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How It All Started

Mojo Jo Jo was in jail after once again being foiled by the power puff girls. He needed something to defeat them. Something equally matched if not stronger than them. But what to do?

He came up with the idea to make boy versions of the power puff girls. But what are little boys made of? He decided on armpit hair snips from of the prisoners, some snails, and a dogs tail. He put them all in the toilet and flushed it.


Out came three little boys. There was the boy in the red shirt and red cap with orange hair. The other one had black hair with a green shirt. And the other was blonde wearing a blue shirt.

Mojo picked them up and hugged them. "My children!"

The red one punched him. "Hands off!" He flew up in the air holding him by his black and white striped jail shirt. "Who do you think you are anyway pops?"

Mojo remained calm despite the outburst. "Why yes I am your FATHER!" the red boy dropped him and fell to the ground next to his brothers as Mojo shouted.

"Hey, we ain't no babies!" the blue one said.

"We're the Rowdy Ruff Boys!" they all exclaimed.

"Brick!" said the red one.

"Butch!" said the green one.

"Boomer!" said the blue one.

"And we like to kick some butt, and since yours is the only one around, we're gonna start with you," Brick said.

They charged at Mojo but once again he remained calm. "Oh no, you don't want to kick my butt, my butt is as rotten as yours. What you want are butts settled on the throne of justice." The boys listened eagerly. "Butts planted in the soil of nobility. Butts nestled between the pillows of peace and love. The butts you want are the butts of the Power Puff Girls!"

"Let's get 'em!" the boys said.

"Now, I'll be happy to take you to them if we only had a way out of here…" All of a sudden, Mojo was carried through the roof of his jail sell soaring through the sky while directing the boys to the Power Puff Girls.

The Power Puff Girls were in the city fighting a giant pink octopus. After defeating it, although Bubbles got crushed but came out unharmed, they heard a male voice.

"Why don't you girls pick on someone your own size?" Before the girls could react they were thrown into a brick wall. "We're the Rowdy Ruff Boys and we wanna fight!"

After shaking off their gaze the girls got a good look at the boys, male versions of themselves but much more mean looking. "What's up with those guys?" Blossom asked.

"I think they're asking for a hiney whooping!" Buttercup jumped up and started pounding on the boys. They overpowered her but Blossom and Bubbles stepped in and together they threw the boys into the dumpster.

"Hey, what's wrong with you girls?" Brick said. "You're supposed to start crying when we hit you!"

The girls looked at them completely unamused. "What are you guys, new?" Blossom said.

"Yeah, we're the Power Puff Girls" Bubbles said.

"And it takes more than a couple of cheap shots to make us cry," Buttercup said.

"Well then, I guess we'll have to just have to serve it up," Brick said.

They sprung at each other again. Punches flew this way and that. At one point it seemed like they were evenly matched and there was no way any of them could win. Then the boys were the ones thrown into the wall. Brick was furious, he was not about to be shown up by a bunch of sissy girls. Then they got the girls hard with a Ballistic Barrai attack.

The girls were thrown into the cement and were just as furious as the boys if not more. "Acrabattack!" Blossom shouted and with a bunch of complex moves, the boys were the ones thrown into the cement.

The boys sprung up and they all charged at each other again. This was a death fight now; each team had been pushed over the edge. They attacked each other not caring what they broke or who they hurt in the process. The girls were then throws into the city hall and fell onto the steps.

Buttercup rubbed her head. "Wha-Where are they?"

Blossom shrugged. "I don't know, but if we keep smashing up Townsville like this…"

"Power Puff Girls, look out!" exclaimed a dog a few feet in front of them.

Each of the boys was coming at them with either a bus, a boat, or a plane, and they were all full of screaming people! Sure they rescued all the people but when they least expected it the boys pushed them harder than your average bully on the playground then bragged about it.

"These guys aren't playing fair!" Blossom said angrily.

"They're really out to get us!" Buttercup said.

"We'd better take this fight out of Townsville before some innocent people get hurt." With that they flew far away. "Catch us if you can!" they called to the boys.

The boys, thinking they were running away, flew after them. The girls continued to fly away but when the boys caught up to them the steam they were giving off made them stop. They coughed and choked and eventually just fell to the ground. The boys flew after them and when they touched them the girls seemed to be electrocuted by their touch.

They smashed into the ground creating a massive explosion and a crowd gathered around thinking they were dead. They town started crying and mourning and while they did, their tears fell onto the girls and they seemed to come back alive (or maybe they just weren't really dead).

"Power Puff Girls, you're alive!" the Mayor exclaimed.

"Yes, but…we failed you Townsville," Blossom said sadly.

"I guess you don't want us protecting you anymore," Buttercup said.

"I'm sure you'll find new, even better super heroes," Bubbles said with tears in her eyes.

They started to walk away, out of town, and leave forever, but Sara Bellum stopped them. Then she told them the secret to stop the Rowdy Ruff Boys. "What do little boys fear more than anything in the world?" Then they caught on.

