No One Knew


Disclaimer: I do not own Dawson's Creek…I do not make any money from the writing of this fan-fiction. It's simply for fun.

It was a typical Thursday at Capeside High. Students were in various areas enjoying the lunch period, some outside, some in the library, some actually eating in the cafeteria.

Joey Potter and Pacey Witter were spending their lunch period together in the cafeteria.

Dawson Leery was spending his lunch period in the film lab. Dawson was working on a script for a new movie he was planning to begin shooting in the next few weeks.

Jen Lindley and Jack McPhee were in the computer lab, researching colleges. Jack and Jen were determined to go to college together the next fall and get out of Capeside at the same time.

Andie McPhee was in the library studying, determined to keep her grades perfect, even though she'd already received her acceptance letter to Harvard.

All six friends were spending their day as any other. They didn't know that their whole world was about to get turned upside down. No one knew that on an innocent Thursday afternoon, someone had planned a massacre.

No one knew…until the first shot rang out over the campus.