NOTE: Some spoilers for: CATCHING FIRE.


"But I have to confess, I'm glad you two had at least a few months of happyness together." Cesar told Peeta.

"I'm not glad," says Peeta. "I wish we could have waited until the whole thing was done officially."

This takes even Cesar back, "Surely even a brief timeis better than no time?"

"Maybe I'd think that, too," Peeta says bitterly, "If it weren't for the baby."

When those six words entered his ears, he didn't know what to feel, so his body, his heart, brain and soul choose to fell nothing at all.

For some reaon his brain couldn't process it; Katniss is pregnant with Peeta's child. How could that be? He had thought that that was just to get more sponcers for the Games: The Star Cross Lovers, or something like that. Just to get simpathy. But now he found out that she was apparently married AND pregnant.

He had thought that when she chose to stay and fight, that she had chosen him not Peeta. But apparentally he was sadly mistaken. The kiss she had given him when he lay on her kitchen table, his back burning for all it was worth, meant nothing. She had just once again let her rush of emotions at that time run rapid. Which had resulted in the quick, soft kiss on his lips.

It had made his heart flutter and swell with love that was going to finally going to be nurchered. He had pretened to be unconcious, hoping she would do it again only to have the moment ruined when Peeta came.

Peeta ruined everything, he took Katniss away, took his love away.

Katniss had part in this to.

She said that she had chosen him; even though she said she would never marry, would never bring children into this world. And yet, she had done it with Peeta. Married Peeta, has Peeta's child growing inside of her. It was supposed to be him and not Peeta, HIM.

Feelings started to flood his system now, to fast to identify. Betrayel, hurt, jealousy, sadness, angery and than finally, hatred.

Maybe things could have gone differently if he had been chosen as a tribute instead of Peeta. But than he would be dead right now and Peeta would still get Katniss. Why would she be able to kill him and not Peeta? It just proves that no matter what, they would still have ended up together and he would be the outsider looking in.

But maybe her being married and pregnant was just a simpathy clause and it wasn't real. Just another thing to hold against the Capital. But the look on her face when Peeta said baby, said everything he needed to know; he was worth nothing, and Peeta was worth everything.

Gale Hawthorne didn't know what to think anymore, didn't know what to feel anymore.