To be Punished

Alex's always get's in trouble, and she loves being the bad girl. She doesn't care if she get's into trouble, but when she crosses the line with Harper, what will she do when Harper punishes her? Will it end their friendship or start something else?

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" It's Filth period , I should go" said Harper as she looked at Alex.

" Yeah, what ever just get out of there as fast as you can and meet me in out sixth period class." said Alex as she crossed her arm's . She wasn't happy and she didn't want Harper to go.

" I'll try, bye" said Harper as she walked away.

I can't believe what's happening. Why , why is it when I get something good happening to me it get's ruined. Like Magic Justin's better then me, now this someone else is going to feel Harper's hand's on there ass and see how her eye's sparkle or how her tongue stick's out. Thought Alex as she watch Harper walk away. She didn't know this feeling in her heart but she didn't like it. It was how she felt when her parent's compared her to Justin. How he got anything he wanted and more freedom then her.

" Alex go to class, stop day dreaming your never going to pass high school if you just stand there and daydream." said Justin as he glared at Alex. Alex rolled her eye's when you think about a nerd they will come and bug you.

" Go away Captain Nerd, I'm thinking not daydreaming. Why don't you go solve a math problem or build a new robot with your boyfriend Geek." said Alex as she glared back at Justin.

" His name is Zeke and at lest I can solve a math problem. What's two pulse two Alex My robot's are smarter and act more human then you. So hah " said Justin as he walked away.

" Whatever Jack Ass" said Alex as she walked to her class.

( With Harper )

" Amanda are you here. It's me Harper." said Harper as she looked around the dark room. The Drama room was filled with prop's and customs from play's it held.

" Over here Finkle. I hope your hand's ready to go. Now I don't know what you and Alex do but when your with me you'll do what I say . Now talk to me dirty like I'm a bad girl who needs to be punished." said Amanda as she looked at Harper.

" I don't know how to talk dirty." said Harper as she looked at Amanda.

" You better learn fast or the whole school will know that your spanking Russo Finkle" said Amanda as she glared at Harper.

" Fine, you know your a bitch and your kinda slutty" said Harper as she balled her fist and glared at Amanda. Amanda grinned at Harper and put her arm's around her.

" Oh, am I . What else am I come on Harper tell me how bad I am and tell me dirty naughty things" said Amanda as she leaned closer to Harper's right ear.

" When I'm done with you , you won't be able to sit for a week. You act like stuck up bitch with a pole up your ass so I'm going to make you walk like one. Does the little goth whore like what's she's hearing or does she need more. Does she want Harper to whisper more thing's to her or will she be a good little bitch and take her punishment." said Harper as she smirked. She hated to admit it but she liked talking to Amanda like that. She like the power she had because no matter how dirty or mean she talked Amanda was loving it.

" No, I'll be good and take my punishment." said Amanda as she pulled down her pant's. Showing Harper her pale behind. Harper laid Amanda across her knee's and stated to spank her.

Smack ,Smack ,Smack ,Smack ,Smack that's all Amanda heard was Harper's hand smacking her ass. The pain and pleasure was making her wet and she wanted more.

" HIT ME HARD I'M A REALLY BAD GIRL HARPER" yelled Amanda . Harper did hit her hard . When Harper's hand got tired she stopped and looked at Amanda she was crying and rubbing her sore behind.

" I'm going to tell you the next time we're doing this Finkle …... great spanking by the way." said Amanda as she kissed Harper on the check. Amanda slowly walked away leaving Harper in the dark Drama room.

" What do you mean by next time ? " said Harper as she looked confused. Harper shrug her shoulder's and looked at the time she had to run to her next class so she wouldn't be late.

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place W.O.W.P Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place W.O.W.P

So there's going to be a next time huh, and I was planing on some one on catching Harper and Amanda in the act of spanking but who. Stevie, Juliet, Gigi, Rosie or Max or all of them slowly. But how will Alex take it hmmm. Well we'll just have to wait and see huh. I want 5 review for the next chapter.