*A Couple Of Days Later*


A couple of days later it was a little after eight pm local time and Daniel Jackson was in his room for the evening going over more information about the Whisperer culture, they were truly fascinating or so he was and Helen and her staff were proving so helpful. Will was always there to talk, to help him understand and Kate even was pretty chatty. Henry was a great help with research and such and he'd just finished sending off a couple emails when one of the residents in the Sanctuary on his way to get more coffee from the kitchen told him what had happened.

The Sanctuary team had gotten called out for an incident just outside the city, Magnus had insisted that it was just standard fair and things would be fine. Apparently something had gone wrong, they got the capture but the woman had caught a hit in her head, she wasn't deathly injured but still she was hurt. Coffee forgotten the man had immediately headed toward the infirmary to be told she was downstairs in the lab outside where the new capture was.

He came in seeing Will patching up a spot on her forehead on the left side, a bandage covering an area a couple inches long and Henry Foss and Kate Freelander still in her gear were standing nearby talking but he hurried forward, "Helen" he insisted, "Are you ok?"

Trying her best not to move, " A bit banged up Daniel that's all," she responded.

"Banged up," Kate huffed? "That thing clocked you a good one and bounced your head off the wall," she stated, "I am amazed you're lucid at all."

"Well you are definitely off duty for the night," Will told her as he placed another piece of tape.

"Nonsense Will I have a lot to do with our new guest," she told him as she tried to wait patiently.

Henry Foss nodded, "Doc he's right, come on take the night off and relax. By tomorrow morning all the prelim results will be all waiting on your desk for you."

"He's right Magnus" Freelander insisted gently, "We can handle the place tonight, take it easy."

For Daniel's part he decided to take a different tactic, "Actually Helen I was hoping you would be able to help me with a few things. I've still got a bit of a headache from everything and all the reading I've been doing, I thought maybe I could have a quiet night and that might help...I don't do well just sitting though by myself, maybe you could come and visit, tell me some stories just until I fall asleep in a few hours."

As much as she loved the kids she really appreciated Daniel's ploy the most. She knew they were right; if it were one of them she would insist on that and more. "Yes Daniel of course I think a quiet night would be a good idea," she answered.

"Well I'm being a good patient, don't get used to it" offering her a smile.

Finishing up Will stepped back, "You're good to go Magnus but is there any chance I could convince you that you need a CT scan?"

"I was never unconscious, my vision is clear, should I start throwing up we can get one then," she told the man as she slid off the gurney. "Come along Daniel" she said waving him over to her side wanting to take his arm she was a bit dizzy.

"Doc, I swear the next time you complain about us I am going to remind you of this," Kate told her shaking her head.

Immediately the blonde man appeared and gave her his arm, "It's ok, we'll go slow."

Henry laid a hand on her shoulder, "Doc just take it easy, leave us to handle things."

"I'll have the Big Guy bring you up some tea" her protégé insisted. "I'm assuming you'll be in your chambers?"

It was Daniel who gave him a nod, "Thanks guys, she's got me well in hand. We'll check in a little later."


Once they were out of earshot of the others, "Thank you Daniel I appreciate you coming to my rescue," she told him. "I am fairly sure I am going to have a whopper of a headache before morning. "

Daniel Jackson nodded a bit bringing his hand over to pat her hand softly, "I more than understand, sometimes you need to agree with concern of others but you also have to keep face" he explained. "You've done both" he responded. "I'm sure it won't last though" a coy smile on his face, "You'll be back at work sooner than you should be but for now take the time, rest...I promise it won't leave your rooms that you're anything but 100% super Helen."

"You're a good man Daniel," she said with a smile. "We need to have Victor bring a snack with that tea, I have worked up an appetite," she commented "Does your head really hurt?"

As the elevator opened he shrugged, "Well according to my bravado no."

"Ah but the truth..."

"Yeah a little" He admitted to her, surprised he did actually but he did and it felt good. "A slight headache, I took a couple Tylenol about a half hour ago so they should kick in soon. You know maybe I should just walk you to the door, I don't want you to harm your reputation milady."

The woman chuckled "Trust me the damage was done long ago." she said with a smile. "Besides there is no one here to spoil it with," she explained

As they stopped in front of a pair of ornate beautifully decorated doors with a rather nice design carved into the wood the man looked over, "Are you sure Helen?"

"Daniel it's ok" she insisted.

::Magnus Chambers::

::Sitting/Living Area::

With a nod he reached out opening the doors for her so she could go in and he gasped, "WOW" as he saw the main entrance, the sitting area of her rooms. "Ok I'm impressed."

The woman smiled and stepped aside to let him in, "Thank you. This is my personal Sanctuary as it were, my home within my home. I did my best to make it warm and inviting using my favorite things over the years."

As she moved to give him a quick tour of her rooms Daniel Jackson was beyond amazed really, not only was it elegant and so Helen Magnus that he'd learned but the photos and the private library she had though small was definitely impressive. He was stopped several times asking about this photo or that or that artifact, including one of the original items from when she was a child in England...it just amazed him really.

