AN: A quick one-shot in Syndrome/Buddy's point of view. All characters belong to Disney. Why are you wasting time reading a disclaimer? Go read the story! :D

Who am I? Who am I, really? A villain playing hero? A hero acting like a villain? Or both?

It's time to choose sides.

Possibly the most epic Disney battle in history is going on outside; the typical heroes versus villains… but there's more.

Think of every single Disney hero. Now think of every single Disney villain. Now put them in the same place.

You can see how the fight started. I wonder if Mickey was drunk when he decided that getting everyone together for some 'group bonding activities' would be a good idea...

Naturally, they're about even. For every hero that falls, a villain is taken down. Every time a villain triumphs, so does a hero. One person could tip the scales, one single person could change the course of this battle.

And guess who happens to be the only one not fighting?

In other words, I have a huge decision to make. You'd think that this would be easy, right? I'm a Disney villain, so I'll side with the villains, won't I? But I've always wanted to be a hero. I'll feel out of place if I side with the villains.

On the other hand, I'd be uncomfortable being the only villain among real heroes.

There is a third option: Hide here until they've all killed each other, or until one side has won. Don't choose sides until you know which is the winning one.

"Syndrome? Dude, what are you doing in here? The action's out there, my friend. Come on, let's go already!"

Of course Hades would be the one to find my hiding spot. It's difficult to refuse an offer when the intimidating Lord of the Underworld is the one talking. In any situation, it's better to side with the guy who controls your fate, anyways. Do I still have a choice? Sure, but I'd rather just take the easy way out. The villain in me, I guess.

I stand up. "Is Incredible still alive?"

He grins evilly. "Saved him just for you. He's taking out our guys fast, so get moving."

I nod cooly, and he leaves in a puff of smoke. Jaw set, I launch myself into the air, watching for the telltale flash of a red uniform. Buddy wouldn't be doing this. No, Buddy would be out there, fighting beside Incredible and the other heroes. But I'm not Buddy. I'm Syndrome, and I'm a Disney villain.

And I'm going to stay that way.

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