A/N: This will be my first fanfiction that I have written so please bear with me. This will be a Edward and Bella Fic, they won't fall in love at the first meeting but both know that they want the other. Edward is the son of the very powerful Carlise Cullen, head of Mafia Cullen. Bella is a very trained and saught after assassin, wanting more out of her life she moves to Chicago to start over. With a new place to call home Bella tries to intergrate herself back into normal life. (whatever that is) All her plans are thrown out the window when she meets the one and only Edward Cullen.

I know that this has been done before but I have a few things that I thought that would be good for the story. Bella isn't the weak helpless girl we all know from all the twilight books, she is not affraid to get into the middle of things. Hence why she was the most saught after assassin. Let me know how you enjoy the story I will try to update as often as possible.

Chapter 1 BPOV

It's always the same thing everyday the only thing that changes is the city and the faces. I watch my target for a few weeks find the best point of access then take out my target, no questions asked just get in get out. Even though I am only 25 years old I have been in the assassin game for 8 years. It's not like every girl grows up saying I want to be a trained assassin when I get older, but as they always say life happens and you really have no choice. My Father the only person I had left in my life was killed in the line of duty shortly after my 17th birthday. I had more than enough HIgh school credits to finish school early and head off to college, staying in that small town of Forks WA was not an option for me. To many memories good and bad, I saw my father everywhere but most of all I saw the way everyone looked at me with pity in their eyes.

I promised myself after I left for college that never again would I have someone look at me with pity again. Shortly after my first semester at UClA I was approached by a man that said that with lack of a family and any real ties to the real world that it made me the perfect person to work for the CIA. I almost laughed in the mans face simply because I was the most clumsy person i have ever met.

Well long story short I finally listened to all he had to say and offer, finally after much thought I agreed to see how it worked out. I made sure to make it a stipulation in my contract that at anytime that I wanted to quit that I could. There was no way that I wanted to stay in this life forever. I am not stupid enough to think that they would just let me walk away but honestly they would be stupid to try anything. If they ever pushed me I would have no choice but to put my deadly skills to use.

As of tonight after my last mission Isabella Swan will no longer exsist, I'm tired of the game. Every week there is always a new target someone, always someone that is a threat to national security. Whatever these same people were fine the week before, politics is one dirty corrupt business, and I plan to get out while I can.

Tomorrow, Bella Carlie Masen will be in Chicago starting her third year of college a Northwestern. I have only managed to complete two years of college and I want to finish my degree in writing. I have always had a thing for books, and would like to one day complete my dream of being a writer. Maybe since I will have more free time now I will be able sit and write. (Yeah right live never turns out the way I want)

Anyway back to business, my target just arrived and is heading up to his penthouse as we speak. Double checking that I have all I need for this mission I grab my knives and my rope. Normally I would be bringing my baby with me, my Desert Eagle, but this called for a quiet in and out job. I will be in and out of the room before anyone has a chance to come check on him.

I test the rope to make sure it is secure before I make my way down to the window that I know is his room. Quickly and quietly I make my way into the room, I can hear voices letting me know that he is on his way in to change. Hiding from sight as he enters the room alone, as the door clicks shut I make my move from behind. When my hand reaches to cover his mouth I waste no time to let him struggle, my knife slices his throat like butter. As to make no noise I lower his dead body to the ground before making my way back to the window. Back up to the roof and over the zip line to the next building, free and clear at last.

After leaving New York I head to Boston where I have my things stored. Shorlty after some much needed sleep I make my way to Chicago and my new penthouse apt. Yes, Yes I know but once a girl has lived a certain way its really hard to go back.

Chicago get ready because Bella Masen is on her way.

A/N: Well what do you think let me know I should have the next chapter up soon it will be Edwards POV with a little history about him and what he does.