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Okay it has been creepishly long since I updated, I was sifting through and found this old chestnut, some major changes since I last updated though, I am now a major fan of 'Angel', and (I love Connor Not I-love-Cordy, just the way Connor is) I also, need to bring the timeline forward a little, this is after Buffy comes back but before Xander left Anya on their wedding day. And this is just after "Habeas Corpses" in Angel, which means Fred, Lorne and Connor, are present so spoilers may occur. Okay? All right then on with the chapter.

"Wow. Angel owns a hotel?" Xander enquired quirking an eyebrow at Gunn.

 "Yeah. Not a fully-functioning hotel but a hotel." Gunn shrugged as he pushed open the door and stepped inside. "Yo Angel you got a visitor!" He yelled.

 Xander winced at the mans brash entrance and looked around warily, there was a young, mousy looking girl behind the counter, she had an essence that Xander recognized as Willow-esque about her, leaning next to her was a green, horned demon, and Xander thought ruefully "That should really bug me."  Before cracking a slightly cynical smile. Sitting on a rather moth-eaten red couch was a young boy maybe seventeen with chin length brown hair. Xander shifted from foot to foot as they all stared at him, the girl stepped around and approached him.

 "Hi I'm Fred-"

 "Fred?" Xander asked.

 "Winifred Hooper."  She blushed. "And you are?"

 "Xander Harris. I'm from Sunnydale."

 "Oh. Oh! Wow, this is Lorne," She told him gesturing at the green demon who waved a little campishly Xander thought, "And that's Connor. Angels son."

Xander choked on his welcome and began to cough, Fred looked a little disturbed and Connor – Angels son? – watched a smirk on his lips.

 "Are you okay?" Fred asked, concerned

 "Fang-boy has a son?" Xander choked out, "That's possible, how?"

 "We don't exactly know that yet," Fred began to explain, "Angel and Darla-"

 "Darla? As in scary little Catholic schoolgirl? I need to sit down." Xander boneless, spilled onto the other end of the couch from the fruit of dead-boys loins. "Hold on, Buffy staked Darla years ago. So how are her dead-boy bumping uglies?"

 Fred blushed brighter.

 "Wolfram and Hart brought her back." Gunn explained.

"Who're-…… No never mind. And I'm not even gonna ask how he's like seventeen years old" Xander started before waving his hand dismissively. "Is Cordy here?" Xander saw Connor's head fly up at the mention of Cordelia.

 "Um she's here somewhere. Did you know Cordy well?" Fred asked intrigued by the visitor from the Home of the Hellmouth.

 Xander paused his lips rising in a smirk that was almost a smile. "We dated from junior year until the middle of Senior. Before that we battled the forces of evil together. And each other. With the battling. We weren't amazing friends to start with, in fact I really hated her."

 "Feelings were mutual Harris" Cordelia said from the top of the stairs where she stood with Angel.

 "Hey Queen C." Xander replied a lopsided smile on his face.

 "Hey Zeppo." Cordy smirked before hurrying down the stairs, she quickly approached Xander and hugged him tightly, "What are you doing here?"

 "Had to get out of Sunnydale for awhile and didn't really have anyplace to go, I considered visiting Oz, but the lack of knowing where he is kinda didn't help."

 Cordelia shrugged, "Last I heard Tibet was his stomping ground."

 "Yeah me too. So how you been Cor?"

"Pretty good." Cordy replied her eyes cutting away slightly from his face.

 Xander frowned perplexed, before he spotted Angel on his right, "Hey Dead-boy, ow you doing?"

 "Hey." Angel replied in his usual reticent way. "Xander where are you staying?"

 "Bus shelters?" Xander replied, "I'm not. I was gonna look later just a motel or something."

 "You can stay here, help out if you want we-"

 "Help the helpless!" Fred chirped finishing Angels sentence.

 Xander smiled, a genuine smile, "Hey thanks Angel."

 "What can you do?" Gunn asked

 Xander smirked hooking his thumbs into his jeans pockets, "Nothing Gunn, I am useless in all but doughnut fetching."

 "He's reluctant research guy." Cordelia explained.

 "He dusted a vamp back there pretty well when I found him." Gunn said

 "Yeah but he was stupid, he dusted himself, threw his own dumb ass at my stake." Xander laughed sure of his own inability at anything.

 "We can always use extra help." Fred smiled. "Want me to show you to a room?"

 "Hey thanks for this guys. And nice to met you." He said to Lorne and Connor, Lorne smiled and retuned the sentiment, Connor just glared at him.

 "See you're a chirpy camper there Connor." Xander said before turning away uneasily, that kid was weird.

 "And er, Fred could you fill me in on what's going on?" Xander asked sheepishly.

 "Sure, I can understand how this all may seem sorta weird what with a green demon and Angel having a son, although you're from Sunnydale so maybe you're well immersed in the weird….. I'm babbling right? Just tell me to shut up."

 Xander smiled as he followed Fred up the stairs, "It's cool you remind me a lot of my friend Willow actually."

 Xander was unaware of Cordelia's eyes on his back and of the way she was feeling suddenly happy in a way she hadn't felt since she left Sunnydale. Or Connors angry eyes burning into his back.

A/N thanks for reading and from now on this story will not follow 'Angel' timelines but mine, there may be mentions of like Lilah and W+H the Beast'll probably figure somewhere, other 'Buffy' characters and 'Buffy' events will be mentioned and appear but it's now essentially a weird love square between Angel, Cordy Connor and my boy Xander.

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