The boys, after realizing the girls weren't dead ran back out there to finished them. But when they found them, they had long eyelashes, sparkles around them, they gave the boys loving gazes (except Buttercup who just looked pissed), and they gave off a lavender scented aroma. They floated over to the boys and planted a sweet kiss on their cheeks.

The boys screamed, then exploded.

Bubbles never forgot that kiss. At one point she hated the Rowdy Ruff Boys to death but the kiss still crept into her dreams at night.

She looked down at the half finished drawing of a butterfly in front of her on the desk and realized she was still holding the graphite pencil in her hand (hand?).

Bubbles and her sisters were fifteen now and barely five foot one, although it was a step up from when they were seven and two foot one. Her hair was down her back now but still kept up in pony tails so other than that and being a bit more developed her overall appearance hadn't changed much. And out of the three of them she was known as the most fashionable dresser (as well as the stupid, shy and sensitive blonde), at that moment for example she was in a blue mini skirt and white tank top with a golden halo on it. She was also known for her art skills and she was a really good singer although she was still shy and sensitive.

They'd first met the Rowdy Ruff Boys when they were seven. She had hated all of them from the moment they tossed her and her sisters into that brick wall, but something about Boomer had caught her interest. When he beat her up though, all of her interest had left. Until the kiss. At first she saw it as just a ploy to get rid of him but when she laid her lips on him, despite how he reacted; it sent her on a trip to heaven.

After he blew up, she thought she'd never see him again and the thought made her sad. She knew he hated her, and everyone else thought she hated him (maybe she did to some degree), but the kiss haunted her dreams from then on.

They didn't see the boys again for almost five months; at that point she'd given up all hope of Boomer's return. When they came back they had new spiky hair do's, Brick with longer hair, Butch's hair stood straight up on his head, and Boomer had spiky bangs. This new look intrigued her and for a moment she thought she'd be drawn closer to him. Even still, the boys were out to get them and it was all the more shocking that they were now working for Him.

But that day, every last ounce of affection for him was gone. As happy as she was for another opportunity to lay her lips on him, it horrified her that each of them grew every time they were kissed (the work of Him). Then the boys tortured them and tried everything in their power to gross them out. And when Boomer himself put the giant slug down her dress and made her cry, it was over.

She'd had many run ins with him over the years, each time she thought of Boomer just as Blossom and Buttercup did, mean, destructive, and a menace to society. Then once they started sixth grade, the boys disappeared all of a sudden. The situation was very puzzling for the three of them. Though they were glad to have those idiots away from them they still wanted answers. They didn't see them for the whole year and even the next year. Blossom and Buttercup didn't really care and miraculously neither did Bubbles, after what Boomer had done to her she never wanted to see him again.

Then eighth grade, they returned again. Nothing had changed about them this time except they were a bit taller with deeper voices. They entered middle school with the girls but were the worst students in the school. Sure they were pretty smart, but they were the biggest trouble makers (no surprise there). They talked back to the teachers, they skipped class A LOT, and when they weren't bullying the students they were being the class clowns, and worst of all they teased the Power Puff Girls mercilessly. They're lucky they didn't get expelled but, the teachers were a little afraid of them.

As for Bubbles' feelings for Boomer, they remained the same through the majority of the year. Her and her sisters hated all of them for what they've done in the past and how they treated them, and all of them got into more than a few fights that year at school. But the unthinkable happened one day. Boomer caught her by her locker and Bubbles prepared to give him a piece of her mind or fight (even though she didn't like fighting in school). But he stopped her and said a simple "I'm sorry…for how mean I've been." Then he walked away before she could say anything.

She stood there not moving but staring after him until he turned the corner and was out of her sight. That was the last thing she expected out a Rowdy Ruff Boy's mouth…and particularly that one.

Throughout the second semester Boomer continued to join in with his brothers in terrorizing the Power Puff Girls but he paid Bubbles a little more attention. When he hit her, occasionally he didn't hit her as hard. She caught him winking at her a few times and staring. She didn't want to like him again at first but when she thought about it, him being sensitive enough to apologize, she was somehow changed.

Her feelings grew for him from then on. But that summer they all disappeared again. Blossom had pointed out how strange it was that they were there one moment and gone the next and they'd sat down and talked about the places they could be more than a few times. Buttercup thought they were out scheming maybe with Mojo Jo Jo or Him, and despite the fact that Boomer was a delinquent, Bubbles didn't want to believe that.

The boys were back at the start of high school the next year informing them that they'd been on a vacation to the Bahamas and Miami that summer. Their teasing continued that year and they were just as bad as last year. Boomer hardly paid Bubbles any mind which frustrated her. Thinking about him all summer had only made her feelings stronger when he came back. He showed an interest in her last year, even if only a slight one. And this year he basically ignored her except when he was tormenting her with his brothers. She'd caught him staring once or twice, but nothing else. Despite all of this, her feelings for him wouldn't go away.

