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Elliot's hand was firmly gripping Olivia's as he pulled her through the squad room doors. It had only been a few hours since he made the phone call to Cragen, he thanked God his unit knew how to work fast when it mattered.

With one hand on her rounding belly, she sat in what used to be her chair, taking in the mess on the desk that her replacement had left. "Jesus," she said with a grimace. "How do you two get any work done with all of this crap lying around?"

Elliot shook his head. "It isn't easy," he said, sighing. He pulled a chair over next to her and sat, his arms quickly enveloping her. "Are you okay?"

She nodded. "After that letter that Kathy gave me, and Tucker knowing something I didn't...and now this?" She trembled slightly. "I don't know what to believe, but I know that I just want it to be over. If Tucker knew this whole time that this was the man..."

Cragen interrupted him. "It's not," he said.

Elliot looked up, confused. "What?"

"We picked up the mechanic, his name's Al, and he doesn't own a computer," Cragen folded his arms. "His cell phone is a simple flip, no internet access."

Olivia furrowed her brow. "Then how did he send..."

"I think the cap is trying to tell you he didn't send that e-mail." Elliot kissed her forehead and looked back at Cragen. "Do you know who did?"

Cragen took a deep breath and said, "That's why we called you down here. We know. And, uh, well, it's...it's not..."

"Just tell us," Olivia said. "Those were some pretty serious threats and if this guy is still out there..."

"We left the kids home alone," Elliot said with a horrified gasp.

"Relax," Cragen said, holding up both hands. "I told you we found out who it was, and he's here, and he's not going to hurt anyone."

Olivia tilted her head. "Well?"

Cragen turned and nodded toward the door to the pit. "Go look for yourself," he said. "Just don't do anything stupid."

Olivia looked at Elliot, concerned, and stood up. He wrapped his arm around her waist and walked with her to the back, into the dark room, and through the double-sided glass, they saw Fin and Breslin, standing over the cool table, staring at the man who'd threatened Olivia.

They were staring down at David McNamara, her partner.

Olivia's hand flew over her mouth and Elliot's face reddened. "What the fuck is going on?" he snarled.

Cragen, who had walked behind them, said, "He sent the e-mail from an internet cafe, hoping to scare Olivia."

"Well it worked!" Elliot hissed. "Did he tell you why?"

"He wanted to save her," Cragen said. "He told Fin that he felt like he needed to prove himself somehow, get you both to trust him."

"So how did he...I mean the whole mechanic story?" Olivia asked, confused.

Breslin, who had come out of the interrogation room in time to hear that question, shut the door as he answered, "He got the file out of Tucker's office. Your father, Olivia, was a cop. A good one. But he had problems, a lot of them, and when he couldn't do the job anymore, he retired to the middle of nowhere and opened a garage."

"So, then you know who he is?" Elliot asked, fire in his eyes. "You knew the whole time, and just because he was a cop you let him go?"

Olivia couldn't help the tears that fell. "Why?"

Breslin looked up. "He was a cop, it had to be handled by IAB." he scratched his head and said, "When they ran out of leads, the case went cold, and by the time they found new evidence, you were on the squad. You know they couldn't investigate without involving you. Tucker didn't want to do that."

"After Kathy brought that letter in, Olivia, I went to find him, I swear I did," Cragen said as his arms fell to his sides. "He's dead, Olivia."

Another tear fell. "Figures," she said with a sniffle. "I guess now I'll never know anything but his name." She turned to Elliot and said, "So much for your theory about Munch and that picture."

"Hey," Elliot said with a small chuckle. "I still think it was a sign. Maybe not about your father, but about us. You and me."

She dropped her head to his shoulder and inhaled deeply, relishing for a moment in the scent of Ivory soap and expensive cologne that filled her nostrils. "He knew, even then."

"We all did," Cragen said. "Some of us were hoping we were wrong, but things happen for a reason," he said. "If you two didn't go through everything together..."

"Yeah." Elliot nodded and nuzzled further into Olivia. "We know." He turned to face the glass again, and saw Fin talking in what looked to be a very angry manner, to David. "What's gonna happen to him?"

Breslin sighed. "Obviously, he lost his badge," he said. "But then it's up to a judge. That's if you want to press charges, Benson."

"Stabler," she corrected with a soft sniffle. "Yeah. I do."

Elliot nodded, too, his eyes welling with tears of exhaustion and worry blended with anger and hate as he watched Fin rise and head for the door.

"Punk ass son of a..." Fin stopped. "Oh. Hey."

Elliot held out a hand. "Thank you," he said, gripping Fin's hand tightly and shaking it.

"Anytime, man," Fin replied, slapping his friend's shoulder. He looked at Olivia, his head felling a bit. "How are ya, Baby-Girl?"

She nodded. "Better now," she said. "I know that I'll never meet my father, and I know...I know that I have to live with it. It's closure, at least."

Fin chuckled. "That's good, but, uh, I meant how are ya..." he stopped and rested a hand on her medium sized bump.

She laughed and shook her head. "Going crazy," she said.

Elliot groaned. "She's got weird cravings, morning sickness, afternoon sickness, midnight sickness, and if I have to hear her complaints about swollen ankles or sore feet..."

"Excuse me?" she asked, turning to Elliot and raising an eyebrow.

He winked and kissed her. "I'm teasing you," he said, splaying both palms over her belly. "I love you, swollen ankles and all."

She leaned into him and looked at Cragen. "Thank you," she said. "For everything. Really."

Cragen looked at them, smiled, and said, "No. Thank you. You both...I'm a different man because of you. I owe a lot of things in my life to you two, and it's a debt that I'll carry with me until the day I die."

Breslin cleared his throat. "Not that I want to ruin this moment," he said, tugging on his tie, "But we need to get that asshole down to holding, and someone needs to call up to Tucker. I think Ben...uh...Stabler needs a new partner.

Olivia laughed and said, "I'll go up with Elliot and tell him. I have to talk to my captain anyway."

"Scheduling your leave?" Fin asked.

Olivia nodded and squeezed Elliot's hand. They both waved to Fin, Breslin, and Cragen, and made their way out, heading up to TARU to talk to Olivia's captain. As they made their way through the squad room, Olivia felt a soft breeze blow through her hair. She looked around, confused.

It wasn't a breezy evening at all, and the windows were closed.

She smiled, then, and said a soft, "Hi, Munch." She felt the breeze dissipate slowly and then felt Elliot tug on her hand. "I'm coming," she said.

She walked with him, out of the squad room and into the hallway, feeling at ease for the first time in a long while. With one hand over her child, and the other pressed into the palm of her husband, she moved through the door and up the stairs, realizing that she was about to request time off to have a baby, with Elliot.

Every dream she had ever had was coming true, and she only just became aware of it all in this moment. She stopped walking and yanked lightly on Elliot's hand.

"Yeah?" he asked, turning around.

"I love you," she said. Simple. Firm.

He pulled her closer, and in the dark landing of a police station stairwell, against a dirty, rusted door, he kissed her.

His hands wrapped around her body, his tongue swept over her lips and into her mouth, his moans floated up to her ears, and his heart pounded in his chest.

Every move of hers mimicked his, her every emotion was shadowed by one from him, and this moment, this spontaneous and magical moment, meant everything to her.

And to him.

Olivia pulled away first, looking into Elliot's eyes, and she took another deep breath before following him through the door to her department. She wasn't stuck anymore, and she was grateful.

They decided long ago to live in the moment, worry only about the present, but with a new life coming into their world soon, they had no choice but to look to the future. A future, they knew, that would be fine each incredible moment becoming an incredible memory.

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