I came up with this idea while I was watching some Punky Brewster episodes with my sisters. I thought since there aren't many Punky fics that I would try to write one of my own. I'm not really sure how it will turn out considering it's not at all what I'm used to writing, but I love Punky and wanted to give it a go so I hope you enjoy! I'm planning on the story being at LEAST five chapters long. I'll try to upload them as quickly as I can. Please R+R! ~markaleen

Punky and Cheri were sitting in the living room staring at Punky's dog, Brandon. Henry had just come home from the super market.

"Hello girls."

At the same time they replied, "Hi Henry…"

Henry noticed that the girls were just looking at Brandon with blank expressions on their faces.

"Is there something wrong with Brandon?"

Punky sighed, "No… it's just so boring today!"

"How come?"

Cheri sat up, "Because, a week ago Alan moved away and there's no one else to hang out with."

Henry nodded, "Ah, I see. Well, what about Maurgaux?"

"She went to in Paris with her parents to go shopping."


"Yeah. She's so lucky to be rich!"

Punky sat up, "Anyway, she's not the funnest person in the world."

"You mean most fun."

"Yeah, that's what I said."

Henry smiled and rolled his eyes, "Well, why don't you both go somewhere? There are plenty of things to do around here! You can make an adventure out of it!"

They both looked confused.

"Henry…" Punky stood up, "an adventure is going to Disney World. Not walking around Chicago."

"Don't be silly, there are so many things you can do! You can go to the park, the lake, the plaza, all those things and more."

Punky's eyes lit up. She turned to Cheri who stood up.

"Cheri! I've got it! We can walk around pretending to be explorers!"

"That's a great idea!"

"I think it is too." Punky and Cheri had almost forgotten Henry was still there, "here's ten dollars. Make sure you bring back souvenirs!"

Their mouths dropped open.

"You are giving us money?"

Henry laughed, "Hey, don't get used to it."

The girls laughed, "Thanks a lot Henry!"

"You're welcome. But be wise with it!"

Cheri got a look on her face that meant she had a great idea, "Hey! Why don't we pack bags with supplies we might need! Different outfits too!"

"That's a great idea Cheri! Let's go pack my things first then we can go pack your things!"


Punky and Cheri ran into Punky's room. Henry looked at Brandon, "Will you be joining them?" Brandon barked and ran after Cheri and Punky. Henry smiles and went into the kitchen to put the groceries away.