When they finally came back to the sitting room the man smiled, "I feel like I'm in a private museum and yet it's friendly. It's just amazing Helen, absolutely amazing...you have wonderful taste."

The woman shrugged a bit. "I am not sure about taste, It is just a collection of things I have had since childhood. I know its not good but sometimes you just grow an attachment to something. I got lucky and found things that work well together." she told him. "I am glad you like it. Please fee free to look around" she told him as she took a seat on one of the chairs.

"I will not" the man insisted, "This is your absolutely personal space, your Sanctuary" coming over to kneel down in front of her and covered her hand softly with his. "I'm here for you, that's it. Let me poke the fire here, get it settled and then I'll go find Victor and arrange for the tea and a snack...something light so we don't spoil our dinner " staring up into her eyes. "If you'd like to take a shower or a bath or something I can come back later too."

The woman smiled, "You can call Victor on the phone or my radio. As for a shower I would like that, but I think you should wait in the other room while I do just incase. I am a bit dizzy it seems," she admitted honestly, it seemed the right thing to do.

He'd forgotten about that and Daniel nodded, "Ok, that's a great idea" offering her a smile. "But you'll be fine, I promise and if you need me I'll come in with my eyes closed...I promise."

Helen patted his hand, "If I need you Daniel my modesty will be the least of my concerns I assure you," she told him with a smile. "Go ahead and find Victor."

"Yes ma'am" rising and gently helped her up, "But if it happens right after your safety your modesty is one of my primary concerns" he responded. "You ok" meaning was she dizzy? "You know a bath might be better."

She closed her eyes for a moment, "I am all right " she stated, "But I do think you're right a bath would be better," she told him nodding. "I really am glad you're here."

He smiled softly squeezing her hands, "I'm really glad I'm here too. Why don't you go in and get started and I'll call Victor but I'll keep an ear out?"

The woman nodded, "Thank you," she told him and headed for the bedroom door. "You can come wait in here after you talk to Victor, you will never hear me otherwise."

"Two minutes" he promised her with a smile going over to pick up her radio she'd taken off and pressed the button. "Victor this is Daniel, come in."

Within forty minutes back in the sitting room Daniel Jackson was just pouring Helen Magnus a fresh cup of tea, he was having a glass of juice that was nearby instead of coffee in deference to her. On the tray were several cookies and a slice of the cake that Victor's staff had made for dinner. Hearing her voice he turned a bit to see her coming out looking beautiful, elegant and more relaxed but it was clear she was in a bit of pain probably the headache. "We have tea and slices of cake from the dinner menu tonight. I fixed you up a nice spot here on the settee" he responded to the item near the fireplace. "Pulled the curtains so the sun wouldn't bother you if you happen to fall asleep there. How are you feeling?"

Helen came over to where he was, "I feel like I got hit by a truck," she commented "The bath did help however," was the reluctant admission with a small smile. "I do appreciate this."

"Nonsense" he insisted, "You're the one helping me and my headache remember" and sat her tea down where she could reach it then lifted the small blanket he'd had spread out. "Come on in you go and I'll get your cake," a book lying nearby he'd gotten from the library, she wasn't really the TV type so he thought they could read together or he could read to her or even she could read to him.

Sliding onto the Settee the woman smiled as best she could manage, most of the time she was doing the taking care of so this was very special to have someone fussing over her for a change. "Has the Tylenol started to work?"

Daniel smiled a bit, "A little, it's a nice dull ache now but I barely register it so no worries there" tucking her in gently and then picked up her tea and held it out. "Here you go milady."

Taking the tea she gave a small nod, "Thank you kind Sir," she replied. "Might I have one of those cookie?" Her stomach felt a bit queasy so the cookie seemed safer then the cake till it settled down.

"Of course" turning and he carefully got one of the small plates and put two of the items on it then sat it gently in her lap with a napkin and smiled. "There you go, just take your time Helen" seeing her nod and then pat the small area beside her so he could sit down. Gently sinking down onto the edge his blue eyes looking into hers, "You know when I heard you were hurt I got really worried. You're super woman, you're not supposed to get boo boos."

Smirking just a bit, "I do not think my newest guest got the memo," she commented. "The good news is it does not happen often," was her answer then took a small nibble of a cookie.

Softly Daniel smiled, "Well I'm glad to hear that though perhaps we should have it tattooed on you somewhere, 'no injuring the boss'" he joked.

"If I thought it would help I would put it on my forehead," she shared. "Maybe you could become a front man and lay down the terms and conditions before we do a capture?"

That made him grin a bit more, "As long as you're the one patching me up when there are those that don't agree to abide by those conditions and terms. When they threatened you I'm afraid I'd have to get into fights with people and things."

"Oh dear well I am not sure we can have that," she stated. "But I would patch you up you can be sure of that, as long as they do not hurt me to badly."

His response was immediately, soft but forceful, "They better not or they'd be in big trouble."

"Hmmm, I do think I just might have to hire you," was the admission before another small nibble off the cookie, "But that would most likely upset your friends."

