Some days, he wished that they'd just leave him alone with his tech. His workshop was not a hangout spot, and he hoped that one day, his friends would realize that. Until then, he was stuck with it.

"Numbuh Two, could you build a time machine?"

Hoagie jerked his head sharply and smacked it against the underside of the COOLBUS he was repairing. Rubbing the injury, he rolled out to see the Oriental teen leaning against the vehicle's side.

"No." he said firmly, disappearing again. Kuki frowned and pouted in his general direction. "And even if I could, I wouldn't."

"Why not?" she whined, shrill voice echoing in the open space. "Don't you want to know how the future turns out? What your kids are like? Ooh," she clasped her hands together giddily. "I bet I've got a daughter and she's just like me and that she loves Rainbow Monkeys and-"

"Numbuh Three!" he cried, still out of sight. She stopped, ducking to see him and nearly getting hit with his sneaker as he emerged. Standing up, Hoagie wiped the oil from his hands with a rag from his back pocket and tossed his wrench onto the worktable. "One, it's impossible that your offspring would be just like you. They may have some of the same facial features and personality traits, but they'd never be your clone. Two," he shuffled blueprints around on his desk, looking for an important schematic in the three-plus years of paper buildup that had accumulated there. "If, and I mean if, time travel were possible, meeting any family, past, present, or future, would totally screw up the world and rip the time space continuum."

"But it works in movies!" she protested, crossing her arms. He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose and smearing grease across his face.

"You aren't Marty McFly, and I'm not Doc Brown, so it wouldn't work. Better?" She nodded cheerfully and pushed herself of the COOLBUS, skipping away with a bright 'Bye Hoags!' and a wave.

He rubbed his forehead with his mechanic's hands. Some days he'd give anything to have a lock on the workshop door.

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