A/N This was a letter essay for my CA class. Thought I'd share it with you guys. ^^

BEFORE READING: These are my thoughts, so please don't be offended. It is your choice whether you agree with me or not.


Dear Ms. (CA/Reading Teacher),

Recently, I read a book called Gamer Girl. Considering I have a love of games and anime, this book was supposed to be a great read to compare my life to. A passage in the book reads as the following:

"Even if I didn't place in the contest, I'd won. I'd won in more ways than I could even count. And the Haters had lost. From now on, they could do their worst—it didn't matter. They had no power over me. Just like my heroine, I was a real gamer girl now. And that made me a winner."

The first time I read this, I blinked then had to go over it again. I didn't quite get the moral of the passage, much less the moral of the book. I also couldn't quite get how one little twist got Maddy (the main character) to this point. According to the book, she was having a perfectly fine life, even though she had moved to a new school. Then all of a sudden she gets one moment of sadness and (according to Maddy) her life is ruined. Then another moment of happiness and her life is all butterflies and rainbows.

The plot was what I was really reading for in the book. I was hoping for a bit of sci-fi and action, but all I got was an overdose of teenage angst. I will say the plot was realistic to an extent, but it lacked the excitement a good fiction book should have. Honestly, I think Mari Mancusi took her time with this book in the beginning. She wanted to set the scene and the typical 'not fitting in' problem her character was facing. Unfortunately, she took too long trying to do this. I found that near the last five chapters, the true problem appeared. I was almost mortified to find that it was resolved within the next two chapters. I wish I was there to help the author write this book because she had done a sloppy job on the plot and character development. There was no creativity in it whatsoever, and she had not given video games and anime any justice. She didn't even spell a simple Japanese word right.

I also felt that the main character, Maddy, was a fairly dull character. Sure, I also can relate to her in my love of anime and creating manga, but, since I am also an RPG gamer, I didn't see how she was a true gamer girl. In my opinion, she was also too oblivious for a normal human being. During the whole book, I nearly screamed at her to see what was right under her nose. The clues she was given were completely obvious and once the answer came into the book, I nearly threw it at the wall in frustration. She didn't even acknowledge its existence!

Though I am new to gaming in general, I felt like a pro reading this book. I also enjoyed the end of the book, mostly because it was the end. This book had promise in the beginning, though it took a downward slope right at the start of the second chapter. I now wish I had never read this book in the first place, and I would not recommend this to anyone I know. I feel sorry for any video gamer or anime lover who happens upon this book.


(Keira Higurashi)