You're a carousel, you're a wishing well.

Harry and Ginny leisurely down the path. The park was deserted, except for the two of them.

"Look," Harry pointed towards the sky, "a shooting star!"

They both looked at the bright light that streaked across the sky. Once it disappeared, Harry turned to Ginny only to find her with her eyes shut tightly.

"What're you doing?" he asked

"Making a wish," she stated as if it was obvious

"A wish? You believe that?" Harry scoffed

"You don't?" she asked

"Of course not. It's a star."

"So what do you do on your birthday?" she asked, "Do you just blow out the candles without making a wish?"


"Make a wish. Right now," she ordered

"Come on, Ginny, I'm not going-"

"I'm waiting."

Harry rolled his eyes before he shut them. He ran through possibilities of wishes. 'I wish Ginny would kiss me' he thought feeling silly.

He opened his eyes, and his eyes widened in shock as Ginny pressed her lips to his gently.

"How? Is it magic?" he wondered out loud

"No, silly," Ginny said with a smile, "I just know you."

Harry hurriedly pulled her down the path.

"Where are we going?' Ginny asked through her laughter.

They stopped in front of a wishing well. Harry plunged his hand into his pocket before withdrawing a handful of change.

And you light me up, when you ring my bell.

You're a mystery, you're from outer space.

Harry sat hunched over the desk in his flat. He was working on a very important problem. He could almost feel the answer to the mystery, but it eluded him. Growling with frustration, he pulled out another sheaf of papers.

He had spent weeks on this problem, but the answer was just as much a mystery to him as when he had started.

His irritation only grew when he heard the doorbell ring. He decided to not answer it, choosing to look at more photos.

His quill snapped when the doorbell rang again, this time three times.

He pushed away from his desk violently, his chair toppling to the floor. He stomped to the door, not caring if Mrs. Price downstairs complained.

He threw open the door, ready to yell at the person who decided to disturb him.

His words of anger died on his lips when he saw Ginny Weasley standing there. She was holding two bags that unmistakably held take out and was wearing a goofy smile.

"I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me."

"Hmmmm, I have to think, I mean, I might have plans with the hordes of women I'm secretly dating," Harry said with a finger on his chin

"It's not a secret if you tell me, idiot," Ginny replied, before stepping into the apartment.

"Darn it! I guess I'll have to convince you otherwise," Harry said suggestively.

"First I need to put these bags down," Ginny said before putting them on the closest surface, his desk.


"Harry, why are you looking at pictures of jewelry?" she asked, picking up a picture of a pair of diamond earrings.


"The things Kingsley has you doing for the Aurors," she said with an exasperated smile.

"Yeah, the case is…almost solved. I hope."

"..Okay. That necklace is pretty," she pointed out, gesturing towards a picture of a simple gold necklace.

Harry grinned widely as he slipped the picture into his pocket. The mystery of what to get Ginny for her birthday was solved.

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