Title: My Brother's Boyfriend.
Author: Heiwajima Shizuo.
Rating: M.
Warning: Slight AU. Swearing, innuendos, and sexual themes.
Summary: AU-ish. I didn't mind the fact Kasuka was gay. And to be honest, I didn't even care that he had a boyfriend. But that was until I found out who he was.

"So how are things going, Izaya-san?"

Taking a sip of water, I placed the cool glass on the table in front of me. It was almost lunch time and I was rather tired. The sun shone from the large windows and, unlike most people, it made me even sleepier than I already was. Across from me sat Kasuka, whose expression was as indifferent as ever. As we sat in the young Heiwajima's kitchen, casually leaning back into my seat, I waved my hand dismissively.

"Just fine."

"Is that so?"

"Oh?" I quirked an eyebrow, my interest somewhat piqued. "Does Kasuka-chan not believe me?"

"With the way things have been going, it seems to me that Shizuo-san hates you even more than he already did."

Unnoticeably, I winced but I kept my composure and grinned. "Your point?"

Shifting, I leaned forward and rested my tired head on my hand. My eyes locked with his and my grin was quickly replaced with a smirk. "Why? Does little Kasu-chan want me to give up?"

There was silence.

A small, almost inaudible ringing quickly filled my ears along with the ticking of the clock that hung on the wall behind the actor. Breaking eye contact, my eyes slowly drifted downward to the cool mahogany table between us as my thoughts began to consume my focuse.

I was stupid.

As much as I hated to admit it, I was being incredibly foolish. And just to add to my already bruised ego, my so called 'master plan' blew up in my face. I had control over everything. I had it all laid out and everything set in place perfectly; my plans were always nothing less of absolute perfection. But, despite having the perfect plan, there was always room for error. And that error rested in the only variable I did not have control over.

That variable, of course, being a certain little protozoan who refused to go along with what I had put in front of him.

Everything would have worked out just fine if he stopped being the dense person he was.

"I'm not tell you to give up, and I do not want you to give up, Izaya-san." I looked up and my eyes found their place on the brunette across from me. His eyes held an intense sheen, piquing my interest once more.

"Oh? And why is that?" Such an interesting being, he was. And to think, I was ready for him to tell me the exact opposite. He was just like his older brother; unpredictable. It reminded me of the time I first approached him asking him for assistance.

"Because, I think it's time Shizuo-san finds someone that he can love who will love him."

My eyes widened and I erupted in an ear-piercingly loud fit of laughter. Though most would have been offended at my sudden outburst, the brunette remained silent, his dull eyes glued to my trembling figure. Moving the weight of my head off my hand, I clutched my stomach and continued to laugh. My chest was inflating and deflating unevenly and my voice echoed throughout the actor's home.

With the same emotionless voice, Kasuka tilted his head to the side in confusion and asked, "What's so funny?"

"'Love?'" After a few moments, my laughing quickly died down and I inhaled deeply. I was back to normal, my breathing was even and my grin lingered.

Moving into my previous position, with my hand resting lazily in my hand, I lifted my other hand to trace the rim of my glass. "Do you really believe in that?"

"Of course."

"How interesting."

"Don't you?"

Looking away from my glass of water, I glanced at Kasuka curiously. "What makes you think I believe in the existence of something so cliché? Hmm?"

"If you don't, then why did you come to me with this if it wasn't out of love?"

"Simple," I start, taking the glass of water into my hand. Placing the rim to my lips, I parted them and took a fairly large sip, the cool liquid refreshing my body. With an as-a-matter-of-fact tone in my voice, I continued, "It isn't because I am in love. I cannot love if I do not believe in it. It would be like an Atheist praying to God. It makes no sense, right?"

"I don't understand. If it isn't because you're in love—"

"Think of it this way, Kasuka-san. I'm did not ask for your help because I was in love. I was asking for it was merely a, how should I put this..." I trailed off. "It's nothing but a want, I guess would be a good way of putting it."

"'A want?'"

"It is nothing more than a desire." I sighed. "But with the way things are going for me, I doubt will ever obtain what it is I am after. Even you seemed to have noticed."

