Feline Persuasion


The Analyzer

Kiriha slipped silently through the halls of Bastia Palace. Penetrating the security line had been easy and evading the patrols had been equally simple. Now he just had to locate the Code Crown and the Lake Zone would be Blue Flare Army territory.

Kiriha stepped into the chambers. He began prowling through the treasures with a careful eye. The Code Crown had to be here somewhere. Just where was it?"

"Who are you?"

Kiriha whipped around. A cat girl Digimon was on a cushion-like throne, staring at him with sleepy violet eyes.

"Stay silent" Kiriha stepped back, grabbing his X Loader."Alert the guards and I'll-"

Her eyes widened. "Are you a General?"

"Yes. If you cooperate, you will remain un-"

Faster than Kiriha could react, she leapt from the throne and onto his legs.

"Oh General-sama, help us! IceDevimon has been attacking us for a while now and Bastemon doesn't know what to do. Please, defend the castle and save the Lake Zone!"

"I'm here for the Code Crown, not-"

"You mean you won't help?" Bastemon looked tearful.

"Of course not, because-"

"But aren't you strong?"

"The Blue Flare Army is the strongest force in the Digital World. However-"

"Then why won't you help? Please General-sama, I don't think we'll last for much longer!"

Bastemon crooned sadly, rubbing against his legs. Kiriha stared, not quite sure what to do. He could call MailBirdramon or Greymon to deal with her. But he didn't want them to witness this scene. Plus he didn't think he could bring himself to harm her…

"Very well. I'll help you."

Oh, thank you so much! Ooh, I better inform everyone about this. I should also arrange for your knighthood."

Kiriha was intrigued. "Knighthood?"

"Yes. Why, is that a problem?"

Kiriha slowly smiled. "No. Not at all."

The End

- This takes place before episode 10.

- I just couldn't resist writing this episode after seeing that lovely one hour special and I thought this worry for this site!