To be Punished

Alex's always get's in trouble. She love's being the bad girl. She doesn't care if she get's into trouble but when she crosses the line with Harper what will she do when Harper Punishes her. Will it end there friendship or start something else.

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Harper's room

" Alex I can't believe you, how could you do that. You embarrass me in front of the other cheer leader's." said Harper as she glared at Alex. Alex just told the rest of the squad a very embarrassing story about Harper when she was a kid.

" What it's not a big deal Harper, I mean it was so funny and you where so cute" laughed Alex as she took off her uniform.

" It was not funny. I can't believe you did that to me. I'm your friend dose that mean anything to you" said Harper as she glared at Alex as she stood there in her sky blue underwear and matching bra.

" Harper your over reacting and they all said it was cute." said Alex as she rolled her eye's she didn't understand why Harper was so mad. It was a cute story. It was how when Harper was 7 she got lost in the circus and that she kept running away from the clown's because she was afraid of clown's.

" I was really scared and you know I hate clown's. But that's not the point, you told something about me that I didn't want anybody to know." said Harper as she took off her uniform. She turn her back at Alex.

" Harper come on it's a cute story I don't see why your so mad." said Alex as she looked at herself in the full length mirror.

" That's it Alex, you don't see and you don't care that you hurt me. You never care, you only care about yourself... I really wonder how we been friends for so long." said Harper as she walked into her bathroom. Alex turned around and watch Harper walk away from her. She couldn't believed what she heard from Harper's mouth. I really wonder how we been friends for so long. What did she mean by that.

" Harper stop acting like a big baby, it was no big deal." said Alex as she marched to the bathroom.

" I'm acting like a big baby your acting like a little bitch." said Harper with a lot of anger, she looked at Alex. Alex back up a little she seen Harper lose her temper before and it wasn't a pretty site.

" It's not like it matter's they don't matter Harper. I matter and that's all you need to worry about." said Alex as shrugged her shoulders. Hoping Harper's attitude would change.

" They don't matter, THEY DON'T MATTER! THEY MATTER TO ME" yelled Harper gave Alex a look of pure rage.

" No , I matter not them. I mean look at me I'm hot" said Alex as she pointed at her body. Alex hoped this would distract Harper and fizzle out her temper.

" You know what they do to bad girl's Alex" asked Harper as she smirked at Alex. Alex smiled it look like Harper wasn't mad any more , that was good.

" Hahaha , no I don't why don't you tell me" said Alex as she smiled at Harper. Harper smiled and walked Alex to her bed. Harper sat down on the edge of her bed.

" To make a bad girl good they punished them, and I'm going to punish you" said Harper as she gave Alex a evil smirk.

" What" said Alex as she looked confused. Harper grabbed Alex and place her on her lap. Alex tried to get out of Harper's grip but she couldn't.

" Harper what are you doing, let me go come on I'm sorry" said Alex as she looked pleadingly at Harper.

" No , bad girl's need to be punished." said Harper as she took Alex's sky blue panties off. Harper raised her right hand and brought it down fast on Alex's butt.

" Ahhh, HarPER " screamed Alex. She never felt anything like this before. It was a mixer of pain and pleasure. Harper hit her thirty time's. When she was done Alex's butt was red as a cook crab. She had tear's in her eye's and her voice was raw from all the screaming.

" Now, Alex are you going to be a good girl." asked Harper as she looked at Alex. Alex rubbed her butt and nodded her head.

" Good, now go to your room and do your homework" said Harper as she pointed upstairs. Harper used a commanding tone with Alex one she never used before on her.

" Yes, Harper" said Alex as she looked at Harper. Harper was clam and had a emotionless face.

" Well, Alex what are you waiting for." asked Harper as she looked at the shaking Alex. She looked like she was out in the cold rain by the way she was shaking.

" Can I use magic to get to my room" asked Alex in a light voice. Her voice sounded like a little girl who was hoping shew got out of trouble with her parent's.

" Yes, yes you can" said Harper as she got up and picked her clothes to sleep in. Alex nodded and flashed to her room.

Alex's Room

" I can't believed she spanked." said Alex as she rubbed her sore but. She never been spanked before. Her mother nor her father never raised there hand at her. But she crossed the line with Harper and she got punished. She got punished before but never like that, and she like it. She like how Harper punished her. She like the Power Harper had over her and how it left her powerless!

" If I'm bad I get spanked, but if I'm good Harper's happy. So be bad first and good later, Harper and I get what we want. I get spanked and I'll be a good girl for Harper" said Alex as she smirked. Alex put her PJ's on and did what she was told to do Her Homework.

" I'll be your little good girl Harper as long as you punish me." said Alex as she open her math book.

(Back with Harper)

" I can't believe I just did that. I just spanked my best friend." said Harper as she looked at her right hand. Her hand was still red and it stung. She lost her temper she didn't know what took over her but she let it and she punished her best friend Alex Russo the bad girl. Will Alex forgive her, can she even forgive herself for what she did?

" Tomorrow I will beg for forgiveness." said Harper as she climbed into bed and closed her eye's.

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place W.O.W.P

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