I paused, giving the younger male time to let my words sink in. I was always told of my habit of talking too much, so I decided to take a few seconds before continuing. "Anyway, the reason I wanted to speak to you while Shizuo was out for a walk is not to tell you my views of 'love.'"

"Then please, continue."

"To spare some time, I'll cut to the chase. The deal has been annulled and I am no longer in need of your services. You are hearby dismissed."


"You can keep the money I paid you with. I have no use for it anyway—"

"No." I was caught off guard and stared.

"What was that?"

"I said 'no.' Have you forgotten, Izaya-san? That is not part of the deal you made with me."

As my ears were filled with the sound of the ticking clock, I stared at the actor with eye brows raised. Taking my silence as his cue, he carried on, his voice as monotone as ever. "When you came to me that one day, you told me no matter what, I could not leave this deal until you got what you wanted."

"Trying to use my words against me, are you? What you said is true, but you are not leaving, you are being dismissed." I snickered, at his cleverness before my eyes saddened slightly when he asked why. I took a deep breath.

"It has been over a month since his arrival here and I haven't made any progress. In fact, since Shizuo's hatred for me deepened, it is safe to say I've taken steps back."

"Then try going about this differently—"

"It's fine, Kasuka-chan. It was nice doing business with you, now if you'd excuse me, I better pack up my things and go back to Shinjuku—" Stood up from my seat and made my way towards my shared room with the young man when I felt a soft hand grasp my wrist demandingly. With wide, caught off guard eyes, I looked over my shoulder.

"You shouldn't give up so easily. You paid me to act as your boyfriend in order to get near my brother so you two can hit it off eventually, right? I am not doing this because of the money because I do not need it."

"Oh? Then why are you still willing to playing along? You love your brother, don't you? Should you want to keep him away from the bad guy?"

"My brother is strong, he can handle himself from any so called 'bad guy.' Besides, sooner or later, things will go as planned."

There was silence and for a moment, I stood there speechless. What was I to say? No matter how much I tried, I was going about it the wrong way. Shizuo would never go for his younger brother's boyfriend. The blonde was a family man. That was safe to say. Even if he didn't have a mom and dad around anymore, he was still there for the brunette. So with that said, I didn't have the slightest chance.

"Whether or not you believe in it, you two will fall in love one day."

Suddenly something within me snapped.

Tugging my arm roughly, I free myself of the brunette's hold. In a softly slurred piano, I told him I was no longer in need of his services and I quickly walked away with my jacket flowing softly behind me. With each step I took, my footsteps echoed throughout the spacious house. My shoulders hung in defeat and I lifted my hand to wipe away the tears with the sleeve of my jacket.

Bang. Bang.

With furrowed eyebrows, I ignored the irritatingly loud knocking on my door and rolled over. The comfy mattress shifted under my weight and I inhaled the sweet, citrus scent of the white sheets as I wrapped them around my bare chest.

It had been a month since first coming to visit Kasuka and things were great. I received a lot of calls from Tom, and also spent a lot of time with Kasuka, and bonded. Everything was great, but despite spending a good amount of time with Kasuka, I also ended spending the same amount of time with the flea, if not more.

Kasuka and Izaya… It was like the two were connected by the hip or something!

When Kasuka went somewhere, Izaya was always with him! Like when Kasuka and I went out to visit a candy shop to buy sweets, Izaya decided to tag along. He was annoying and when Kasuka and I decided to split up in the store, for some odd reason, Izaya stayed with me instead.

This one time when I went to go take a quick walk this one time a few days after fist arriving, Kasuka asked if he could come along. Of course, I said he could but much to my dismay, Izaya linked arms with him and came too. Just like the other day. Instead, I declined Kasuka's offer to walk with me. I felt bad, but I knew the evil little consequence that would come along with my little brother.


Now that I thought about it, being the famous actor he was, Kasuka had a lot of meetings and interviews he had to go to, which always left me alone with Izaya.

In fact, I was pretty sure I spent more time with Izaya than I did Kasuka.

It was like God was punishing me.

Bang. Bang.