That actually brought up a thought that Daniel Jackson had been having himself, every since that lunch when and Helen Magnus had danced, the anticipation he felt about their upcoming dinner and night out, the ease at which they spoke to each other and learning what he had about this place and what he was he felt that he could make real contributions here and perhaps for the first time since Sha're and then what had happened to Janet before he had the chance to admit his feelings through his own fear, be happy...really happy.

"Daniel" Helen said softly when he didn't speak, her tea sitting nearby now and her hand covering his arm. "Are you ok?"

He smiled a bit and nodded, "Yeah, yeah I'm fine...I'm sorry I was a million miles away."

"Clearly you were. Did I say something to trouble you," she asked; her hand still on his arm? She could not imagine what it was that could have upset him.

His hand coming over to cover hers, "No of course not," shaking his head quickly. "You just gave voice to a thought that had been in the back of my head for the last couple days, since our lunch in the garden."

Her eyes and voice gentle, "Is it something you would like to share or keep to yourself," glad that it was so easy to talk and to share with him?

Daniel smiled a bit, "Actually I think it's something you should probably know."

Softly the brunette head nodded a bit against the headache but it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be, "Of course."

"Finish your tea and cookies" he insisted, "While we talk all right?"

"Yes dear," she commented, "Now tell me what is on your mind," and took a sip of tea and then another nibble for the cookie

With a nod he rested his hand on her arm a bit as a comfort, "Ever since our lunch in the garden I've found myself anticipating the time I get to spend with you" the man admitted to Helen. "Our dinner coming up, just maybe inviting you for a walk if you got back earlier tonight out in the garden before I went to bed and then when I learned you were hurt it felt like my heart stopped. I'm starting to care about you a lot Helen" Daniel admitted. "What I've learned about you, about me and what I am, about the Sanctuary and the mission I'm giving serious consideration to leaving my consulting job with the Air Force and staying close to here...maybe a job in the city so we can see each other as much as possible, have dinners, lunches, whatever."

As Helen listened to him talk the rapid gently thump of her heart she was used to feeling whenever John was around picked up as well, and took her by surprise. "I would very much like you to be closer," she admitted. "But your work there is important, do you really feel like you could leave?"

"I think" the man admitted, "That the one thing serving with a front line field military unit has taught me, more than anything else is that there is never a good time to leave. There's always an enemy, a disaster, something that seems like a person can't walk away. It's never going to be a good time but let's put aside the fact that I'm not a young man anymore, but it's not like I'd be sitting on my tail Helen" the blonde man explained. "I'd be helping out here as much as you wanted, needed, or let me and what you do here is every bit as important as what I'm currently doing don't you think?"

That was an easy answer, "I most certainly do. I would love to have you closer and helping out where you could." Her smile bit bigger now, "However I would like you to do something for me. Take a look at the photos around the room, a really good look," the woman coaxed

Daniel smiled a bit, "You think I haven't," he asked? "I'm a historian Helen Magnus, studying things is what I've spent my whole life doing. Do you really think I don't know there's a secret, probably several revolving around you and this place? You can't logically no matter how I count it be the age you appear and that means something else is going on. Perhaps there's witchcraft or magic involved but the truth is," he admitted to her, softly squeezing her arm, "I really don't care. It's your secret, you'll tell me when and if you're ready and I'm not scared of you or what secrets you or the Sanctuary hold. The truth is" the man stated, scooting a bit closer, "I'm falling in love with you and not because of all you've done for me, helping me understand my real self but because of you...because of the type of person you are."

"You are right I am not the age I appear to be. The fact is I am the person in all of those photos and I am over a hundred and fifty years old," Helen paused to give him a chance to take that in. "There is no witchcraft, but it does have to do with Vampire blood." a crooked little smile now on her lips. It was at that moment when he did not flinch, make a face, or turn away that she realized, "I am falling in love with you as well."

Gently raising his hand the blonde man ran it tenderly through the dark locks and looked into her eyes deeply, "That's the best news I could ever get in my lifetime Helen, the best believe me" he insisted. "As a historian I'm fascinated at the revelation of your age but as the man who...I'm pretty sure is going to follow you around like a lost puppy just hoping for a chance to worship you I could care less...it doesn't change my feelings a bit and it's not going to."

"I am very glad to know that," her smile happy. A hand coming up to cup his cheek, "Just do me one favor dear, when you're being this puppy. Do try not to drool, it makes such a mess," Magnus teased

That made him laugh a bit, a deep jovial laugh that he hadn't done since...well since the last dinner he and Janet had before he lost her, "As my lady wishes" he admitted softly. "I do love you Helen Magnus, more than I can say."

Sliding over on the settee she turned on her side. "Come share with me," the woman told him; it would be more comfortable for them both. "I must get you to laugh more, I do like that way that sounds."

"That's a two way street milady" he responded leaning down to untie his shoes so he could 'lay/sit' with her. "I've noticed you don't laugh near enough and smile either."

Helen nodded a bit gently, "Not much in my world most times to laugh about I'm afraid Daniel."

Once they were comfortable with Helen in his arms, reclining against him Daniel spoke again as she took a sip of her tea, the fire the only light in the room, "Helen" he said softly brushing her hair back, "I love you so much...so very much."

THE END & We hope you enjoyed