Title: My Brother's Boyfriend.
Author: Heiwajima Shizuo.
Rating: M.
Warning: Slight AU. Swearing, innuendos, and sexual themes.
Summary: AU-ish. I didn't mind the fact Kasuka was gay. And to be honest, I didn't even care that he had a boyfriend. But that was until I found out who he was.

Note: This is suppose to be around the time Shizuo was framed by Izaya, so yeah. lol ^^

I felt like slitting my wrists.

"Kasuka! What the fuck!"

"What's wrong, Aniki?"

I stared at him unable to believe what was going on.

On the phone a few weeks ago, he had told me he would be dropping by to visit me. I was really excited, the both of us hadn't seen each other for a long time, what with his acting and what not. Because he was such a big star and was always in the public eye, it always made it hard for him to do things without paparazzi swarming him.

For a little while, the both of us just kind of drifted apart since I had been framed by a certain little flea. When Kasuka found out, he had been so disappointed and even stopped talking to me. But I was forgiven, so as soon as he told me he was coming, I was really really ecstatic.

He was my best friend and the only family I had left.

While on the phone, Kasuka said he was bringing his boyfriend too, saying he wanted us to meet each other. Like the good brother I am, I didn't mind the fact that Kasuka was gay. Even though he usually seemed to be missing human emotions, I was able to tell he was surprised to see that I was fine with it. That yes, I was fine with his sexuality. I mean I was his older brother, and what kind of brother would I have been if I didn't support him, right? Unlike his fans, who were mostly disappointed teenage girls, it hadn't effected me at all.

Well, that was until I actually met his boyfriend.

"Shizuo, this is—"

I cut him off, anger raced through my veins like an overflowing dam.

"I know who he is." I said with my teeth clenched, my hands in tight fists at my sides. It took all of my power to hold back from jamming my fists angrily into his boyfriend's face.

"Now now Shizu-chan. It isn't nice to interrupt people while they're talking."

Menacingly, I glared at the bastard next to my brother.

Orihara Izaya.

Of all the people on the fucking planet, Kasuka chose... him. That knife swinging sadist. The fucking jackass who framed me and caused that period of time where me and Kasuka had drifted. The fucker made Kasuka, my own brother, lose his faith in me. It took a lot of apologizing before he was even able to return any of my calls.

That motherfucker made me lose the only family I had left at one point.

This might have been my brotherly instinct kicking in, but I really didn't want Kasuka dating that... that... flea. If mom and dad were still around, I was pretty sure they would have been fine with it. But that's because mom and dad always had a carefree way of looking at things. I, on the other hand, see nothing carefree when I think of my brother and Izaya together.

Those two together...

I pinched myself in hopes that it was just some sick, sick nightmare and that I'd wake up soon enough. Unfortunately, after a few sharp pinches, I realized it was all real.

And that's when it hit me.

I bet Izaya didn't even like Kasuka!

The damned informant was probably only getting to know him, learn some stuff about him, sell it to some huge fan of my brother's, then dump him as soon as he got paid. The world around us didn't notice, but Kasuka wasn't devoid of emotion at all. The thing about him was that he just didn't show it and I had a feeling ever since I was young that Kasuka never knew how to.

I admit, I had a slight anger problem and I was actually a little impulsive when angry; a vending machine flying around here and there. Then there was Kasuka, stoic as a wall. But despite the indifferent expression, I knew that on the inside, there were things happening and that he felt something.

But anyways, at that moment, I began to think of what to do to that flea if he ever broke Kasuka's heart...

Everybody within a mile radius better watch out because I promised I'd put Izaya through Hell.

I was going to take a street light, swing with all my might, and hit that bastard right in between the legs—

Buzz. Buzz.

"I'll be back in a bit, my manager is calling." Kasuka said, cutting me out of my violent and murderous thoughts. "Please, make yourself comfortable, Aniki."

Sitting on the couch in a private little mansion Kasuka bought just a few train rides out of Ikebukuro, I glared harshly at the man sitting across from me on the other couch. Because I just got there, I still had a fully packed suitcase next to me. And quite frankly, I was extremely tempted to throw it at him.

How I was capable of sitting there without throwing anything at him, I don't know.

"So how have you been, Shizu-chan?" He asked with that signature smirk of his.

God I hate that smirk.

Wait, let me rephrase that. I hate his face.


Those stupid malice filled eyes sickened me. The same eyes that stared me down in cruel amusement as I was framed.

I was only able to imagine what those bright, almost red, orbs had witnessed. That sadistic little flea. What was wrong with him? Did he like causing other poeple trouble? Hah. I take it back. That question answered itself. Of course he did.

The man fucking fed off the misery of others.

