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Chapter 8


As hard as I tried I couldn't get the sight of Bella killing that guy out of my mind, the drive back to our building was brutely silent how I wished to know what was going through her mind. Only one night out with me and I have already almost gotten her killed. I should end everything right here and now before this has a chance to go further but I would be lying if I said that I didn't say that dispite everything that happened I still had a great time with Bella.

When Bella told us what her job had been before coming to Chicago I still had been in shock after seeing her take down Alecs gunman, but since leaving the club I have had time to process the information and what I had seen. Walking Bella to he door I really don't know what to say or do, I know that I don't really want the night to end yet but also I know that there are some things that need to be said about what went down tonight.

"Bella there are somethings that I think you need to know about, so you will be able to understand why things happened the way they did tonight." Telling her seemed like my only option if I wanted to see her again.

"Edward you don't owe me anything, I didn't tell you about my past so you would feel like you had to tell me about yours. Even though yours isn't quite in your past is it Cullen?"

"No not totally but the past does have a lot to do with it. I would like to you to know the truth, but after you hear it all you might want anything to do with me anymore." Was all I said before Bella opened her door stepping aside to let me into her penthouse.

"Come in make yourself comfortable, I am going to go find me a drink would you like one?" Bella asked as she showed me to the couch.

"Anything you have is fine with me, I'm happy to help you get it."

Waving me off Bella said, "I got it, give me just a second I will be right back."

I waited for her to return by looking around her place, I noticed you already had everything unpacked and put away. She decorated the place that suited her fantasticly, only there was one thing that I noticed missing. There was absolutely no pictures anywhere, none of her growing up, none of her father there was nothing from her past at all showing. I heard Bella making her way back to the living area so I decided that I should probably sit down and not look like I had been snooping through her things, defienetly not that thing to do when you want said woman to consider going back out with you.

"Sorry that took so long, the only thing I could find was a bottle of whiskey. I hope thats okay with you." She asked as she held the bottle up for me to see.

Smirking I reply, "No its fine, Jack is just fine with me. I wouldn't have taken you for a whiskey kind of girl though."

"Oh, well sometimes a little Jack helps make the days troubles melt away at least for a little bit."

"I can understand that way of thinking, there are times when things get to be just to much especially if you have had many days like mine. Um, Bella there are some things that I need to tell you about that may make it more clear as to why what happened tonight happened at all."

"Edward look I don't expect you to tell me anything, but I will tell you that if you do tell me I won't tell a soul about any of it. It's not like I have anyone to tell even if I wanted to. It's up to you if you want to tell me like I said earlier don't feel like you have too just because I told about my past."

"No I need to, if you want to continue to see me you need to be made aware of what my life really is like. I really don't know how to say this but I was born into this life Bella, my father Carlisle was born into it as well. The Cullen family has been involved in the ...well I guess you could say the Mafia, or the Mob. I'm not too sure as too how or when it all started but the Cullen family has always been this way. The head of the family is always passed down to the son or oldest son when the father dies or steps aside, but in my case Carlisle chose me to head the family when he is ready to step down. We have alot of enemies, one you met tonight the Volturi family has been trying to take down and take over my families territory for decades. Tonight Alec tried to force me out of my territory, and after I wouldn't give in he tried to use you against me."

"See, I don't like to get close to woman for that reason alone, they would be in constant danger. I should walk away from you right now but I can't. God, if something were to happen to you because of me I would never forgive myself. Now that you know who I really am I wouldn't blame you if you kicked me out that door right this minute." I looked away from her waiting for her to kick me out and to tell me to never speak to her again.

I waited for what seemed like minutes, but when I went to look back at her I was shocked to see that she had moved closer to me on the couch. I tried to ask her to say something but before I could her mouth came crashing down on me. After a split second hesitation I pulled her closer to me to deepen the kiss. I let my hands wander to her silky locks, I wantd to let them wander to other places but before I could she pulled away with a bright smile on her face.

"Okay I have listened to everything you have said about your family and why things happened the way they did tonight. Now I have told you about my past as well so I think when I say this you may actually believe me, I can more than take care of myself. If a little danger is the price I have to pay to have you in my life then so be it. For the last 7 years I have lived in a very dangerous world alone, constantly looking over my shoulder making sure I took out the enemy before they had a chance to take me out. If being with you means that I live in a dangerous world again then thats what I want, with you there with me I won't be alone anymore."

"Besides I can be a very dangerous woman when I need to be, I don't leave home without some sort of weapon on me anyway you never know when something may happen." She said smirking.

Raising and eyebrow at her in question, "Oh really, please tell me where you put a weapon with that dress on, and then why didn't you use it against that guy before he drug you into that office."

With laughter in her voice she said, "First when that idiot grabbed me he said something about using me to get you to do as Alec wanted, I didn't know where you were or if you were hurt so I let him take me to that office. Second after I had a better picture of what was going on in there I knew if given the opprotunity Alec would have had me killed right in front of you. Finally I couldn't really reach my weapon when the idiot grabbed my arm, so I had to impovise after all the gun were drawn."

