He Told Her Not To Drink That Cocktail...

Part 3

"Nothing, Rose. Nothing at all," ensured the Doctor, giving Jack a sideways glance that said 'Don't you dare...' in the process.

"How are you feeling, Rosie?" asked Jack, who was walking towards her.

She glared at him. "Neither of you come anywhere near me. It's worse when there's skin-to-skin contact," she said, swallowing thickly and really, really trying hard to resist the urge to launch herself at the Doctor. Or Jack. Right now, either will do. She needed...oh god, she just needed.

"I was just saying to the Doctor that he should help you out with that," grinned Jack.

"Jack," the Doctor said warningly.

"Yeah, I've had a similar conversation with him, but he appears to be reluctant to do as I ask," Rose mumbled grumpily. She started to walk, rather awkwardly, kind of stiffly, past them to go and make herself some hot chocolate in the kitchen.

"Can't see why," commented Jack casually, as the Doctor scoffed. "I would."

She paused. She thought for a moment, considering her options. She decided that she had the opportunity to at least elicit some sort of reaction from the Doctor.

"You would?" she asked, turning to face him. She made sure she had a hopeful tone to her voice as she said it, and was looking at the Doctor's face out of the corner of her eye. She saw how his jaw clenched and the way he gripped hold of the console screen and seemed to steady himself. Hmmm...

Jack knew what she was up to; he didn't miss the sideways glance she sent in the Doctor's direction. "Course I would," he proclaimed, playing along.

"Well...that could be...conductive..." she replied, emphasising the word and pronouncing the 'duct' in a very deliciously seductive way. She would've missed it if she hadn't been listening out for it, but Rose distinctly heard the Doctor groan. Whether in anger or desire, she wasn't too sure. Probably a mixture of both.

"It certainly could," answered Jack, moving so that he was standing directly in front of her. He trailed a hand up her arm and she took a sharp intake of breath at his touch. Very deliberately.

Jack looked over at the Doctor and saw the stormy look was very prominent on his features at that moment. In fact, he looked almost ready to hit someone. Very hard. He'd already started pressing buttons and pulling levers on the console rather violently. God knows where they were going to end up if he tried to fly the TARDIS in this state. But Jack reckoned he wasn't actually intending to go somewhere, he was simply taking his anger out on the nearest objects. Jack felt quite guilty for the TARDIS then, but this whole escapade was entirely necessary to get the Doctor to take action, and she probably knew that too.

"Rose, is it okay if I kiss you?" asked Jack, smiling ever-so-evilly.

"Of course," she answered, a similar mwa-ha-ha-ha expression on her face.

The Doctor's hand accidently slipped as he heard this, and he electrocuted himself quite spectacularly. Shaking his hurt hand and wincing at the pain, he was astounded to see his friends hadn't even noticed, and were gazing at each other intently.

Of course, they noticed really. Indeed, it took all of their willpower not to burst out laughing. But the Doctor still hadn't protested to their closeness out loud a great deal, and they risked the chance of him feeling hurt by their unconcerned appearance in order to tempt him over here to claim Rose for himself.

Jack framed her face with his hands, and slowly leant his head forward. She closed her eyes, her hands coming up and gripping his shirt. She sensed some Doctor Movement, and smiled to herself.

Almost as soon as Jack's lips touched Rose's, they heard the Doctor growl, "That's enough."

Jack pulled back slightly, still holding Rose up against him. "What? Why?"

"Because I've had enough of watching you two...doing this..."

"Shall we go get a room then?" Jack asked seriously, and Rose couldn't help the giggles that erupted from her. She started to nuzzle his neck then, tucked into his embrace, and the Doctor's scowl grew even more thunderous when he realised that she might actually quite happily go along with Jack's offer, considering her current arousal levels.

"No. That's not what I meant," he said, low and firm and fuming in his tone of voice.

"Oh. Ok," Jack responded, then proceeded to bring Rose's mouth back to his.

"Stop it," growled the Doctor again.

Jack and Rose both looked at the Doctor this time with matching questioning looks.

He stared at her heatedly. "Would you really want this, Rose? If you weren't...under the influence of an aphrodisiac...would you really want to sleep with Jack?" the Doctor asked her.

She shrugged. "Well, no one else will have me, so..." she trailed off, looking at him meaningfully.

As soon as she said that, the Doctor couldn't stop himself any longer. He shoved Jack out of the way and gripped Rose's upper arms. He cleared his throat.

"Rose," he murmured huskily, and the way he said her name would have been able to weave an entire story even if a stranger were to stumble upon the scene. It spoke of passion, and want, and lust, and need. And most of all, love. Reverence. As if the word was a prayer. Some sort of holy thing to be kept precious and preserved. Or a delectable piece of chocolate to be savoured, not devoured. A stranger would be able to tell, with that one word the Doctor spoke, that there was a tingling in the air, an electricity, a pulse of anticipation it's gonna happen it's gonna happen. A stranger would be able to tell of their too-long- tolerated tension. And their unreserved love. And their unrestrained desire. And the stranger would blush at the power of that word, Rose, said in that way, by him, even if they didn't quite realise why.

"Finally, he gets it..." Jack muttered as he walked away, grinning from ear to ear, to give them some privacy. And get himself a cold shower.

Left alone, Rose wasted no more time in being apart from the Doctor's lips. She thrust her hands into his hair and pulled him roughly towards her, kissing him with all the unresolved passion she felt inside. They stumbled backwards until her back hit one of the columns, and then they fell to the floor in a bit of a heap. He pulled back, reminding her to breathe, and she whispered between panting breaths, "So, are you going to help me now?"

"I don't think I can resist," he answered, resigned to fate. The inevitable. She was right, earlier...this was always going to happen. And maybe Jack was right, too. He had needed a bit of a prod in the right direction. But he'd never ever admit that, of course.

"That's what I like to hear," she laughed, before pushing up to kiss him again.

"Bedroom," he mumbled against her lips.

"Bedroom," Rose agreed with a swift nod.

And to the bedroom he carried her.

(And they stayed in said bedroom for an awfully long time. All necessary, of course.)

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