Lake Laogai Blues

A Crack!ship Songfic!

Avatar Crack!fic by: A J

Inspired by Weird Avatar Yankovic by: Metropolis Kid

For Machete227's Crack!fic Challenge

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Author's note: I hope I'm up to this; Seven crack!fic one-shots in as many days. For full details, please see Machete227's author page. To anyone else trying this as well, Lots of luck! Catch ya on the flipside, A J. On with the story …


With profuse apologies to John Cougar Mellencamp and Weird Al Yankovic

Sung to the tune of Buckingham Blues

Gonna tell you a story
About Hahn and Ty Lee
Couple o' warrior kids met
On the shores of Laogai
Ty Lee wants to grow up
And be a Kyoshi toon
And ride the giant koi fish
All around the lagoon
Oh yeah

You know they've really paid their dues
I said hey, Bumi, Bumi
They got them Lake Laogai blues

Now Hahn he goes hunting
And leaves Ty Lee alone
So she braids up her hair
And she walks to the Princess' home
Hahn is still trying to figure out
What his job's supposed to be
And Ty Lee's the most flexible girl
Amongst the aristocracy

I said hey, Lady Ty
Tell me where'd you learn them moves
Aaah, well hey, Kuei, Kuei
Looks like you got them Lake Laogai blues

Auh, losin' face to Sokka, well
It must be awful hard
Gotta practice harder
Out on the front yard
And Lady Ty, well
She must have it pretty rough

Gotta hang with Azula all day

Torturin' Zuko and stuff
Another game of Pai Sho
Then they're off on a Serpent's Pass cruise

Well, hey Appa-re-bop
They really got them Lake Laogai blues

Ah, tell the truth now, tell the truth, wooow!
I got my momo workin'!
Yeah! Woo!
Don't help me Katara!
Hurt me Hama!

They don't serve no fireflakes
With their afternoon tea
Never had a dinner made
By Sifu Mushi
Livin' in Ba Sing Se
Is a hard life to choose
Ty Lee drops off her high-wire
It's on the six o' candle news
Oh yeah!

Those kids have really paid their dues
Aah, what a bender's pain it is
When you got them Lake Laogai blues


Author's note two: Sorry for how late this one is. Network troubles last night wouldn't let me post it. That just means you get TWO today! (Insert endless evil laugh here!) Read, enjoy, and review, if you dare! The Crack!ness continues! Catch ya all on the flipside, so don't get caught in the downslide, A J.