Moving to sit on hands, I glared at him. Though I had been able to control my body, one never knew what I was capable of doing. Thank God I sat on my hands. When his smirked twisted and deepened evilly, I swore I was going to strangle him. With a not so innocent pout, he said ,"Ehhh? Why is Shizu-chan ignoring me?"

I growled at the nickname he did not have permission to use, "Don't fucking call me that, flea."

He gasped over dramatically and placed both hands over his heart, pout still in place, "Ehhh? No need to swear, Shizu-chan."

The emphasis on the nickname made me want to throw him down a flight a stairs. I even looked around for a few seconds checking to see if it was possible before turning back to glare daggers at him. The bastard knew I wanted to, but couldn't, hurt him. The only thing that stood in my way of exterminating the flea, was Kasuka. He hadn't given me much information as to what happened and why, but Izaya is his boyfriend. No matter how much I wished he wasn't, the two were together.

I didn't know what in the Hell kind of drug was used on Kasuka, but he must've been drugged up pretty bad to actually want to be around someone as irritating as Izaya. Being around him could only be described as having an itch and no matter how hard you attempt to scratch it, it just never, ever, goes away. And trust me, I had been scratching for years.

Still glaring, a low, almost incoherent growl emits from the back of my throat before I speak, trying my hardest to remain calm. But let's be serious, do you honestly believe I was capable of being relaxed around him?

"Let's just set things straight, I'm... 'ok' with the fact you and Kasuka are together," I lied, slightly struggling. Even a deaf person could've told I was lying. "But that doesn't mean I'm ok with you."

The informant's face noticeably brightened and he smiled, "Ne! Ne! You're really ok with me and Kasuka-chan?"

"Sure..." My teeth were clenched together. If had a piece of steel in my mouth right then, I'm pretty sure my teeth would have dented it, or maybe even bitten through. Breathing in and out, I tried to calm myself down. I wasn't going to let that douche get to me.

"So, you're alright with the fact I'm fucking your brother in every way every night?"

I snapped.

That was it.

He was fucking dead.

Ready to accept whatever Kasuka might have said to me after killing his boyfriend, I snarled. But before I could even shift my weight off of my hands, Kasuka walked in and sat next to Izaya on the couch across from me. When Kasuka wasn't paying attention as he made himself comfortable, I glared at Izaya who smiled.

If he ever forced himself onto my little brother... I swore I'd fucking rip off his dic—

"So, Aniki," Kasuka chimed in, breaking my raging train of thought, "Would you like to place your luggage in your room? We arranged one just for you."

Trying to calm down, I nodded and followed Kasuka. He was already standing next to a fairly large hall way and I gaped slightly from how spacious it was.

Grabbing the handle of my suitcase, I pulled it and made my way next to him. A few seconds after, Izaya decided to tag along and walked along side Kasuka with his arm around my brother's waist. I instantly glared, even though the informant had no way of knowing.

Because I wasn't all that sure as to where to go, I followed, walking a few feet behind my brother and his... boyfriend.

I cringed.

I couldn't even say it to myself.

It just didn't seem right.

I still was not over it and could not accept it. Kasuka couldn't possibly be with someone like him! Once again, I went back and hoped that I was dreaming. That this must have been some dream and that I was lying on the ground somewhere in Ikebukuro after getting hit by, I don't know, a speeding truck? Anything was better than what was happening before my eyes!

On the way to my room, I couldn't help but clench my hand into a fist each time the hand on Kasuka's wasit, as the flea would have said, 'accidentally' drifted a little too low.

Honestly, what in the world was happening? What was even harder for me to believe at the time was that Kasuka wasn't even doing anything about the man's wandering hand! If I didn't have my suitcase handle in one hand, and if the other wasn't kept in my pocket, I'm pretty sure I would have punched his hand away.

Or rip it off.

Either way, I would've been pleased. Though the thought of Izaya being unable to hold his knife was rather tempting.

Now you may think I was overeacting just a little, but let me put it this way:

That was my brother, for fuck's sake!

Glaring holes into the back of Izaya's head, which I wish would have actually happened because I probably would have liked him more as a pile of ashes, something caught me off guard. With my eyes stuck on the figure in a coat with fur on the edges, he turned his head to look at me.

My eyes meet his, in the current lighting, ruby ones before his face contorted into a disturbing expression.

His face full of what could only be classified as... lust.

It bothered me to no end. What happened next didn't help much either.

He then licked his lips rather seductively, our eyes still locked, before turning back and stopping at the door at the end of the hall. He then let go of my brother's waist as Kasuka opened the door and walked into the room first.

Alone in the hallway with Izaya, he turned back, winked at me with a sly smirk, then followwed Kasuka into my room.

For a few seconds I stared blankly into the doorway of my room.

What in the world just happened?