Bubbles sighed and continued to draw her graphite butterfly singing "Butterfly" by Mariah Carey as she did. Not even five minutes later she was distracted by thoughts of Boomer again.

They were now in their sophomore year of high school. Things went pretty much the same as last year with the boys. Bubbles had thought more than once about giving up on Boomer but then once again he surprised her just last week.

She was walking down the hallway with her stuff for chemistry class looking at the floor. She was worrying about what she got on the chemistry test and just knew it wasn't good. Chemistry was Blossoms thing; she was no good at it. Suddenly she ran into someone and fell onto the floor scattering her stuff on the floor.

"I'm sorry," said a guys voice.

She shook her head and started to pick up her stuff. "No I'm sorry, it was my fault…" She looked up and saw Boomer picking up her sky blue notebook. He looked up at her with his huge dark blue eyes with a few strands of blonde hair falling into them at a perfect angle.

"Hey, earth to Bubbles. Is anyone in there?" Boomer said.

That's when she realized she was staring. She shook her head.

Boomer snickered. "Oh, so no one's there after all?"

"No, I mean, yes I'm in here…" she stammered.

"Take your book you crazy Power Puff Girl," he said trying to hand her the notebook again. She took the notebook and glared at him slightly insulted by what he just said. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up easily as if she were a feather.

He gave her a smirk and she headed towards her class. She would've said something but her voice was stuck in her throat.

"Hey Bubbles," he said.

She turned back around. "Yes?"

"See ya around?" he said with a soft smile.

She couldn't hold back the smile spreading across her face. "Yeah, see ya." She turned around and headed towards that class before she was late.

Bubbles continued to draw that butterfly. She couldn't possibly get over him after that. She found it a bit silly, even for her, to still not be over someone in eight years. As much as her and her sister's talked about the Rowdy Ruff Boys (nothing good typically coming out of their mouths) she had never admitted her feelings to them. They'd think she'd lost her mind.

She started to sing again.

"When you love someone so deeply
They become your life
It's easy to succumb
To overwhelming fears inside
Blindly I imagined
I could keep you under glass
Now I understand to hold you
I must open up my hands
And watch you rise…"

"Leave me alone Blossom!" Buttercup shouted. As she slammed the bedroom door Bubbles jumped and accidently made a long dark mark across her butterfly.

"Buttercup, look what you did!" she exclaimed.

Buttercup looked at the messed up drawing. "Oh, sorry. Just erase it Bubbles."

Bubbles rolled her eyes.

Buttercups personality hadn't changed a bit, the only difference was her jet black hair was now shoulder length. She was a sarcastic tomboy and was damn proud of it. Her love for fighting was still as strong as ever. She could always be found around the school hanging out with the boys and playing soccer or something with them. She absolutely despised the Rowdy Ruff Boys, especially Butch. The two of them were extremely competitive and when they weren't beating each other up they were trying to be better than each other. She'd even nicknamed him "Bitch". Buttercup had a strong personality and rarely showed sympathy for anyone but deep down she did have a soft spot.

"Why do you two fight all the time? You know I don't like that, it's just annoying," Bubbles complained.

"Tell that to Blossom, she has to be so bossy. Who cares if I broke the picture frame with my soccer ball, it can be fixed," Buttercup said rolling her eyes.

"Buttercup I'm not done with you!" Blossom shouted. She came through the door with her LONG orange hair billowing out behind her. It was down to her knees and it was tied into a ponytail with a red ribbon so it was at least down her back. Even though Blossom was the leader, she could be REALLY annoying with it. Like now for instance.

"You broke my picture! You shouldn't be throwing that thing around in the house!" Blossom exclaimed.

"Would you stop being a bitch Blossom, I get it already!"

Bubbles turned around and slamming the desk with her fist as she did. "Buttercup! Take that back!"

Blossom was looking at Buttercup in disbelief at what Buttercup had just said to her.

Buttercup crossed her arms. "Maybe if she stops bitching me out I will."

"Buttercup…!" Bubbles exclaimed.

Before anyone else could say anything Blossom walked over to Buttercup and punched her hard in the face sending her flying into the open closet. She thought about giving her the finger but then realized she didn't have fingers, so she just stomped out of the room.

Buttercup crawled out of the closet with a big purple bruise forming on her face and a deadly look on it. "When I get my hands on her…!"

She started to run to the door but Bubbles jumped up and grabbed her using all her strength to hold her back. "Buttercup, c'mon, it's not worth killing each other over."

Usually Buttercup would have just ignored her but she was pretty tired after soccer practice so she stopped struggling. She pushed Bubbles off and looked at the bruise in the mirror. She touched it and quickly pulled her hand away. "Damnit," she mumbled.

Bubbles flew into the bathroom at top speed and got a wet cloth for Buttercup to put on it. Then she flew back. "Here, use this."

Buttercup took the cloth and put it on her face. Then she plopped down on the pink bean bag and turned on a Nicki Minaj song.

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"Butterfly" belongs to Mariah Carey.