the other side.

"Who do you suppose this "Ghost Zone" guy is?"

"I don't know much about it, and who said that Ghost zone was a Guy? He could be a beautiful lady, who would happily fall into my arms in a romantic setting of the setting sun~"

"Please stop blabbering on about your stupid romantic, and perverted, Fantasies!" Danny felt his eyebrow twitch, and he began to mentally prepare for a long meeting. Sighing, he opened to door, and froze when he felt every single eye in the room turn to him…

"Um, hi?" he said. He felt uneasy when he saw almost all of the countries in the room blush as they looked him up and down.

"He certainly isn't a girl" Danny looked at the country, who was most likely France, with an embarrassed blush.

"Welcome to your first world meeting, Ghost Zone!" Danny's eye contact went to a man with bushy eyebrows. The British accent made it clear that he was England. All the other countries nodded. Danny sat down next to a taller man with blond hair and glasses, who was obviously America, judging by the number of McDonalds' burger wrappers around him.

Danny smiled at him kindly, and the man smiled back. "So, I heard that people enter your country through mine? Is that correct?" Said the older country. Danny nodded.

"But only Ghost's of the dead can get in…" he said. "That's why I have White hair, neon green eyes, and the glowing skin…" Danny trailed off when everyone looked at him in disbelief.

"You're dead?" said Italy. Danny nodded, and looked down. "For how long?"

"A week." He said. There was a long silence, until America spoke up.

"Well, let's start the meeting!" he said. "So, about pollution, I think we should try to make the pubic afraid to litter by creating a huge genetically enhanced superhero to watch them and make sure that they recycle!"

"What is up with you and genetic mutation?" and thus began Danny's first world meeting.

Well, I had this idea, and I just had to make a story out of it! I hope you guys like it! :) PLEASE REVIEW!