"Alright but now I am really curious as to where it was." I said as I eyed her up and down looking for some sort of clue as to where she could have possibly hid a weapon. "Um, better question why would you need to bring a weapon on our date tonight?"

"Like I said you never know when you may need one, I mean getting taken hostage wasn't really what I would have guessed but like I said it really didn't help me out to much tonght. But I can be a very dangerous woman when the need arises." Was all she said before she pushed me back against the couch so she could straddle my waist.

"Dangerous, huh, I don't think you are all that dangerous Bella. In fact I think that I am more dangerous than you are." I crashed my lips to hers before I stood up from the couch with her legs wrapped around my waist, turning back toward the couch I and laid her on her back with me still between her legs. I break the kiss by moving to her earlobe where I suck it into my mouth, earning me the best sounding moan from her. I move down her jaw to her neck, I can feel Bella moving her hips against mine. I move my mouth down to just above where her dress starts, smirking to myself I do something that will most likely get me into lots of trouble. I rip her dress right down the middle right down to the start of her black panties.

After getting a gasp of shock from Bella I look up at her smiling, "Oops, I did warn you that I was more dangerous. mmmm still no weapon, only so much skin still covered I guess I have no choice but to continue to look myself."

Bella's hand stops mine from ripping the dress completely off of her, "oh no you don't." With that she shoved me back until I was back to my original sitting position. Moving back to straddle my lap in nothing but a strapless bra and a half torn dress. "Now Mr. Cullen, you ripped my dress. Did you think that I would just let you continue with you little game. No, see you may be dangerous but assure you I can be deadly."

With that she stood up in front of me, smirking at me she takes the remaining fabric in her hands and rips it the rest of the way before throwing it to the ground behind her. Standing in front of me with only her black bra and black thong, I finally see where she hid her weapon. In a belt there high up her thigh I see two knives, before she takes them out.

Moving back to staddle me again it took everything I had in me not to take her right then and there. She pulled my shirt from my slacks before saying, "Now Edward, it wasn't a very nice thing to tear my dress like that. I really can't let that stand, here I am in nothing but my panties and bra, and you sit here completely dressed."

Smirking at me she raises her knife waving it in between us, I was still to aroused to really protest her movements. Before I knew what happened I felt the cool air hitting my chest. Looking down I see that she had cut all the buttons away from my shirt. Before I was able to grab her hand she had already stood up in front of me, as I stood up she wasted no time in getting my pants down to my feet. After looking down for a split second to free my feet from my shoes, socks and pants, I looked up to find Bella gone. Where did that vixen go so quickly, looking around I saw no sign of her in the kitchen or the living area so I made my way to the stairs. Standing at the top looking sexy as hell was Bella, she made a gesture with her finger telling me to follow her.

Following her into her room she wastes no time before attacking my lips and my mouth with her tounge. Picking her up with ease I walk us to the big bed in the center of her room where I throw her onto it before I slowly crawl up her body. Kissing my way up I hear her moaning my name, when I pass the one place that I know that she wants me I hear her whimper.

After freeing her beautiful breasts from her bra I couldn't wait a second longer before attacking her nipples with my mouth. "God Edward, please."

"What is it Bella, what do you want I will give you anything you want." I said before attacking her other nipple with my mouth.

"More, I want more Edward. I want you so much." I didn't think it was possible but my cock got even harder at her words. I reach down with one hand feeling her through her panties, she is so wet that not only has she soaked her panties but it is running down her thighs.

"Mmm baby do I make you this wet?" Her only answer is a brief nod of her head. I remove the wet garments before settling myself in the one area where I wanted to be. Kissing the inside of her thigh I run my tounge closer to her center tasting the best thing ever, Bella. "Bella you taste so good, but I want to know how good you will taste when I make you cum on my tounge."

I don't give her a chance to reply before I run my tounge on her slit, I have to hold her hips down after she let out a squil of suprise. I suck her clit into my mouth causing her to say, "Yes, please don't stop...feels so good."

Pretty soon I have her writhing from my tounge fucking her, I can tell that she is right on the edge so I take my thumb applying pressure to her clit with that she explodes right on my tounge. After getting every last drop I crawl back up her body kissing my way back toward her mouth. "Please Edward I need you in me now."

"Are you sure thats what you want?"

"Fuck yes I want it, please I need you now."

Placing myself at her entrance I notice one big problem I don't have a condom, I have one in my wallet but its in my jacket down stairs. As if knowing my problem Bella says, "I've been on the depo shot for years its fine."

Without a second thought I entered Bella slowly until I was buried deep within her, after letting her get adjusted I start rocking my hips against hers.

"Yes Edward, God you feel so dam good."

"Fuck Bella... so tight, and wet."

After a while I can feel her walls starting to clench around me, "come on Bella, cum for me baby, cum all over my cock." Reaching down I rub her clit sending her over the edge with me going along with her.

Laying next to Bella I pull her to snuggle into my chest before saying, "mm you are one dangerous creature Bella Masen, but I like it alot."

"Your pretty dangerous yourself I guess as long as we stick together we will make one hell of a team." She mumbled before drifting off to sleep.

"Yes we will be, cause I will kill anyone that thinks about using you to get to me again." With that I drifted off to sleep.

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