Cracking my eyes open, I pushed myself out of bed reluctantly. It was almost 8 AM and I was feeling exceedingly tired. I had gotten so use to sleeping in until 10 or 11 AM that I was barely able to keep my eyes open then. Light invaded my room through the closed, uncovered, windows and I squinted my eyes.

I fucking hated mornings.

Bang. Bang.

And that consistent banging on my door was only adding to the list of reasons why I hated mornings.

"Oh, Shizu-chan~!" After staying with Kasuka for around a month, I usually woke up like that; tired, annoyed, and to the voice that grated my ears and belonged to someone I didn't like.

Bang. Bang.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of the doorknob 'jiggle' and I smirked in satisfaction when it wasn't opened. "Shizu-chan!"

Gotta love locks.

Bang. Bang.

Though glad Izaya was unable to open the door, barge in, and wreck my day before it even started, I was still terribly irritated. I clenched my jaw and bared my teeth angrily when the knocking on my door grew louder and louder. My hands balled up into fists, my white sheets in my death-like grip.

Glaring at the door, I growled, "Fuck you!"

On the other side of the door, his muffled voice drifted into my room, "I gladly would, just open up!"

Oh my f-

Getting up and making my way towards the door, I heard him sigh loudly. "I can't believe you locked your door! How rude!"

"That's rude? You're the one yelling and banging on my door while I'm sleeping!" Slamming the door open, I scowled at him. There was an annoyingly bright smile on his face and he stepped in without consent. In his usual depressing attire, he hums as he makes his way towards my disheveled bed. When he reaches it, he flops lazily onto it and hugs one of my pillows, nuzzling his smiling face against it.

My eye brow twitched

It was… creepy.

Really creepy.

"So, Shizu-chan, any plans for today?" He asked in a casual tone, his maroon orbs shining surprisingly beautifully. I was left staring and when I caught myself, I felt my cheeks heat up shamefully.


I brought a hand up to slap my forehead before running it through my bed ridden hair, my tired eyes closing as I sighed. I was so tired, my mind was making me think strange things I normally wouldn't have.

"Well, Shizu-chan?" His voice sounded shockingly close and, a little reluctant and afraid of what I might see, I opened my eyes. With his small hands on my chest, he leaned forward. Due to the difference in height, he tilted his head upward and our lips brushed against each other. Somehow, the raven managed to reach me without hearing his footsteps or the sound of the springs in my mattress.

He was so close—Shit.

That wasn't good.

Immediately, I made a move to get away by taking an incredibly feeble step back. Unfortunately, I slipped a little and, flailing my arms a little, I close the door and I fell into a leaning position on it. Absentmindedly, Izaya's arms wrapped around my neck and he tripped forward, falling right into my chest.

So much for trying to get away.

Tugging on my neck, Izaya pulled my face down to his and my face heated up once more. I can't quite recall if it was because I was angry, embarrassed, or because of the close proximity, but my face was a deep red, and it made the flea smirk playfully. "Do you have any plans? Hmm?" His lips brushed against mine and I pulled back, adding a few, much needed, inches between our lips.

"No, I don't. Why do you want to know, flea?" I added the last part, hesitating just a tad. There was a feeling in my stomach that told me something bad was going to happen… soon.

Arching his back, closing the small amount of space between us, he whined playfully, "Because Kasu-chan will be out all day with his manager and I'll have nothing to do~!"

"Then go out and see a movie or something—"

"I don't think you understand." He said, his voice serious. Rocking his hips against mine, he then shifted a leg between mine. My breath hitched and he continued. "What I meant is, I won't have anyone to do. It really doesn't help considering how horny I am at the moment."

He grinded against my once more, causing an incredible amount of friction. As he continued to move himself against me, my stomach stirred and blood immediately rushed to my crotch. "And since little Kasu-chan isn't here… Why don't we have some fun? I mean, it isn't fair that he gets all of my attention—"

"Whoever said I wanted your attention, huh?"

I pushed him away from me and he fell, landing on his butt. Seemingly unaffected, he get's onto his knees and crawls towards me. Reaching my, he kneels and tugs at my boxers teasingly.

"Shizu-chan might not want my attention, but it sure looks like little Shizu-chan does~"

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